Saturday, June 30, 2012

DELHI: Why are we dumb? (Part-1 DELHI METRO)


Before beginning this,  let me tell that you one thing very confessingly that I am putting up at Delhi from last 6 years. So, In one way or two, technically, I am also a Delhihite. That’s why this theory, that what I am going to mention, is also applicable equally and  uniformly on me just like others. Being Dilliwala is not any honour anymore. It had become obsession by the standard of what we actually are.

This article is not any proofless claim. In ongoing content, I will tell you why Delhi is full of dumber people. Its not that rest of India, or rather the world is devoid of these nobel population but as being a Dilliwala, I knew these people better  than what I knew about others.

There  are several  better example of our being ourselves:

Metro station

Before getting into any Metro station, we supposed to make a viable queue in order to maintain a streamline entry (or exit) of passenger. But what we actually do is we first make the queue and break it as soon as we reach near the entry gate. What is this for?  Does it actually make us rush sooner? Certainly not.  And may be we could possibly succeed  in exiting the gate once or may be twice, but it can’t help us regularly. Plus, this constricts the passage and ultimately leads to turbulating the path. Doesn’t it make the whole system suffer? And if it is so, we are the culprit. But hell yeah……….. Why we need  to care? We are Dilliwala no?

Another exemplary situation we create at the entry of Metro trains. They constantly update the expected time remaining in arrival of train at platform but still we make us panic all by ourselve by cursing Delhi Metro for this schedule. (yes, people still do this). As if cursing DMRC could increase the frequency of train.

Also, as soon as train arrives the platform, we breaks the queue and ruffled ourselves at the entry gate of the coach. In this way, we literally blocks the exit of our co-passengers, who meant to deboard at that particular station. What we thinking actually? The capacity of the train is limited  no? Then how come we actually let them be inside by blocking their way? But again…. We are Dilliwala, we never care.
Well, actually we are. If it isn’t so, why does people forget their important belongings in trains. (oh hello! Its still a nobel happening. Before you hop into any inference, let me remind you the incident in which Sandeep Dixit, a Dilliwalaa, Member of Parliament, Sheila Dixit’s son, had claimingly left his bag, full of 10 lakh cash, in Bhopal Shatabdi express, few months ago. Isn’t it stupid? Well, to be on the safer side, if that bag wasn’t belongs to hi, even in that case, it should have belongs to someone).

So, who will define our level of maturity? That Metro lady with sweet voice announcing for not to forget our belonging?  Or we deliberately need  an independent institution for this? And even if we create such institution, isn’t it would be an exemplary landmark in our stupidity?

We asked to offer our seats to needies.  Also, they had clearly defined the word “needy”. Then why we still need our own version of definition and we never care about theirs? Aren’ we just amplifying our stupidity? If travelling is all about getting our seat confirmed, why don’t we get our own private vehicle.

But wait!!!

Isn’t buying a vehicle per person would increase the “unwanted” load on Delhi roads? Plus, the ever increasing prices of fuel wouldn’t be unaffordable? Also Delhi is already suffering from parking space scarcity. Then where the f**k we gonna park our “own” car?  Isn’t it would be stupid decision of ours’? But this particular question is beyond the circumcircle of this particular article.

So, here we just  read that Delhi Metro  is full of Dumber peoples (from commuters to staff)

Other departments and institutions of Delhi would be follow the league if the response of readers are avid.

Do respond if you want me to write its other franchise

Friday, June 29, 2012

SATYAMEV JAYATE - A deliberate attempt to wake up obstinates.

If you think, this is another review of Satyamev Jayate, a TV serial by Amir Khan (like internet is full of so many versions of its review today), please stop reading this right here, right now. If you had already drawn a mental pictures, a presumption of this post, please close this webpage and get a life yourself. This particular post is not for you, i guess. Also, this is neither confined about the content of Satyamev Jayate nor about its impact as a whole. This is about the viewer's perceptiom for this Unambiguous Show.

