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Do not disturb: already in IPU (Part-1)

As being the creator of this very particular post, its needless to mention that I am also a victim of IP University. Being specific, I am an engineering student of this University which came into existence in 1998, around 14 years ago, to provide a sufficient platform for punishing those few peoples where kicked out of the hell due to insufficient punishment-procedures to suit the wrong doings of they had did. These “few peoples” are called IPU students.

OK!!!!! Jokes apart!  Coming into the scope of this post, it is quite obvious to understand that this scenario could be better explained  by a victim who is the epicentre of the bruise. But since they are too hurt to explain about it literally (Ok, they are not hurt, but they are victims. Right?), so let me do it on their behalf.

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka sector-16, Delhi (previously at Kashmere Gate), is the name of the terror which haunts its students in nightmares. I am not getting into exact figures as it would take ages to present the perfectly correct data of scams and its consequences. So let me confine this post for few most important attributes which are responsible for screwing our future. They could be summarized as:

1.                 50% passing cut-off  :
Before getting into college, it seems to be an easily-achievable target  to get 50 marks to pass the paper, but circumstances changes as soon as you get into it. (Yes, I can say passing itself is a tough target in IPU, and I mean it). This is not a school any more. You have got to grind your a*s for every single mark. Ironically they don’t even care for your marks. And why should they? If you yourself don’t care for yourself.

After getting screwed up in internals, you look forward for semester exams, which itself would became do or die thing for you. The whole idea of getting good marks  goes into vein by very moment you see the question paper. I don’t know if they hire aliens to set our question papers. I mean, what the hell! What's the point of giving question paper if there is no relevancy with syllabus most of the time.

Anyway, Things doesn't stops here. Once you write the blurb (or blurt, most of the time), the ball is in the court of Answer Sheet Checker. They too, check it as if we had raped their daughters. Though there also exist some angels who are generous enough to try their best to make our total enough for passing the paper. For most of us, getting 50 marks is just an illusion. This mirage effect is eventually replaced by the grief of “heap of backlogs” as soon as the result is declared. Even for this, they takes more than 3 months to declare the result.  3 months. 3 f**king months to tell you that you are f**ked up academically. Great!!!

Even premier institutes like IITs, NITs and DCE had a passing cut-off of 40 marks at maximum. This is the first proof of our “being victimized” condition.

2.                 50-90 year back theory    :
After the declaration of result, few boast about their performaces, few do parties while few plans for vacations. But there also exist mass population who had to calculate their fate in University. They calculate to be sure if they could complete their degree in prescribed duration or not? This is the biggest question they could think about?
To be specific, you need to secure 50% credits in very same year to be promoted in subsequent semester/annual. If you can’t, you would be progressive toward making your degree a FIVE YEAR PLAN (Doctors at VMCC & AMC could add one or two year in their duration), at least.
Even if you could make it, this is not the end of the story. If it is happy ending, its not ending actually in IP University. You have got to secure 90% credits in previous year’s academics to be promoted further. Likewise, suppose you are in 1st year, you have to  secure 50% credits in those cumulative two semesters to be promoted in 2nd year. After the end of 2nd year, you have got to secure 90% credits in 1st year after attempting backlog paper along with 50% credits in your present semester to be promoted in 3rd year. This is the time when most of the students got axed by this weapon. Technically , you are allowed to sustain only one (or atmost two) in a year (2 semesters) to avoid year back. How ironic? Isn’t it?

To be continued in part 2 ……………………….

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  1. Good..
    Plz post part 2..
    I am seeking admission in this university. I want to know if it worths???

    1. I will upload part 2 as son as possible.

      now that you are seeking admission in IPU, let me presume you had already got selected in IPU-CET. Congrats for that.

      As far as worthness of admission is concerned, it depends on your persistence towards the points i mentioned.

      Take admission if you could cope with these limitations, else wise you would be end up with f**ked up academics.

      As you are yet to get admission, the ball is in your court.
      The choice is yours.....

      God bless.....

  2. Also, tell me if it is worth to get iitm for bca???

    1. I have no exact idea about BCA... but the points I mentions are also applicable for BCA. Best of luck....

  3. Thank you very much for your support..

    will consider it as soon as I read the next part.. thank you..

    god bless you too...

  4. Very Nice Blog Post man..!!
    Waiting for more posts..

    1. Thanks for commenting dear.

      more post will follow soon


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