Monday, June 25, 2012

Who killed MAHI???

80 hours of drammatic rescue effort and what they extracted was a lifeless body of innocent 4-year old Manesar girl, Mahi. (khoda pahad nikli..........). The grief was spread over the entire Kasna village, and un-apparantly throughout a wide range of "concerned" Indians, four days ago when Mahi fell into 68-feet uncovered, abondoned borewell. It’s only few hours ago (from the time I am writing this), they pulled out her "dead body", the tremor was obiviously exponentially increased upto its maximum when the news of her being "no mores" came out, officially.

It would be quite obivious that the grief has been transformed into yearning and Mahi's parents undoubtedly are the "Epicenter" of this grief, this forever-teasing yearning. They, the authorities, said she had died because of suffocation, as oxygen was piped in only 5 hours after her falling into "killer pit". Doctors had reported in her autopsy that "suffocation is the cause of her death".

But wait!!!

Aren't we talking about something beyond the circum-scope of our discussion? Certainly we are. The question is not "how did she died?". The question what needs to be accentuated is "Who killed her?", "Who is the culprit behind the untimely death of this innocent kid, who was yet to see the beauty of this world?"

Before hopping into any inference, first we have got to look into our (in)ability to utilize upto the maximum-possible value from the equipments and manpower we have. The rescue team was consisted of Indian Army personnel, NSG, Delhi Metro professionals, apparently best manpower of our country. They were also supported appreciably by some allege-ably "hero" villagers. They were technically laced with automated drilling machine, Ground penetrating radar system and almost every other most advanced equipment they could afford to have. Then what took them 80 f**king hours to dig 68 feet parallel ditch?

Oh, Hello!!!

Even I could understand the circumstances disallowing the expedition of operation. But my point is related to negligence involved actually. It was tough to dig that pit but not that tough though. Hadn't they had dug rocky areas of Delhi/NCR for metro construction? But again, it’s not the point of concern as they tried their best (after their negligence of course) they could. We should thankful for their effort anyway.

What needs to be looked into is its "real" cause, the uncovered abandoned bore-wells itself. As we all know that "Water Mafias" are actively indulged in profiteering of water in these areas. What usually they do is, they extract maximum-possible water from the bore-well and left it abandoned when it becomes "useless". They didn't even bother to fill it or cover it at least. You might be thinking this is against the law.

But Hey! We live in India dear. Why one need to bother about law and orders when they could easily afford to pay few extra bucks (call it "Seva-Pani" technically) otherwise. Yes. We live in a country where laws can be compensated against few “Gandhi-closeup” currencies. (Alas! I think we should proud of it).

So. Am I trying to drag authorities too within the circle of culprits?
Yes I am. And why shouldn't they could be culprit? They can't protect their a** just by saying they are oblivious about these demon-holes. Hadn't Supreme Court directed all the states of the nation to cap all the abandoned bore-well throughout their authorial fencing, two years ago, in 2010?

Ah, but who cares? At least they don’t.

And Mahi isn't the only such case. Indeed. Don't we remember Prince of Kurukshetra (the luckiest among all the victims)? Also few other poor souls like the one in Gujarat and if I remember, a kid from Andhra. Even today, ToI Gurgaon had published a news-article claiming one more incident of pit-falling happened in Howrah, West Bengal.

Call me opinionated but I think its "Bhai-chara" of Water Mafia and local authorities which actually is responsible her death. How could they callous enough to let her fall into their "negligence"?

Meanwhile, a magistrate enquiry had been ordered. But they need to ensure the proper punishment to the culprits to make this incident memorably exemplary. Nothing best could be done other than this at this circumstances. The message will only convey better if the action would be taken. Also, all the state government bodies need to take an immediate action for preventing these "tragedies" recurring in future.

Hoping for a better future.............


  1. Well said...nd gud observation........keep it up the spirit....

  2. sadder but true.

    nice writing style tough

    hope to hear from you soon
    keep it up.


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