First of all, let me make you understand one thing very clearly that despite of being a (almost) die-hard fan of Amir Khan, I am not going to focus on his "brighter-side-only" image. Though I couldn't help in avoiding his involvement either. Also, I had missed more number of episodes of SJ than that of which I had watched. (Alas! you might be doubting my elibility for writing this post. Right? If is it so, you can leave reading it at this point either. Choice is your's, totally.)

Anyways... however, If you still reading this, it might be for you.

Sunday morning is usually considered as the time when one likes to spend his "free" time with his family, his kids, his parents, gossiping, laughing light-heartedly over snacks and coffee or brunch.

But what the hell!

Amir had brought his first-ever TV serial at this time (Shit! Intrusion of Idiot Box in life, I am telling you). That TV serial, too have no entertainment value. Instead, it is full of grimmifying subject, hardcore emotional content. Heck! Why on earth you need to watch this?

But wait!!! This serial is hosting by Amir Khan, the perfectionist whom you always adored either openly or secretly, no? Isn't it is enough reason to watch it? May be. Or may be not. Lets not talk about it now, as this may lies beyond the umbrella of our discussion... err... post. Usually, at this time of sunday morning, to attract viewers, one needs a huge fan/followers background, a well-known-well-estabalished iconic celebrity status and an unique and innovative power to accentuate the content upto viewers level of perception. Amir had all three of them.

So things got messed up for you. Stiffer than any other counterpart. Isn't it? You, now have to decide whether to spend your "free" time with your family (The "free" time which you had earned after working like a bot for 6 days-a-week on Boss's order.) or to spend it watching a hard core"rona-dhona" over TV. Watching it with family too is a bit panicking stuff. Tough to decide. Ain't it?

But again, you might be thinking that if it would be anyother celebrity, you could probably have missed it. But OMG! Its Amir Khan. How could you afford to "miss" him? Though Amir is not any first "crusader" to accentuate these mootable social issues about which we always obstinated for the sake of our fake "hypocritical intelligence". Also Amir Khan is getting paid with a huge amount of money to host this show, which deliberately makes you panic week by week by its subjective grim. But hello! Isn't its his deliberate motive. Certainly yes.

Moreover, apparently no other actor is as consious about these "social causes" as he is. Not even other "Superstars" of the bollywood. It needs gut to present this type of shows on TV at this time slot. The gut to risk the brand value of the channel that broadcasting it as well as the anchor that hosting it. The gut to invest one's own time and legacy in a show which doesn't belongs to entertainment genre- most demanding genre of this era- at all. The gut to risk the submission at a period of time when almost every counterpart of him is busy in hosting  either some game show or any talent hunt shows, which is relatively full of action/drama/comedy/entertainment. Tough to survive. no? But undoubtedly, Amir had this gut feeling sufficiently. Also, he is a professional, not any official non-profit organisation. Doesn;'t he deserve that money?

But this is not the question. The question is, whether this show is worth watching? Whether it is getting the impact that they hoped for it, prior to the launch of this show, or not? Does it bring a deliberate change in society? And so on. Lots of questions, and ironically thousands of mootable answers for every question. But that again not the point of concern of this post.

Also, considerable to learn, Critics are constantly trying to drag its viability to mooting level by saying Amir doen't offer solution of the questions he arises in SJ.

But hey! He is no CHETAN BHAGAT, nor is he NIRMAL BABA. Its not his job to answer at all. His jo is to "do his job". Thats it. Thats what he is being paid for. Its us , the people who have to find the solution. And most importantly, how to implement those "solutions". In a way or two, AK is just a guide who is getting paid for telling us the direction. But how come we expect him to cover that journey of ours?

But again, we are missing a point here., This post is about waking up obstinates no. On that note, we are as stubborn as a child crying for a toy. Fair chances are, that child doesn't stop crying if he gets anything other than that particular "toy". We are like that child. Or may be sort of same. Isn't it what happened with Indian Doctor's Association after a relevant episode on their "wrong-doings".

