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First of all, wish u a very happy and safe facebooking.

To begin with, let me tell you a very common story. Actually, its not a story, it’s part of a daily life.


Deepak is in relationship with Priya since last 3 months. Earlier he had a girlfriend, Ragini. He had broke up with her(Ragini) on some insynchronised opinions they have about approach in life. Deepak is in an Engineering college somewhere in Delhi, while Priya is an Art’s student in Delhi University.
Today Priya phoned Deepak.
Priya: Hello Deepak, I need to talk to you.
Deepak: honey, I am in college, in the middle of the lecture.
Priya: But I………………………….
Deepak: sorry honey, will talk to you later. I am hanging up, bye.
  and Deepak disconnected the call. After 10 minutes his phone vibrates again. Yes, it was Priya ofcourse. He had to pick up the call anyhow, and he did.
Priya: Janu, I……………..
Deepak: look Priya, I am busy, means I am busy. Can’t u get it?
And disconnected the call again.
After some 5 minutes he received an SMS which reads, “U don’t love me anymore no, U have time 4 others but no time 4 me. U R changed Deepu”.

This tantrum by girls always works. So Deepak called her.
Deepak: Hey, whats wrong with you? Aren’t u understand, I m busy?
Priya: I know U are busy with that sl*t Ragini. Why  the f**k   that son of
the bi*ch still in touch with u?
Deepak: hey, whats worng with you? R U crazy? Who told you all these bullshits?
Priya: your Facebook profile! You as*h*le. You have time for commenting on status of that bitch, but no time for me.
Deepak was stunned with the tone and selection of words.
Deepak: Mind ur language priya!!!!!!
Priya: To hell with ur language, you bloody cheater.
Deepak: I can explain, please baby, I am sorry, the lecture was boring so I logged in to facebook. Its not a big deal.
Priya: it is a big deal mr. Deepak Mishra, atleast with me. I cant be in a relationship where one person devotes everything while other cheated.

And she disconnected the call. No need to mention, their relationship expires afterthen.

This is what happens when you have a girlfriend, an ex-girlfriend and facebook account,


Mr. Singh is an ex-Defence person. He have got to marry her only daughter, Kiran.  Singh family had even seen a boy Rohit, working as an engineer in a reputed MNC. The to-be-groomandto-be-bride had liked each other, and chat almost daily of facebook.

But Mr. Singh wants to make sure about the character of  his to-be-son-in-law.for this he approached a private detective agency to spy on Rohit.
The detective agency had only asked for his facebook and e-mail account.

The agency figured out that Rohit had 3 girlfriends in past. They collected proofs about it and  appoints  a guy to investigate Rohit to check if he may be loyal to her wife-to-be or not.
That guy send her a friend request by the name of some girl and no doubt Rohit has trapped in their net. The agency had prepared a detailed report about Rohit.

Mr. Singh was shocked to know that his every prediction went wrong as per this report. The report also recommended not to marry his doll with that Rohit.


These two cases are just a part, there are so many other  stories which proves that people today living dual life. 1. Social life and 2. Social networking life.

Beware of the guys and girls whose both lives are insynchronous.
Again happy facebooking, (if you still can)

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