Thursday, November 22, 2012

A compassionate regret

My remorseful confession for watching epic movie JAB TAK HAI JAAN……..

I don’t know how to say this? It all started few months back when the first look of JAB TAK HAI JAAN released. I thought we are going to have a good movie after so much time. It was the great combo of Yashraj and Shahrukh Khan, after all. Then, promos released, posters were became common and media had made it an forced option to like.

I went through the promos, which are not very anticipating, honestly. After several unwanted futile attempts to ignore the media hype of this Yashraj-Shahrukh so called epic venture, I decided not to watch this movie until Jab tak hai meri jaan. Then suddenly like from nowhere, another fascinating promo of another much-heard movie SON of SARDAAR came into light and the previous option isn’t remains forced anymore.

With time passed, there comes a time when these two movies becomes official rival of each other. There mutual release date was announced to be on Diwali itself. The whole idea behind this rivalry might be the logic that festivals in India are like a license to become stupid, by spending their hard-earned money and very unruly time on these movies. But this is another issue anyway- any other time for that.

Among all these moments, suddenly the great Yashraj Chopra had unfortunately passed away due to dengue. This had given another opportunity to our ACTORS for proving their acting skills, and whole tribute melodrama had begun. Although, few of them might really felt for his absence, undoubtedly. All of a sudden, this unfortunate moment had turned into a very commercial sympathy and the expected success of the movie had been linked with his pride. On the other hand, Salman Khan had joined his hand with Son of Sardaar and jumped into this JTHJ vs SOS war. SOS had also sued Yashraj productions for forcefully trimming down the SOS screens around the country, which apparently seems true after their release.

Finally the movies released and both of them had did a good business on Box-Office. JTHJ, however, had leaded the war for the obvious reasons. Here, let me make this very clear that, obvious reasons refer to the release and sympathy, rather than the impact of the movie itself. JTHJ had undoubtedly took the commercial advantage of Yash Chopra’s demise, in the name of tribute and respect.

Nevertheless, I did watched Son of Sardaar and liked the movie, especially the pre-interval part. It was a totally paisa vasool movie. After watching it three times to become sure that this movie is definitely a one-time must watch. Until then, I hadn’t watched Jab Tak hai Jaan yet as per the promise I had made to myself. Although, TV channels had never failed to remind me that this movie is doing great, unaware of my prejudiced detestation for this movie.

Then one grimy evening, when I had nothing to watch- nothing to repeat either,  then my friend had passed me his pen drive with a pirated copy of Jab Tak hai Jaan. I was literally f**ked during the viva voce in college, so I played the movie. This is THAT evening.

The movie starts with an epilogue of a bomb diffusion scene from the movie where the male protagonist was diffusing the bomb without wearing any bomb squad suits. Then the actual movie begins, making me hate this movie even more with every single passing minute. I couldn’t tolerated this movie until interval and I deliberately took a short 3-hours break before playing the post-interval tolerating program. The post interval part was little bit captivating but utterly hypothetical at the same time as well. It seems like the writer came from some no man’s land where nothing had to do with logics and facts.

I don’t know which asshole will put some like 100 bombs at no man’s land where the bomb cannot kill any single living creature if it blasts. The writer was either thinking that the audience are as stupid as he is or most probably they had this illusion that every single bullshit under Yashraj production’s banner will be readily accepted by the audiences (Oh wait! This is not an illusion. This is an irrefutable truth. Right?).

I admit that there is a liberty of expression to every person in our country (??????) but this doesn’t mean that you had get the license to fool 1200 million innocent Indians. Yashji had unintentionally trying to compete with Akshay Kumar movies, and succeeded up to an extent too.
However, there are few moments also present in the movie, which can said to be appreciable but that definitely doesn’t deserve to make it a 1000 million movie. Seriously.