I should've congratulate Amir Khan to make us feel guilty about ourself, atleast for an hour in a week. I hope this will change the face of India satisactorily. The least unsung, most uglier face. But most of all these above, the question arise here is " Why we always need a celebrity to accentuae our social issues?" Can't we just figure it out by ourselve? Do we always need a catalyst to activate us? Can't we just become self-energised, self-caltalysed, and self-motivated?

I personally have no exact explainable answer of these questions.

Anyways. thank you Amir Khan for touching our soul this perfectly. We felt the problems as same as the way you felt. Or may be we are just faking it.

Kudos to you Amir.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Law of (im)balancing

Samiksha, an intern at Lady Hardinge Hospital, Delhi, had completed her MBBS from some random Medical college in remote area of Gujrat. Despite of her protest, her parents get her married to a DCE graduate, MNC employed, highly paid software geek, Shushil. He was born & brought up to Delhi. Its not that she doesn't liked him, but she wanted to know him as a person first, before accepting him as her husband. But being an conventionally conservative parents, they dindn't listened her and their marriage took place eventually.

Shushil, despite of his average physic, was a modest owner of a beautiful moral heart. That, she felt after their marriage which eroded her her fiasco upto a considerable extent slowly but steadily. Her sister-in-law, Neeti, Shushil's younger sister, too liked Samiksha, unlike daily TV sopes' sis-n-laws, who are too busy in making shitty plans against each others. But the problem was her parents-in-laws, Shushil's parents. They are typical Ekta kapoor's TV serial character's portrayal, bitching on almost every single act of her Daughter-in-Law, making her life miserable.

Time went by,but scenario remained the same. She (Samiksha) concieved in few months and this news of course brought euphoria to the couples' life. Neeti too eulogized them for giving this elational news. She insisted her to bring a baby-girl in the house, as if its as simple to decide the sex of the unborn child as concieving it. Silly girl, she thought. Shushil though, wanted a male-child. But things become mootable when her Mother-in-law coerced her for male-child; a heir for her clan.

As being a medical professional, she knew its chromosomes and not the human who decides the gender of unborn baby. She elegently tried to explain her the entire medical terminologies relevant to this child-gender theory, but her mother-in-law, being a traditonal daily sope character, stubborn on her stance, obstinate on her own thoeries, devoid of the grey matter of Samiksha and defies her finesse explaination. She also coercedly persuaded her for ultrasound test which subsequently confirms a baby-girl in her womb.

This leads her to cope with the emotional pressure for terminating the innocent unborn potential daughter of her. This emotional torture further followed by physical voilence deliberately. Shushil too, knew his parents decision was not correct but never had enough courage to stand against them. He deliberately started eshewing this topic and this of course leads her mother to torture her more. Samiksha had to cope all these all by herself with an innocent unborn soul, who had been planned to barred from seeing this world, inside her. Poor soul.

When things becomes unbearable, she blabbed her parents about the entire scenario. But they too, knocked back to support her and ironically adviced her to get over this child. Get over the part of her, which she always wished to have in her life. How infirm she was at her place? She was left with no support, no euphoria and no self-content.

One cruel day, her mother-in-law took her fiately to some private clinic and forcibly get her aborted. This MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) made her deprave not only mentally and physically, but also socially.

Although, she could had protested them legally but she scrapped off the idea for the sake of her families' reputation. Families, which never cared for her happiness, her wish, and ironically, were the main cause of her grief, her yearning.

She gave up her prominent medical career. For whom else she should work for otherwise? The very thought of killing her own daughter had made her devastated, miserable amnd snuffy which leads her to end up her life. And she did.

Few days of grief and things becomes past.

In few years, Shushil got married again. Neeti too, was married to a relatively rich and apparantly wealthy family. Life again running back on track. Shushil, this time devoted his 'X' chromosome to produce a male child to the family, his mother's inevitable obsession.

One fine morning, when the kids were playing with their grand-mom, phone rings. She answered the call and fadded away to listen that Neeti, her angel daughter, was no more exist in this world. The whole family was yearning. They said, she was died during operation but latter, investigation revealed the real "cause". It was the case of MTP failure. Neeti's in-laws' family was nabbed and putted behind the bars but her parents were full of grief as well as of regret.

