Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do not disturb: already in IPU (Part-2)

Now that you are reading this, it is quite obivious to presume that you had read part-1 of this article.

3. single  university , double standard  :  
This is the most grief-amplifying scenario for yearning. Even that same University is conducting the exam for same course , they have two different standard of marking. Though they says, these courses are different from ours, but its all bullshit, and we all know it.

Yes, I am talking about B-tech courses in Indraprastha-f**ked-up-University.

The affiliated colleges are forced to conduct the internal examination of 25 marks (for which, question paper are set by Alien’s of IPU, as I told you earlier).  Exam for rest of 75 marks are to be conducted by University itself. But when it comes to university schools, they have relatively easier 40 marks internal and 60 marks externals. This double standard seems similar like step-behaviour done by a woman who treat s her step-kids at harsh (like affiliated college in IPU) and their real sons with relatively higher affection (like University-borne colleges). This reason itself is enough to create rage in step-sons’ heart.

4. Alternate oddity theorem   :
According to this hypothetical (not in our case though)  theorem, IPU conducts Re-appear exam in alternate semesters. That’s too with the current semester exam, which undoubtedly is an unbearable burden of exams.
For example, if you got a backlog in 1st semester, you have got to reappear for it in 3rd semester only, not in 2nd sem. Similarly, 2nd semester backlogs can be attempted in 4th semester and so on. If unluckily you flunked again in reappear paper (it happens, trust me, I am being flunked since 3 consecutive years and still carrying 1st year backlogs) you have to wait for another year to give it a shot. This oddment theory subsequently reduces the no. of possible attempts to crack the paper & hence results in odiousness of students.

5.obsolete  syllabus  :
The out of date syllabus which no longer being productive effectively need to be reviewed.  But they never cares about it. Neither do I.

6. late declaration of result  :
It took them more than 3 months to declare the odd semester result while more than 1 month for even semester result. The result which can be very much defined as “An official silent notice publically displaying your fucked up academic ability.” They need to expeditate this entity.

Few more limitations are also exist which are illogical and time consuming to mention as it will neither bring any change nor do they are that important.


My odium for IPU is obstinate and this leads me to write this blog. Though, I am an unofficial IPU mutiny but could never underestimate the Pros of this University. These pros, however failed most of the time to compensate for its unbearable Cons.

Anyways, its Pros are:
à  Since minimum passing cut-off is 50%, it becomes easier to secure a good percentage, provided you pass all the subjects (even at the boundary condition).
à As Delhi is lacking high time in technical degree colleges, it provides a better compensation for it.
à Though course syllabus are obsolete but it is fair enough to brag about, unlike few other state boards.
à They perpetually iron-roded in our a*ses which forcibly pushes us to “do or die” situation which proves to be beneficial most of the time, relatively in the form of marks we secure which couldn't be possible otherwise for most of us.

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Almost Engineer


  1. Thanx for this post.

    it cleared my delimma.

    keep posting

  2. I am also a fellow IPU victim... its a nice blog ... i am looking forward to some regular posts :)
    do check out my blog as well Just Spilled It Out


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