I strongly regret my decision to watch this movie and still cursing my stars to make me watch this shit. Iwould like to give it nothing more than 1.5 stars on the scale of 5, and strongly recommend every lucky human being who hadn’t watched this movie yet, not to watch it anyway.

May god saves you from Jab Tak hai Jaan and Akshay Kumar. God bless.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

……….But still I love Delhi, indeed.

So technically we live in a city which is said to be our national capital. Capital city of world’s largest democratic nation indeed is not a joke. We are provided with so-called world class amenities, for that matter. We have Delhi metro, for instance, as India’s first fully air-conditioned automated transport system. We have this huge fleet of stylish buses in DTC claiming to provide better transport at nominal fair. We have Indian Parliament and India’s biggest politicians, the lawmakers of the nation, as a matter of fact. Supreme Court, nation’s largest judiciary institution also situated in the city itself. Reserve bank of India, Country’s largest financial institution also found its existence here. Every religion, caste and creed are claimed to be heartily welcomed here irrespective of their state of origin.

We have Delhi metro, so what if it’s not commute after 11 pm. We have world class restaurants but we never care if its last order must be before 11 in the night. We have this law claiming to sell liquor only to the person of age above 25, so what if a teenage could also buy it. Tobacco products are said to be “not for sale to minors”, so what if a kid can easily fetch at any of the nearby street vendor, too. We have these government aided bus service, so what if the driver don’t halt it at every stop. We have cigarette banned in public places, so what if the uncle standing by your side at bus stop or railway station or any other place, for that matter, is blowing out the smoke-ring as if proudly contributing to the national gross of smoke production. We have RBI headquarter but you can’t carry cash more than 20,000 bucks, so what if your mother is sick and need to be hospitalized where doctors would refuse to commence operation unless you pay the amount. They don’t even let you possess the corpse without money, let alone operating her, for that matter.

The KFC outlets are here, but you can’t make order fearing the potential worm you could find in your chicken, like they discovered in KERALA. This might be their latest non-veg recipe, so what your chromosomes does not allows you to eat that unintentionally innovative food item. You can’t carry stuffs worth more than 26000/- or you have to pay the penalty (or better call it duty) at airports. Police can’t lodge your complaint because you don’t have any reference or money to warm their palm, so what if your stuffs are stolen or someone had ran over your vehicle just because he was too drunk to drive straight. You can’t carry any apple product (or similar expensive gadgets) without paying the duty taxes, so what if you own it personnel use. You are thoroughly checked at the shopping-mall entry or cinema halls as if you have carried explosive material with you, so what there is no checking provision at Railways station or similar sensitive public places.

You can freely drive in the city without any interruption by paying the contribution money, so what if have no Driving license, no legal possession on your vehicle, or the worst is even if the vehicle had been stolen few weeks earlier for which the complaint had already registered. You have to pay the contribution money ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 2000 to that traffic constable even if you have all the legal documents. It’s not your fault by the way as our police department is inherited with ingenuity to find the flaw in your document or in your driving even if you hadn’t any.

Our parents known as “peerants” or “mom-dad” as if they are the most inseparable entity ever known to man-kind. Lady Gaga and Brian Adams can’t perform in our city as our government had decided to shut down the concert latest at 10 pm, so what if you had invested those millions of rupees in 350+ days to get all the 125+ permits required to host the show. Salman Rushdie and Husain are banned because they had hurts the religious sentiments of the Hindus and Muslims. The privilege of this religious sentiment drives them to kill each other to prove the supremacy of their religion. Amit Trivedi is banned because he had mocked the national emblem, so what if the politicians had ruined the nation itself. Girls are raped because some shit-filled heads consider them as a commodity of entertainment. They think the girls are being raped because they wear “objectionable” dresses and carries mobile phones.