May be it was the nature's theory of balancing. But even if it was, ironically, the target was four innocent lives; Samiksha, Neeti and their respective unborn childs.

If this is nature's decision, i would say its nature's worst decision ever, Nature's imbalance theory. But what I personally believe is, its not nature, its us, you, me, we, who are the culprit of all the deliberate cold-blooded murders. Those who kills unborns or nascents are culprit
(Direct Killers) for killing them, and we, are culprit (indirect killers) for ignoring this evil.

Ironically we are the only nation on this planet who worship female gods and kill female childs.

(read the complete post here... )

Also we are more enthusiastically keen about saving our tigers than our future mothers.

There is some large loop-hole exist in our system that is unable to curb this social evil despite of existence of several laws and rules. They need to revive them and insure there implication.

We too, lets pledge neither to support nor ignore any kind of daughter killing attempt.





Monday, June 25, 2012

Who killed MAHI???

80 hours of drammatic rescue effort and what they extracted was a lifeless body of innocent 4-year old Manesar girl, Mahi. (khoda pahad nikli..........). The grief was spread over the entire Kasna village, and un-apparantly throughout a wide range of "concerned" Indians, four days ago when Mahi fell into 68-feet uncovered, abondoned borewell. It’s only few hours ago (from the time I am writing this), they pulled out her "dead body", the tremor was obiviously exponentially increased upto its maximum when the news of her being "no mores" came out, officially.

It would be quite obivious that the grief has been transformed into yearning and Mahi's parents undoubtedly are the "Epicenter" of this grief, this forever-teasing yearning. They, the authorities, said she had died because of suffocation, as oxygen was piped in only 5 hours after her falling into "killer pit". Doctors had reported in her autopsy that "suffocation is the cause of her death".

But wait!!!

Aren't we talking about something beyond the circum-scope of our discussion? Certainly we are. The question is not "how did she died?". The question what needs to be accentuated is "Who killed her?", "Who is the culprit behind the untimely death of this innocent kid, who was yet to see the beauty of this world?"

Before hopping into any inference, first we have got to look into our (in)ability to utilize upto the maximum-possible value from the equipments and manpower we have. The rescue team was consisted of Indian Army personnel, NSG, Delhi Metro professionals, apparently best manpower of our country. They were also supported appreciably by some allege-ably "hero" villagers. They were technically laced with automated drilling machine, Ground penetrating radar system and almost every other most advanced equipment they could afford to have. Then what took them 80 f**king hours to dig 68 feet parallel ditch?

Oh, Hello!!!

Even I could understand the circumstances disallowing the expedition of operation. But my point is related to negligence involved actually. It was tough to dig that pit but not that tough though. Hadn't they had dug rocky areas of Delhi/NCR for metro construction? But again, it’s not the point of concern as they tried their best (after their negligence of course) they could. We should thankful for their effort anyway.

What needs to be looked into is its "real" cause, the uncovered abandoned bore-wells itself. As we all know that "Water Mafias" are actively indulged in profiteering of water in these areas. What usually they do is, they extract maximum-possible water from the bore-well and left it abandoned when it becomes "useless". They didn't even bother to fill it or cover it at least. You might be thinking this is against the law.

But Hey! We live in India dear. Why one need to bother about law and orders when they could easily afford to pay few extra bucks (call it "Seva-Pani" technically) otherwise. Yes. We live in a country where laws can be compensated against few “Gandhi-closeup” currencies. (Alas! I think we should proud of it).

So. Am I trying to drag authorities too within the circle of culprits?
Yes I am. And why shouldn't they could be culprit? They can't protect their a** just by saying they are oblivious about these demon-holes. Hadn't Supreme Court directed all the states of the nation to cap all the abandoned bore-well throughout their authorial fencing, two years ago, in 2010?

Ah, but who cares? At least they don’t.

