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Love @ facebook : an inevitable sin part-1

Love @ facebook : An inevitable Sin

As I mentioned earlier post we live in WTF world. WTF means Wikipedia , Twitter, Facebook.  Today, one who is not on internet is apparently doesn’t exist at all. This is most popular unsung rule conquering the CYBER WORLD.

If Internet is a world, love should also be the part of this virtual place. Love on Internet (especially on FACEBOOK) is an inevitable amotery of desperates (include me in this list….. oops). Those fake-eurocentric materials consider themselves as the person which is full of grey-mater, wit and humour. Most of the time, they even boast about it.

But every unseen lust (love is not what happens on facebook, I think) story should be ended tragically (if not so, how come most of the writers evolve). What else you expect from a relationship results from sheer amotery of two desperate peoples too horny to fall in real love. Even movies like MFK and novels like Love@facebook (by this inevitable beauty NIKITA SINGH: the girl whose looks are more sexier than her books) explains the consequence of internet love. Movies and novels, though demands happy ending, but real life is bit different. Isn’t it.

As Internet is full of all kind of peoples; (from exhilarate to oddball, funny to pesky, obsolete to trendy, blah, blah, blah) internet ofcourse is not a secure place to be unless satisfactory privacy measures are implied. Most vulnerable are, though, newly introduced teenagers. They are avid & scrounged when it comes to Cyber love. Let me narrate a little story regarding love on internet.

Geetika, the protagonist (and an internet victim), was a fresher to the internet world. She was excited about her newly created facebook account. As being a new user, her crush for facebook forced her to blab all her details over profile info, which was already public-view mode by default (by the fault of Zukerberg, I’d say). Funny and romantic posts and pics fascinates her, and why shouldn’t?  She is at the age which develops taste for these things by defaults. She was only 15 and ofcourse too young to understand the ambiguish status updates of desperate belonging to lunatic fringes. Needless to mention that she added almost every known and stranger person she could. It took only a month and her friend count shoots up to 1000 mark.

One fine day, she received a friend request as she logged in. As being an avid friend adder, she immediately accepted it. It was from a person whose profile claimingly Akshansh, 21 from Noida. The handsome profile pic was a bonus alongwith a catchy bio.
To be continued in part 2....................

(part-2  will be posted if u like it. Do comment if you wanna read it further)


  1. Better,

    good to read a story this time.

    though i a little bit disspointed because u hadn't updated the whole story.

    anyways, good work.

    and plz update it as soon as possible.


  2. Samiksha,

    thank you for liking this.
    I'll soon update this story.

    moreover it'll be an honour to know u are keenly sharing my post.

    god bless

    Almost Engineer

  3. Also, you may lie to know, a 2000 words short story is ready (yet to be typed) which will cover some 3 or 4 posts are soon to be publish.

    keep in touch.

    Almost engineer


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