Monday, June 25, 2012

Love @ facebook : an inevitable sin part-2

You had read part 1 of this story, here

Love@facebook: an inevitable sin Part-1.html


continued after part-1........................


“Hi dear! How r u?” a message popped out on her computer screen.
“M fine. U tell” she replied.
“ just getting bored! Feel like chatting” he typed back.

And this ignites their chatting session. They begin chatting almost everyday. Very soon, the frequency as well as the duration of their chatting shoot up to the possibly optimal  level.

She was infatuated with his sense of humour and grey matter, they exchanged their contact numbers. Their crush changed into love (as in his case) in the nick of time. The chatting over internet was soon replaced by texting and gossiping over the phone. But might be due to her parents fear or some other reasons, she always defies for a real date despite of his several chivvy attempts.

Geetika, on the other hand, now met a boy in her coaching center who had a thing for her. She too felt something for him somewhere in her heart which she flippantly tried to deny it. She mentally refuse this feeling for the sake of her love, Akshansh.

But as they says “nobody has control over their heart” she too had lost the control. The same theory worked for her and eventually she fell for that coaching boy, Sameer too. This of course reduced the frequency and duration of communication between Akshansh and Geetika. Geetika surely wanted to break-up this internet-relationship but couldn't knew how to tell Akshansh about it. Akshansh, on the other hand, perplexed by her irresolute behavior in the nick of time. Even pestering over phone or facebook couldn't help him either.  He decided to investigate for the reason and subsequently, he was exposed to the truth by stalking her.

As being a rich brat, he and his friends beats up Sameer, who doesn’t even had any idea for the reason of being thrashed. This incident was surely the paranoia of Akshansh.

Needless to mention, Geetika was in real rouble, where she could neither blab her parents about her situation nor she could conceal it from them as Akshansh was making her life miserable.

Unbearble situation, in the end, coerced her to blab her parents about every possible incident she could explain. Police had to intervene the issue. Though involvement of Police had solved the problem but it teaches Geetika a lesion. A huge lesion for lifetime.

Now as the story finished here but the continuity of this blog would be perpetual.
Waiting for your comments and response.


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  1. hmm...

    nice story

    but too little and too late i'd say

    i mean i had waited for it like 8 days and you come up with this..

    anyawys, i enjoyed reading.

    keep writing



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