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SATYAMEV JAYATE - A deliberate attempt to wake up obstinates.

If you think, this is another review of Satyamev Jayate, a TV serial by Amir Khan (like internet is full of so many versions of its review today), please stop reading this right here, right now. If you had already drawn a mental pictures, a presumption of this post, please close this webpage and get a life yourself. This particular post is not for you, i guess. Also, this is neither confined about the content of Satyamev Jayate nor about its impact as a whole. This is about the viewer's perceptiom for this Unambiguous Show.

First of all, let me make you understand one thing very clearly that despite of being a (almost) die-hard fan of Amir Khan, I am not going to focus on his "brighter-side-only" image. Though I couldn't help in avoiding his involvement either. Also, I had missed more number of episodes of SJ than that of which I had watched. (Alas! you might be doubting my elibility for writing this post. Right? If is it so, you can leave reading it at this point either. Choice is your's, totally.)

Anyways... however, If you still reading this, it might be for you.

Sunday morning is usually considered as the time when one likes to spend his "free" time with his family, his kids, his parents, gossiping, laughing light-heartedly over snacks and coffee or brunch.

But what the hell!

Amir had brought his first-ever TV serial at this time (Shit! Intrusion of Idiot Box in life, I am telling you). That TV serial, too have no entertainment value. Instead, it is full of grimmifying subject, hardcore emotional content. Heck! Why on earth you need to watch this?

But wait!!! This serial is hosting by Amir Khan, the perfectionist whom you always adored either openly or secretly, no? Isn't it is enough reason to watch it? May be. Or may be not. Lets not talk about it now, as this may lies beyond the umbrella of our discussion... err... post. Usually, at this time of sunday morning, to attract viewers, one needs a huge fan/followers background, a well-known-well-estabalished iconic celebrity status and an unique and innovative power to accentuate the content upto viewers level of perception. Amir had all three of them.

So things got messed up for you. Stiffer than any other counterpart. Isn't it? You, now have to decide whether to spend your "free" time with your family (The "free" time which you had earned after working like a bot for 6 days-a-week on Boss's order.) or to spend it watching a hard core"rona-dhona" over TV. Watching it with family too is a bit panicking stuff. Tough to decide. Ain't it?

But again, you might be thinking that if it would be anyother celebrity, you could probably have missed it. But OMG! Its Amir Khan. How could you afford to "miss" him? Though Amir is not any first "crusader" to accentuate these mootable social issues about which we always obstinated for the sake of our fake "hypocritical intelligence". Also Amir Khan is getting paid with a huge amount of money to host this show, which deliberately makes you panic week by week by its subjective grim. But hello! Isn't its his deliberate motive. Certainly yes.

Moreover, apparently no other actor is as consious about these "social causes" as he is. Not even other "Superstars" of the bollywood. It needs gut to present this type of shows on TV at this time slot. The gut to risk the brand value of the channel that broadcasting it as well as the anchor that hosting it. The gut to invest one's own time and legacy in a show which doesn't belongs to entertainment genre- most demanding genre of this era- at all. The gut to risk the submission at a period of time when almost every counterpart of him is busy in hosting  either some game show or any talent hunt shows, which is relatively full of action/drama/comedy/entertainment. Tough to survive. no? But undoubtedly, Amir had this gut feeling sufficiently. Also, he is a professional, not any official non-profit organisation. Doesn;'t he deserve that money?

But this is not the question. The question is, whether this show is worth watching? Whether it is getting the impact that they hoped for it, prior to the launch of this show, or not? Does it bring a deliberate change in society? And so on. Lots of questions, and ironically thousands of mootable answers for every question. But that again not the point of concern of this post.

Also, considerable to learn, Critics are constantly trying to drag its viability to mooting level by saying Amir doen't offer solution of the questions he arises in SJ.

But hey! He is no CHETAN BHAGAT, nor is he NIRMAL BABA. Its not his job to answer at all. His jo is to "do his job". Thats it. Thats what he is being paid for. Its us , the people who have to find the solution. And most importantly, how to implement those "solutions". In a way or two, AK is just a guide who is getting paid for telling us the direction. But how come we expect him to cover that journey of ours?

But again, we are missing a point here., This post is about waking up obstinates no. On that note, we are as stubborn as a child crying for a toy. Fair chances are, that child doesn't stop crying if he gets anything other than that particular "toy". We are like that child. Or may be sort of same. Isn't it what happened with Indian Doctor's Association after a relevant episode on their "wrong-doings".

I should've congratulate Amir Khan to make us feel guilty about ourself, atleast for an hour in a week. I hope this will change the face of India satisactorily. The least unsung, most uglier face. But most of all these above, the question arise here is " Why we always need a celebrity to accentuae our social issues?" Can't we just figure it out by ourselve? Do we always need a catalyst to activate us? Can't we just become self-energised, self-caltalysed, and self-motivated?

I personally have no exact explainable answer of these questions.

Anyways. thank you Amir Khan for touching our soul this perfectly. We felt the problems as same as the way you felt. Or may be we are just faking it.

Kudos to you Amir.


  1. Very nice post . Haven't actually seen any episode but still admire Amir for his work ...he is doing a great job.

  2. Thanx.

    Yeah its a great show like an unique risky marketing between all these entertainment world.

  3. It takes little to sit and talk about something and a whole lot more to stand up and do something about it... Liked the way you've handled the subject... but just don't stop at that... @Sunny_A

    1. Thanx for the appreciation.

      and yeah, we do need to handle the subject more deliberately.



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