And Mahi isn't the only such case. Indeed. Don't we remember Prince of Kurukshetra (the luckiest among all the victims)? Also few other poor souls like the one in Gujarat and if I remember, a kid from Andhra. Even today, ToI Gurgaon had published a news-article claiming one more incident of pit-falling happened in Howrah, West Bengal.

Call me opinionated but I think its "Bhai-chara" of Water Mafia and local authorities which actually is responsible her death. How could they callous enough to let her fall into their "negligence"?

Meanwhile, a magistrate enquiry had been ordered. But they need to ensure the proper punishment to the culprits to make this incident memorably exemplary. Nothing best could be done other than this at this circumstances. The message will only convey better if the action would be taken. Also, all the state government bodies need to take an immediate action for preventing these "tragedies" recurring in future.

Hoping for a better future.............

Love @ facebook : an inevitable sin part-2

You had read part 1 of this story, here

Love@facebook: an inevitable sin Part-1.html


continued after part-1........................


“Hi dear! How r u?” a message popped out on her computer screen.
“M fine. U tell” she replied.
“ just getting bored! Feel like chatting” he typed back.

And this ignites their chatting session. They begin chatting almost everyday. Very soon, the frequency as well as the duration of their chatting shoot up to the possibly optimal  level.

She was infatuated with his sense of humour and grey matter, they exchanged their contact numbers. Their crush changed into love (as in his case) in the nick of time. The chatting over internet was soon replaced by texting and gossiping over the phone. But might be due to her parents fear or some other reasons, she always defies for a real date despite of his several chivvy attempts.

Geetika, on the other hand, now met a boy in her coaching center who had a thing for her. She too felt something for him somewhere in her heart which she flippantly tried to deny it. She mentally refuse this feeling for the sake of her love, Akshansh.

But as they says “nobody has control over their heart” she too had lost the control. The same theory worked for her and eventually she fell for that coaching boy, Sameer too. This of course reduced the frequency and duration of communication between Akshansh and Geetika. Geetika surely wanted to break-up this internet-relationship but couldn't knew how to tell Akshansh about it. Akshansh, on the other hand, perplexed by her irresolute behavior in the nick of time. Even pestering over phone or facebook couldn't help him either.  He decided to investigate for the reason and subsequently, he was exposed to the truth by stalking her.

As being a rich brat, he and his friends beats up Sameer, who doesn’t even had any idea for the reason of being thrashed. This incident was surely the paranoia of Akshansh.

Needless to mention, Geetika was in real rouble, where she could neither blab her parents about her situation nor she could conceal it from them as Akshansh was making her life miserable.

Unbearble situation, in the end, coerced her to blab her parents about every possible incident she could explain. Police had to intervene the issue. Though involvement of Police had solved the problem but it teaches Geetika a lesion. A huge lesion for lifetime.

Now as the story finished here but the continuity of this blog would be perpetual.
Waiting for your comments and response.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Love @ facebook : an inevitable sin part-1

Love @ facebook : An inevitable Sin

As I mentioned earlier post we live in WTF world. WTF means Wikipedia , Twitter, Facebook.  Today, one who is not on internet is apparently doesn’t exist at all. This is most popular unsung rule conquering the CYBER WORLD.

If Internet is a world, love should also be the part of this virtual place. Love on Internet (especially on FACEBOOK) is an inevitable amotery of desperates (include me in this list….. oops). Those fake-eurocentric materials consider themselves as the person which is full of grey-mater, wit and humour. Most of the time, they even boast about it.

But every unseen lust (love is not what happens on facebook, I think) story should be ended tragically (if not so, how come most of the writers evolve). What else you expect from a relationship results from sheer amotery of two desperate peoples too horny to fall in real love. Even movies like MFK and novels like Love@facebook (by this inevitable beauty NIKITA SINGH: the girl whose looks are more sexier than her books) explains the consequence of internet love. Movies and novels, though demands happy ending, but real life is bit different. Isn’t it.

