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DELHI: Why are we dumb? (Part-1 DELHI METRO)


Before beginning this,  let me tell that you one thing very confessingly that I am putting up at Delhi from last 6 years. So, In one way or two, technically, I am also a Delhihite. That’s why this theory, that what I am going to mention, is also applicable equally and  uniformly on me just like others. Being Dilliwala is not any honour anymore. It had become obsession by the standard of what we actually are.

This article is not any proofless claim. In ongoing content, I will tell you why Delhi is full of dumber people. Its not that rest of India, or rather the world is devoid of these nobel population but as being a Dilliwala, I knew these people better  than what I knew about others.

There  are several  better example of our being ourselves:

Metro station

Before getting into any Metro station, we supposed to make a viable queue in order to maintain a streamline entry (or exit) of passenger. But what we actually do is we first make the queue and break it as soon as we reach near the entry gate. What is this for?  Does it actually make us rush sooner? Certainly not.  And may be we could possibly succeed  in exiting the gate once or may be twice, but it can’t help us regularly. Plus, this constricts the passage and ultimately leads to turbulating the path. Doesn’t it make the whole system suffer? And if it is so, we are the culprit. But hell yeah……….. Why we need  to care? We are Dilliwala no?

Another exemplary situation we create at the entry of Metro trains. They constantly update the expected time remaining in arrival of train at platform but still we make us panic all by ourselve by cursing Delhi Metro for this schedule. (yes, people still do this). As if cursing DMRC could increase the frequency of train.

Also, as soon as train arrives the platform, we breaks the queue and ruffled ourselves at the entry gate of the coach. In this way, we literally blocks the exit of our co-passengers, who meant to deboard at that particular station. What we thinking actually? The capacity of the train is limited  no? Then how come we actually let them be inside by blocking their way? But again…. We are Dilliwala, we never care.
Well, actually we are. If it isn’t so, why does people forget their important belongings in trains. (oh hello! Its still a nobel happening. Before you hop into any inference, let me remind you the incident in which Sandeep Dixit, a Dilliwalaa, Member of Parliament, Sheila Dixit’s son, had claimingly left his bag, full of 10 lakh cash, in Bhopal Shatabdi express, few months ago. Isn’t it stupid? Well, to be on the safer side, if that bag wasn’t belongs to hi, even in that case, it should have belongs to someone).

So, who will define our level of maturity? That Metro lady with sweet voice announcing for not to forget our belonging?  Or we deliberately need  an independent institution for this? And even if we create such institution, isn’t it would be an exemplary landmark in our stupidity?

We asked to offer our seats to needies.  Also, they had clearly defined the word “needy”. Then why we still need our own version of definition and we never care about theirs? Aren’ we just amplifying our stupidity? If travelling is all about getting our seat confirmed, why don’t we get our own private vehicle.

But wait!!!

Isn’t buying a vehicle per person would increase the “unwanted” load on Delhi roads? Plus, the ever increasing prices of fuel wouldn’t be unaffordable? Also Delhi is already suffering from parking space scarcity. Then where the f**k we gonna park our “own” car?  Isn’t it would be stupid decision of ours’? But this particular question is beyond the circumcircle of this particular article.

So, here we just  read that Delhi Metro  is full of Dumber peoples (from commuters to staff)

Other departments and institutions of Delhi would be follow the league if the response of readers are avid.

Do respond if you want me to write its other franchise


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  2. Good post buddy, and valid points. You just need to proofread for some grammar issues in this writeup.


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