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MASS BUNK in Engineering college: A mirage effect

Mass bunk, as we all know that, is one of the most euphonious attribute of students’ life. If we call it a crush for students, then it would be obsession when it comes to Engineering students. They always crave for it, and we all know it. Aren’t we?

Mass bunk can be defined as an eulogized practice in which most of the students (entire class, most of the time) preferably decides to skip the class deliberately.

To some people, its for some deliberate reason. Its an art for few while punishment for fewer. But in Engineering college, fun is the major purpose behind this nobel practice.

Mass bunk, being a globally acclaimed practice has several names. Some call it Group Tadi (G.T.), some call it Multi cut. There also exist some people who call it golden period of their life.  Whatsoever………The main purpose is to skip the class. Right???????

This highly appreciated practice has several devotees, there also exist few manufacturing defects who couldn’t avod their lust for attending the lectures.

In Engineering colleges, Mass Bunk is an illusion. The effect could neither be total nor uniformally epicentric.
Usually, it involves these steps:
1.   They plan for it.
2.   They work on it
3.   They skip the class.
But,the whole idea of devoiding the lecture is f**ked up by those three or four fake-Einstein material who deliberately ignore their desire for testing the Ambrosia of Mass Bunk. The sole purpose of their existence to mug the books and talk everything about it. Nothing else. The lust of lecture coerced them to defys their inner calls.  Consequently, the attend the lecture and rest of all are screwed up. These are the same people who believes that skipping a lecture is like skipping a semester exam. (You can do it but the subsequent tremour is long lasting.)

Well, everyone had their own set of explainatory theory (lets call it defence mechanism,in such cases), so do they. Is something wrong in this? May be or may be not. Its all depends upon one’s level of persistence and attitude personna. But I am not getting into it as it is beyond the scope of this topic.

Let me tell you a little incident which aimed to clear the delimatic situation (highly dependent on your understanding rather than the post meaning.

Once upn a time, there exist an engg.-cum-management college, lets call it Impetus Institute of Technology and Management (IITM), in Delhi. Like every engineering colleges, most of the future-Engineers loves skipping lectures. Mechanical 1st year, though, topples the lis.  Its an chromosomal inevitability. Their gene structure never allowed the to attend classes regularly. These Mechies are well known for their bunking ability and associated efficiency. But this efficiency is relative figure only, as there also two students, Aniket and Rajesh who hates to bunk the lectures. It might because of their defective chromosomal structure. This surely screwed other’s attendance as well as academic profile as lecturers had slashed their internal marks by considerable proportion.

As we all know, in Engineering College, you can do it without lectures, you can do it without attendance. You can also do it without previous year question paper, but in no way you can make it without internal marks. To be on the safer side, even if you could do it, your grades would surely be f**ked up.

So, consequently, they (the Mass Bunkers) effed up their result. This scenario indoubtely inseminated a seed of rage against those avid-lecture-worms. But what they could do? Practically nothing…… I thought.

Anyhow, they were promoted to 2nd year where few other Lateral Entry (L.E.) students had joined the league. They had left with two options. Either to compromise their bunking bot inside them or coerced those book-wormto join their league. But apparently both the option trashed as neither of them compromised. Eventually, 3rd semester result was screwed up too. This caused some strifed L.E. students too aggressive to stick with decency. They Thrashed them while few other helps them too.

Needless to say, the authorities had to take some exemplary steps to check this situation and its consequence. They took a strict action deliberately. Few students were expelled, few were charged with fine. Though those L.E. students were the epicenter of the fiately order implemented by college authority but the tremor was felt by Mechanical 2nd year, and technically by entire IITM.

Its logical to understand that Mass-Bunk in IITM becomes a rare history for few succeeding months. As being an engineering student, our chromosome structure doesn’t allows us to stay away from Mass Bunk. Its inevitable and quite understandable. The mass bunking vehicle returned on track in few following months but that incident had changed the scenario which could be very much translated as “DO AT YOUR OWN RISK”. Also this created a havoc inside those mass-bunkers.
But life must go on. Isn’t it?

The sole purpose of writing this post is to let you know that Mass bunk is an illusion in Engg. College. Also, it would leads to several ego-wars which subsequently worsten the scenario.

As being an Avid-Massbunker, I always support the fascinating idea of lecture skipping(lets hope none of our lecturers would read it. Luckily, chances are rare), my attendance and internal grades screams the fact. But simultaneously, I defies the physical violence to make its impact total. This ambrosia is an unsung fiasco, but we love it anyway.

Thanks for your patience to read it completely (or pretending to read; just in case)

Written by:
Almost Engineer


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    1. Thank you bhaiya... Will keep updating it periodically

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    1. Thank you very much.....
      loads of thanks for appreciation.... god bless you backkkk

  5. @deepak.. Thanks for appreciation bro

  6. Hahaha.. tough I am not from engg. college but I can still feel the embeded experience....

    nice article tough, and especially the story conveying the associated message.

    hope to hear from you more frequently

    keep it up

    1. Thanks for your appreciation as well as concern.

      as you can see, following after your comment, the frequency associated with this blog has shoot up to its maximum.
      thanks for being here.


  7. U know dude...engineer need brief only headline was okay...such big explaination nt require...chill its just my point of view...tc

    1. Mr. Anonymous,
      Its being honoured to welcome you here and I appreciate your "point of view".

      But my "point of view" is bit different and semester answer sheet are the best example explaining why we need to give big explaination even though we like to make it short.

      Anyways, Thanks for commenting.

      Almost Engineer

  8. superb bro..reminded my days of engineering..keep writing.

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