As Internet is full of all kind of peoples; (from exhilarate to oddball, funny to pesky, obsolete to trendy, blah, blah, blah) internet ofcourse is not a secure place to be unless satisfactory privacy measures are implied. Most vulnerable are, though, newly introduced teenagers. They are avid & scrounged when it comes to Cyber love. Let me narrate a little story regarding love on internet.

Geetika, the protagonist (and an internet victim), was a fresher to the internet world. She was excited about her newly created facebook account. As being a new user, her crush for facebook forced her to blab all her details over profile info, which was already public-view mode by default (by the fault of Zukerberg, I’d say). Funny and romantic posts and pics fascinates her, and why shouldn’t?  She is at the age which develops taste for these things by defaults. She was only 15 and ofcourse too young to understand the ambiguish status updates of desperate belonging to lunatic fringes. Needless to mention that she added almost every known and stranger person she could. It took only a month and her friend count shoots up to 1000 mark.

One fine day, she received a friend request as she logged in. As being an avid friend adder, she immediately accepted it. It was from a person whose profile claimingly Akshansh, 21 from Noida. The handsome profile pic was a bonus alongwith a catchy bio.
To be continued in part 2....................

(part-2  will be posted if u like it. Do comment if you wanna read it further)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do not disturb: already in IPU (Part-2)

Now that you are reading this, it is quite obivious to presume that you had read part-1 of this article.

3. single  university , double standard  :  
This is the most grief-amplifying scenario for yearning. Even that same University is conducting the exam for same course , they have two different standard of marking. Though they says, these courses are different from ours, but its all bullshit, and we all know it.

Yes, I am talking about B-tech courses in Indraprastha-f**ked-up-University.

The affiliated colleges are forced to conduct the internal examination of 25 marks (for which, question paper are set by Alien’s of IPU, as I told you earlier).  Exam for rest of 75 marks are to be conducted by University itself. But when it comes to university schools, they have relatively easier 40 marks internal and 60 marks externals. This double standard seems similar like step-behaviour done by a woman who treat s her step-kids at harsh (like affiliated college in IPU) and their real sons with relatively higher affection (like University-borne colleges). This reason itself is enough to create rage in step-sons’ heart.

4. Alternate oddity theorem   :
According to this hypothetical (not in our case though)  theorem, IPU conducts Re-appear exam in alternate semesters. That’s too with the current semester exam, which undoubtedly is an unbearable burden of exams.
For example, if you got a backlog in 1st semester, you have got to reappear for it in 3rd semester only, not in 2nd sem. Similarly, 2nd semester backlogs can be attempted in 4th semester and so on. If unluckily you flunked again in reappear paper (it happens, trust me, I am being flunked since 3 consecutive years and still carrying 1st year backlogs) you have to wait for another year to give it a shot. This oddment theory subsequently reduces the no. of possible attempts to crack the paper & hence results in odiousness of students.

5.obsolete  syllabus  :
The out of date syllabus which no longer being productive effectively need to be reviewed.  But they never cares about it. Neither do I.

6. late declaration of result  :
It took them more than 3 months to declare the odd semester result while more than 1 month for even semester result. The result which can be very much defined as “An official silent notice publically displaying your fucked up academic ability.” They need to expeditate this entity.

Few more limitations are also exist which are illogical and time consuming to mention as it will neither bring any change nor do they are that important.


My odium for IPU is obstinate and this leads me to write this blog. Though, I am an unofficial IPU mutiny but could never underestimate the Pros of this University. These pros, however failed most of the time to compensate for its unbearable Cons.

Anyways, its Pros are:
à  Since minimum passing cut-off is 50%, it becomes easier to secure a good percentage, provided you pass all the subjects (even at the boundary condition).
à As Delhi is lacking high time in technical degree colleges, it provides a better compensation for it.
à Though course syllabus are obsolete but it is fair enough to brag about, unlike few other state boards.
à They perpetually iron-roded in our a*ses which forcibly pushes us to “do or die” situation which proves to be beneficial most of the time, relatively in the form of marks we secure which couldn't be possible otherwise for most of us.

