Monday, November 5, 2012

We too have a canteen : GBPEC

Well, it’s not necessary to mention that I am a student of G B Pant Engineering College but I had to as this blog is hovering around our college. I am not going into college issues as this is beyond the perimeter of this blogpost’s concern. Moreover, commenting over College admin. could lead me into serious troubles as I don’t want to put things on the board whenever my identity is associated with it, as Right is not Write-able and wrong is I don’t wanted to right. Additionally, I have no idea what (the hell) actually is going into the college. Literally. So let me switch onto the primary concern of this post.

Like any other college, we have an eatery station too in our college. They are best in serving worst food I had known yet. They have this huge (?)  anthology of food we don’t want to have, but as they say “Majboori ka naam ……..”. Most of the time, they have no loose change to return and ultimately bestowed by toffees or other eatables which indeed is not EATABLE as well. Hygiene is something you can’t expect here. Hygiene in canteens (and other places like that, for that matter) are like acting in Salman Khan’s Movie. You may enjoy the movie taken as a whole but you can’t anticipate for acting in it. And still if you are doing so, you are basically doing nothing but fooling around yourself. In a way, I can say that, Cafeteria of GBPEC (my college, abbreviated like its total land stretch. Yes, I mean it) and hygiene is like railway tracks. They might claim to run along parallel, but they never seem to meet anywhere. Apparently.

The mediocre experience of food (especially cooked) can lead you to an ideal world where everything other than this seems to be better. However, this feeling may be surreal. The cooks and staffs have this superpower of ruin every food item they prepare and eventually turn it into a horrendous edition of the same. Nevertheless, they are apparently good at their heart and at mouth for that matter. Additionally, they have this huge reliability of justifying the names of the food items. French fries, for instance, I had last week, was mitigating its name in the fact that it was brought directly from France and go rotten in eventual freight. However, this might be the case of misfortune on any accidental day. But the thing is, I am coming up with what I had experienced by person.

One thing though which will undeniably kill your appetite is the tea of our canteen. The tea available here is the most awful item you could ever imagine at this place. It is technically the perfect blend of boiling water, tea leaves, sugar, milk and mediocre experience. It is the thing, which you’ll always wants to obviate. Samose are the 2nd worst item which will take you to the unsolicited excursion to the world of mediocre familiarity. The stuffing inside it is the most unwelcomed thing you could tolerate. There are so many other appalling things also available in our canteen but mentioning them all is no longer obligatory as you had already get the clear picture about the things I had mentioned and you can correlate them with these items relevantly to imagine their savor.

Nonetheless, there also exist few other items, which could be tagged as good on the same scale, but most of them are readymade or packaged and had been outsourced as it is. Cold drinks, for instance, along with chocolates and biscuits are few of them. Additionally, very few items are also in the league of above good on that scale, again, that they actually prepare by themselves.

Though there are few other things also needs to be mentioned but I am not getting into it as it will doing nothing good to me (as I told you earlier). All we could wish are better food out there. It is in the state where anything other than this would be better indeed.
Thank You for wasting your worthless time reading this.

PS: This is the outlook of the person who had drafted it. There is no social figure or statistics are included in this post. This post is not intended to offend any personnel. Nevertheless, if anyone feels affronted by this, go to GBPEC canteen (or may be in to hell. Same meaning though). I don’t think I could help in this case. 

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