Our neighbor state, Haryana celebrates kind of rape-month every now and then. Their Khap panchayats and our senior leaders thinks that marrying a girl in early age might check the rapes as if marriage would tag girls with an “un-rape-able” human being. Our youth’s find this huge privilege in molesting the girls in the streets while mango people watch them enthusiastically. Our business man and national son-in-law manifolds the 5 million bucks into huge 3000 million in mere 3 years and have this honour in calling us mango people and our nation as banana republic. Our law minister steals money provided for handicapped and warns to shed the blood if opposed.


Rest of the “LOVE”ly reasons are to be updated soon…. If responses are good.


PS: Please don't be prejudiced judging me. I do love Delhi otherwise as well. This is just a way to accentuate the things we are either forced to accept or we deliberately ignore them at all.


And yeah... thanks for your patience tolerating this (if you have any). Have a good day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

We too have a canteen : GBPEC

Well, it’s not necessary to mention that I am a student of G B Pant Engineering College but I had to as this blog is hovering around our college. I am not going into college issues as this is beyond the perimeter of this blogpost’s concern. Moreover, commenting over College admin. could lead me into serious troubles as I don’t want to put things on the board whenever my identity is associated with it, as Right is not Write-able and wrong is I don’t wanted to right. Additionally, I have no idea what (the hell) actually is going into the college. Literally. So let me switch onto the primary concern of this post.

Like any other college, we have an eatery station too in our college. They are best in serving worst food I had known yet. They have this huge (?)  anthology of food we don’t want to have, but as they say “Majboori ka naam ……..”. Most of the time, they have no loose change to return and ultimately bestowed by toffees or other eatables which indeed is not EATABLE as well. Hygiene is something you can’t expect here. Hygiene in canteens (and other places like that, for that matter) are like acting in Salman Khan’s Movie. You may enjoy the movie taken as a whole but you can’t anticipate for acting in it. And still if you are doing so, you are basically doing nothing but fooling around yourself. In a way, I can say that, Cafeteria of GBPEC (my college, abbreviated like its total land stretch. Yes, I mean it) and hygiene is like railway tracks. They might claim to run along parallel, but they never seem to meet anywhere. Apparently.

The mediocre experience of food (especially cooked) can lead you to an ideal world where everything other than this seems to be better. However, this feeling may be surreal. The cooks and staffs have this superpower of ruin every food item they prepare and eventually turn it into a horrendous edition of the same. Nevertheless, they are apparently good at their heart and at mouth for that matter. Additionally, they have this huge reliability of justifying the names of the food items. French fries, for instance, I had last week, was mitigating its name in the fact that it was brought directly from France and go rotten in eventual freight. However, this might be the case of misfortune on any accidental day. But the thing is, I am coming up with what I had experienced by person.

One thing though which will undeniably kill your appetite is the tea of our canteen. The tea available here is the most awful item you could ever imagine at this place. It is technically the perfect blend of boiling water, tea leaves, sugar, milk and mediocre experience. It is the thing, which you’ll always wants to obviate. Samose are the 2nd worst item which will take you to the unsolicited excursion to the world of mediocre familiarity. The stuffing inside it is the most unwelcomed thing you could tolerate. There are so many other appalling things also available in our canteen but mentioning them all is no longer obligatory as you had already get the clear picture about the things I had mentioned and you can correlate them with these items relevantly to imagine their savor.

Nonetheless, there also exist few other items, which could be tagged as good on the same scale, but most of them are readymade or packaged and had been outsourced as it is. Cold drinks, for instance, along with chocolates and biscuits are few of them. Additionally, very few items are also in the league of above good on that scale, again, that they actually prepare by themselves.

Though there are few other things also needs to be mentioned but I am not getting into it as it will doing nothing good to me (as I told you earlier). All we could wish are better food out there. It is in the state where anything other than this would be better indeed.
Thank You for wasting your worthless time reading this.

PS: This is the outlook of the person who had drafted it. There is no social figure or statistics are included in this post. This post is not intended to offend any personnel. Nevertheless, if anyone feels affronted by this, go to GBPEC canteen (or may be in to hell. Same meaning though). I don’t think I could help in this case. 

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