Written by:
Almost Engineer

Monday, June 11, 2012

Do not disturb: already in IPU (Part-1)

As being the creator of this very particular post, its needless to mention that I am also a victim of IP University. Being specific, I am an engineering student of this University which came into existence in 1998, around 14 years ago, to provide a sufficient platform for punishing those few peoples where kicked out of the hell due to insufficient punishment-procedures to suit the wrong doings of they had did. These “few peoples” are called IPU students.

OK!!!!! Jokes apart!  Coming into the scope of this post, it is quite obvious to understand that this scenario could be better explained  by a victim who is the epicentre of the bruise. But since they are too hurt to explain about it literally (Ok, they are not hurt, but they are victims. Right?), so let me do it on their behalf.

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka sector-16, Delhi (previously at Kashmere Gate), is the name of the terror which haunts its students in nightmares. I am not getting into exact figures as it would take ages to present the perfectly correct data of scams and its consequences. So let me confine this post for few most important attributes which are responsible for screwing our future. They could be summarized as:

1.                 50% passing cut-off  :
Before getting into college, it seems to be an easily-achievable target  to get 50 marks to pass the paper, but circumstances changes as soon as you get into it. (Yes, I can say passing itself is a tough target in IPU, and I mean it). This is not a school any more. You have got to grind your a*s for every single mark. Ironically they don’t even care for your marks. And why should they? If you yourself don’t care for yourself.

After getting screwed up in internals, you look forward for semester exams, which itself would became do or die thing for you. The whole idea of getting good marks  goes into vein by very moment you see the question paper. I don’t know if they hire aliens to set our question papers. I mean, what the hell! What's the point of giving question paper if there is no relevancy with syllabus most of the time.

Anyway, Things doesn't stops here. Once you write the blurb (or blurt, most of the time), the ball is in the court of Answer Sheet Checker. They too, check it as if we had raped their daughters. Though there also exist some angels who are generous enough to try their best to make our total enough for passing the paper. For most of us, getting 50 marks is just an illusion. This mirage effect is eventually replaced by the grief of “heap of backlogs” as soon as the result is declared. Even for this, they takes more than 3 months to declare the result.  3 months. 3 f**king months to tell you that you are f**ked up academically. Great!!!

Even premier institutes like IITs, NITs and DCE had a passing cut-off of 40 marks at maximum. This is the first proof of our “being victimized” condition.

2.                 50-90 year back theory    :
After the declaration of result, few boast about their performaces, few do parties while few plans for vacations. But there also exist mass population who had to calculate their fate in University. They calculate to be sure if they could complete their degree in prescribed duration or not? This is the biggest question they could think about?
To be specific, you need to secure 50% credits in very same year to be promoted in subsequent semester/annual. If you can’t, you would be progressive toward making your degree a FIVE YEAR PLAN (Doctors at VMCC & AMC could add one or two year in their duration), at least.
Even if you could make it, this is not the end of the story. If it is happy ending, its not ending actually in IP University. You have got to secure 90% credits in previous year’s academics to be promoted further. Likewise, suppose you are in 1st year, you have to  secure 50% credits in those cumulative two semesters to be promoted in 2nd year. After the end of 2nd year, you have got to secure 90% credits in 1st year after attempting backlog paper along with 50% credits in your present semester to be promoted in 3rd year. This is the time when most of the students got axed by this weapon. Technically , you are allowed to sustain only one (or atmost two) in a year (2 semesters) to avoid year back. How ironic? Isn’t it?

To be continued in part 2 ……………………….

Written by:-
Almost Engineer.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

MASS BUNK in Engineering college: A mirage effect

Mass bunk, as we all know that, is one of the most euphonious attribute of students’ life. If we call it a crush for students, then it would be obsession when it comes to Engineering students. They always crave for it, and we all know it. Aren’t we?

Mass bunk can be defined as an eulogized practice in which most of the students (entire class, most of the time) preferably decides to skip the class deliberately.

To some people, its for some deliberate reason. Its an art for few while punishment for fewer. But in Engineering college, fun is the major purpose behind this nobel practice.

