Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am back

Aah... Finally I am here, back after 40 days. 40 days without blogging is like life imprisonment. I had never thought, notb even in my dreadest nightmare that I would be keep out of blogging for like 1.5 months. I went to Bihar on the very next day of updating this blogpost (29 July 2012) previously and was supposed to return to Delhi in a week only. But nothing happened the way I anticipated.

I was stuck there waiting for my result which never announced unless I left back for Delhi later. Right around the Independence day, mosquitoes had also proved their Right to Bite. They make sure to bite me again to induce the malaria agents in my already fragile body. Dear mosquitoes, I know I am Sweet but why on earth you chose me to prove your freedom in the first place. I mean, there is several other sweet peoples also exist in this world. Later, I was diagnosed and treated for malaria. The treatment includes 4 painful piercing of injection (I will explain this in further posts) in my body (you know in which part they inject the syringe in malaria treatment). Then comes the another phase of waiting for my semester result which my University was obstinate not to announce unless I would come back to Delhi, or something like that.

Finally, I gave up and decided to come back to Delhi. I booked my ticket in Tatkal which itself was a painful experience. Thanks to that travel agent who booked it for me at his cut equals to the fair of the ticket itself. Prior to that, I had also tried to book it via IRCTC website but as expected it never failed in its patent transaction failure.

They should ban IRCTC for spreading the rumour that TATKAL reservation ticket in Indian Railway is also available online. Also, they should announce some kind of achievement awards for those who succeeded in booking it via IRCTC website. Some award like Bharat Ratna, or something equivalent to it. Yes, it worth it, totally.

Then, the day I booked myself the ticket, the result also announced. Oopsss........... I had got one backlog in this semester as well. Total number of arrier count shoot up to 7 including this one. The backlogs had now becomes the inseparable part of me. I wailed for a moment, not because I was flunked, but because I had waited for THIS all these days.

During all these days, I had no computer to kill my time, neither did I had any smartphone which adds only some extra pain in my mediocre life style. All I had was few novels, half of which was not even worth to touch it. But I had read all of them. I also had this Micromax mobile phone which act as a life support for me all these days. All I did was spending 16 hours a day on twitter. Few tweets, reply and mention, and most of the time spend in staring at the tweeter timeline. It had become my favouriate pass time.  

This is what happens when your life is pretty much screwed up. You could even becomes habitual to the most annoying things like twitter.

Nevertheless, I am not totally incontenet about this visit. I also had few memorable experiences which I want to share with all of you on my blog. Stay in touch meanwhile. I'll soon comes up with few of the experiences in further blogposts.

Till then, take care.


  1. hey, you were in Bihar...next time whenever you pass through Patna just let me know, will try to see you....

    BTW welcome back into blogging, looking forward to read more n more here.....so just keep them coming.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you bro... I will definitely let you know next time I will visit there.


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