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Guptaji is wailing at frequent power cuts as it causes a considerable loss in his business. He is cursing our Power Ministry. To him, Veerappa Moily, our Power minister is the main culprit of this powercut. He also blames him for recent grid failure in North India. But what I personally feel is, Guptaji’s concern may be worth considering but his blaming on Moily saab is totally baseless. I do understand Guptaji’s problem but it is not justified to curse any honourable minister for it.

Yes, Veerappa Moily saab is honourable. Most of you may not correlate with my take on this but it’s undeniable truth. Cursing Power Minister Moily for GRID failure is like cursing NASA for MARS (curiosity) mission’s failure. In fact, we must thankful to our Power Ministry  to make us realize our stupendous past where we all are used to live with equality and brotherhood, without any electricity. He help us visiting into past without the help of any time machine. A past where there is no electricity. Isn’t it unfair to curse a person like him who has tendency to make us enjoy the time travel without any special effort. It’s hell needs a talent and our Mantriji has undoubtedly lots of it.

He makes us realize us the value of candle and lantern. Remember! Lantern is very important in itself. It was the lantern only which had put peoples of Bihar into the darkness of its light for 20 consecutive years. But for that we have to be thankful of Lalu Prasad Yadav. It’s not that only Bihar people are the lucky witness of this golden period of 20 years. Entire India had felt it more or less, but it is beyond the scope of this article. We are discussing here over the benefits of power cut. Right?
Youths these days are ranting over almost every issue. These are the same youth who avoids casting their votes and curse our honourable government. The government which is headed by the peoples whose sincerity can never be questioned. How can we curse a person who is too speak a single word without asking MADAMji. How insensitive!!! We must proud of him. He is the person who is the most lively example of manual muteness which itself is a special art. Bloody youths. I hate it when someone says something odd about MuteMohan Singh. It’s like a silent effort of planning a female foeticide. But it’s not the fault of youth actually. It’s Anna Hazare who is the main culprit in provoking the youths. Isn’t it funny when a 76 year person stands against corruption and makes other’s life miserable? Our life was pretty easier before this so-called crusade. But again, this isn’t the point of our discussion either.

Our youths are screaming against this power cut as if they had born with cell phones, laptop and internet in their hand. What they get here are from this earth itself. Even in Bhagvat Gita, Lord Krishna said that “there is nothing that you brought with you, what you get are from this world only and you have got to leave all these in the world itself at the time of end. There is nothing you can take with you. Then why you worry that much?” From this statement, this is pretty much clear that electricity is not our birthright. It’s just human nature to blame someone else’s wrongdoing on some other else.

I don’t know about others. Neither do I want to know. All I know is about me. Earlier, there were fans in offices. When fan stops, work stops. When fan starts, excuses for not doing the work start. Our government officials were very efficient at this stance. We should be proud of it.

 Now that most of the offices are air-conditioned, how can we expect our work to be done? Air-conditioners are meant for comfort and comfort is complimentary to rest. Isn’t it? Now the situations are changed. When A/Cs runs, they take rest in comfort. When electricity fails, we do strikes, protests. This is why I hate (not literally, of course) Anna Hazare for. It was him who showed us the actual potential of protest.

It’s not that people didn’t do strikes in past. They are performing it from ages, but it wasn’t that efficient after independence except few occasions like JP Aandolan. They were oblivious about its actual impact. Earlier they were unsure about its success but now they are quite hopeful about its outcome. And it’s all because of Anna Hazare.

Coming back to our discussion, when electricity fails, mass sleeping movement in government offices disturbs. So their anger is obvious and justified as well. Everyone wants to do their work, but provide them the suitable environment first. How on earth can we expect a working environment when there is no SAMOSA in the canteen? How? If you can’t provide them electricity, give them official leave. Our whole nation is already on unofficial leave by the way. But then there is a risk in official leave also. Ask Sarkari Babu his dilemma. In office, these stupid common men are daily showed up obstinately and intervening in his “working schedule”. In home, chivious demands of his wife are intolerable. In that case, isn’t official holidays are risky? So, it’s better to kick out the common men in government office than being kicked by his wife at home indeed.

Power failure has a social equality in itself. It provides a whole new dimension to our RIGHT of EQUALITY. Power failure sees no differences. Rich-Poor, big-small, rural-urban, everyone are its victim. The only difference is, they have generators and invertors while we have lanterns. But still, power failure is responsible for our equality. No?

In movies, what we see is rich peoples, when get romantic, plans candle light dinner with their girlfriend and wife. But how can middle class people understand this? They themselves are sold into dowry market. How can they know about feeling of love and romance? But thanks to Power failure that everyone gets this unintentional opportunity of candle light dinner. Otherwise without this love-romance thing in their life, how on earth it is possible to enjoy this rich people culture.

Still, everyone rants about physical darkness in streets, in our homes, in offices. But no one cares about the potential darkness in our future. Aren’t our ministers deserves some kind of award for this national darkness. The darkness which enlightens the value of equality in our lives. The darkness which gives us the brighter opportunity to see ourselves beyond the barriers of rich-poor.

Moreover, our Indian citizens are equally deserves the award for social darkness. The darkness beneath which we kills our daughters even before their birth. The darkness of killing our brides for dowry. The darkness in which we molest our girls, sometime in Gurgaon, sometime in Guwahati, sometine in Mangalore, Kolkata, Indore and in other Indian cities.

Aren’t we needed to eradicate this darkness? We can employ generators as an alternative for electricity failure, but there is no generator exists alternately for our moral values. We have to keep our morale high but before that we have to make our moral higher.

In an anticipation of better India where equality prevails primarily…… Amen.

This is an attempt of sarcastic take on social issues. Hurting someone’s feeling is highly unintentional but if anyone’s feeling still hurts, GROW UP. I can’t do anything in that case as there is no cure of Stupidity.

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