Thursday, November 8, 2012

……….But still I love Delhi, indeed.

So technically we live in a city which is said to be our national capital. Capital city of world’s largest democratic nation indeed is not a joke. We are provided with so-called world class amenities, for that matter. We have Delhi metro, for instance, as India’s first fully air-conditioned automated transport system. We have this huge fleet of stylish buses in DTC claiming to provide better transport at nominal fair. We have Indian Parliament and India’s biggest politicians, the lawmakers of the nation, as a matter of fact. Supreme Court, nation’s largest judiciary institution also situated in the city itself. Reserve bank of India, Country’s largest financial institution also found its existence here. Every religion, caste and creed are claimed to be heartily welcomed here irrespective of their state of origin.

We have Delhi metro, so what if it’s not commute after 11 pm. We have world class restaurants but we never care if its last order must be before 11 in the night. We have this law claiming to sell liquor only to the person of age above 25, so what if a teenage could also buy it. Tobacco products are said to be “not for sale to minors”, so what if a kid can easily fetch at any of the nearby street vendor, too. We have these government aided bus service, so what if the driver don’t halt it at every stop. We have cigarette banned in public places, so what if the uncle standing by your side at bus stop or railway station or any other place, for that matter, is blowing out the smoke-ring as if proudly contributing to the national gross of smoke production. We have RBI headquarter but you can’t carry cash more than 20,000 bucks, so what if your mother is sick and need to be hospitalized where doctors would refuse to commence operation unless you pay the amount. They don’t even let you possess the corpse without money, let alone operating her, for that matter.

The KFC outlets are here, but you can’t make order fearing the potential worm you could find in your chicken, like they discovered in KERALA. This might be their latest non-veg recipe, so what your chromosomes does not allows you to eat that unintentionally innovative food item. You can’t carry stuffs worth more than 26000/- or you have to pay the penalty (or better call it duty) at airports. Police can’t lodge your complaint because you don’t have any reference or money to warm their palm, so what if your stuffs are stolen or someone had ran over your vehicle just because he was too drunk to drive straight. You can’t carry any apple product (or similar expensive gadgets) without paying the duty taxes, so what if you own it personnel use. You are thoroughly checked at the shopping-mall entry or cinema halls as if you have carried explosive material with you, so what there is no checking provision at Railways station or similar sensitive public places.

You can freely drive in the city without any interruption by paying the contribution money, so what if have no Driving license, no legal possession on your vehicle, or the worst is even if the vehicle had been stolen few weeks earlier for which the complaint had already registered. You have to pay the contribution money ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 2000 to that traffic constable even if you have all the legal documents. It’s not your fault by the way as our police department is inherited with ingenuity to find the flaw in your document or in your driving even if you hadn’t any.

Our parents known as “peerants” or “mom-dad” as if they are the most inseparable entity ever known to man-kind. Lady Gaga and Brian Adams can’t perform in our city as our government had decided to shut down the concert latest at 10 pm, so what if you had invested those millions of rupees in 350+ days to get all the 125+ permits required to host the show. Salman Rushdie and Husain are banned because they had hurts the religious sentiments of the Hindus and Muslims. The privilege of this religious sentiment drives them to kill each other to prove the supremacy of their religion. Amit Trivedi is banned because he had mocked the national emblem, so what if the politicians had ruined the nation itself. Girls are raped because some shit-filled heads consider them as a commodity of entertainment. They think the girls are being raped because they wear “objectionable” dresses and carries mobile phones.

Our neighbor state, Haryana celebrates kind of rape-month every now and then. Their Khap panchayats and our senior leaders thinks that marrying a girl in early age might check the rapes as if marriage would tag girls with an “un-rape-able” human being. Our youth’s find this huge privilege in molesting the girls in the streets while mango people watch them enthusiastically. Our business man and national son-in-law manifolds the 5 million bucks into huge 3000 million in mere 3 years and have this honour in calling us mango people and our nation as banana republic. Our law minister steals money provided for handicapped and warns to shed the blood if opposed.


Rest of the “LOVE”ly reasons are to be updated soon…. If responses are good.


PS: Please don't be prejudiced judging me. I do love Delhi otherwise as well. This is just a way to accentuate the things we are either forced to accept or we deliberately ignore them at all.


And yeah... thanks for your patience tolerating this (if you have any). Have a good day.

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