Mass bunk, being a globally acclaimed practice has several names. Some call it Group Tadi (G.T.), some call it Multi cut. There also exist some people who call it golden period of their life.  Whatsoever………The main purpose is to skip the class. Right???????

This highly appreciated practice has several devotees, there also exist few manufacturing defects who couldn’t avod their lust for attending the lectures.

In Engineering colleges, Mass Bunk is an illusion. The effect could neither be total nor uniformally epicentric.
Usually, it involves these steps:
1.   They plan for it.
2.   They work on it
3.   They skip the class.
But,the whole idea of devoiding the lecture is f**ked up by those three or four fake-Einstein material who deliberately ignore their desire for testing the Ambrosia of Mass Bunk. The sole purpose of their existence to mug the books and talk everything about it. Nothing else. The lust of lecture coerced them to defys their inner calls.  Consequently, the attend the lecture and rest of all are screwed up. These are the same people who believes that skipping a lecture is like skipping a semester exam. (You can do it but the subsequent tremour is long lasting.)

Well, everyone had their own set of explainatory theory (lets call it defence mechanism,in such cases), so do they. Is something wrong in this? May be or may be not. Its all depends upon one’s level of persistence and attitude personna. But I am not getting into it as it is beyond the scope of this topic.

Let me tell you a little incident which aimed to clear the delimatic situation (highly dependent on your understanding rather than the post meaning.

Once upn a time, there exist an engg.-cum-management college, lets call it Impetus Institute of Technology and Management (IITM), in Delhi. Like every engineering colleges, most of the future-Engineers loves skipping lectures. Mechanical 1st year, though, topples the lis.  Its an chromosomal inevitability. Their gene structure never allowed the to attend classes regularly. These Mechies are well known for their bunking ability and associated efficiency. But this efficiency is relative figure only, as there also two students, Aniket and Rajesh who hates to bunk the lectures. It might because of their defective chromosomal structure. This surely screwed other’s attendance as well as academic profile as lecturers had slashed their internal marks by considerable proportion.

As we all know, in Engineering College, you can do it without lectures, you can do it without attendance. You can also do it without previous year question paper, but in no way you can make it without internal marks. To be on the safer side, even if you could do it, your grades would surely be f**ked up.

So, consequently, they (the Mass Bunkers) effed up their result. This scenario indoubtely inseminated a seed of rage against those avid-lecture-worms. But what they could do? Practically nothing…… I thought.

Anyhow, they were promoted to 2nd year where few other Lateral Entry (L.E.) students had joined the league. They had left with two options. Either to compromise their bunking bot inside them or coerced those book-wormto join their league. But apparently both the option trashed as neither of them compromised. Eventually, 3rd semester result was screwed up too. This caused some strifed L.E. students too aggressive to stick with decency. They Thrashed them while few other helps them too.

Needless to say, the authorities had to take some exemplary steps to check this situation and its consequence. They took a strict action deliberately. Few students were expelled, few were charged with fine. Though those L.E. students were the epicenter of the fiately order implemented by college authority but the tremor was felt by Mechanical 2nd year, and technically by entire IITM.

Its logical to understand that Mass-Bunk in IITM becomes a rare history for few succeeding months. As being an engineering student, our chromosome structure doesn’t allows us to stay away from Mass Bunk. Its inevitable and quite understandable. The mass bunking vehicle returned on track in few following months but that incident had changed the scenario which could be very much translated as “DO AT YOUR OWN RISK”. Also this created a havoc inside those mass-bunkers.
But life must go on. Isn’t it?

The sole purpose of writing this post is to let you know that Mass bunk is an illusion in Engg. College. Also, it would leads to several ego-wars which subsequently worsten the scenario.

As being an Avid-Massbunker, I always support the fascinating idea of lecture skipping(lets hope none of our lecturers would read it. Luckily, chances are rare), my attendance and internal grades screams the fact. But simultaneously, I defies the physical violence to make its impact total. This ambrosia is an unsung fiasco, but we love it anyway.

Thanks for your patience to read it completely (or pretending to read; just in case)

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