Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why they shouldn't judge me...

To begin with, let me introduce myself.

I was born in Bihar, so technically I am a BIHARI. But that doesn’t mean I am a rapist or the ultimate Culprit of all the wrong happening around the nation. I simply not responsible for them as some freak anti-socials like Raj Thakrey have asserted. Nobody could have a culprit just because he is a BIHARI. This is the place where my parents live, where I get my birth. I want to say it again. I am BIHARI.

I did my schooling in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I spent more than 1/3rd of my life till now, there. I spent my childhood in the streets of Bhopal. All my friends, whom I known since decades, belongs to this very city. This is a beautiful city, known for its wonderful of Lakes making it eternally beautiful. Bhopal, where my childhood memories are still prevails, in my dreams. This is the city where my raw thoughts have been molded into a structure which I possess now. I love this city and proud to say, I am BHOPALI. My friends know me by this nickname, BHOPALI, which I loved to be called. But being a Bhopali doesn’t means that I belong to some gas-tragedy massacre accident. Certainly not. Bhopal is not known only for Gas-tragedy. It should never be. Bhopalis are not the gas-affected people only. There also exist thousands of young lads who are competing with the world, showing a better path to the world. I am proud to be a BHOPALI.

My college education is being done in Delhi. I have been in this city for past 7 years, almost 1/3rd of my life, again. My molded thoughts are being processed further here in. I have explored this city; learn the linguistic enunciation, made few irreplaceable friends in this city. I have learned several things from this very city. To me, it’s not just a city, it’s a dream. Although, I prefer Bhopal over Delhi for the obvious reasons, but it doesn’t means that I like this city any less. So let me take this honour to be called a Delhihite. But that doesn’t means I am insensitive or eccentric by any mean. Few of the people might have, but certainly I am not, and several other people like me. Making allegation of this kind is utterly baseless and logically unacceptable. And I am not an OUTSIDER, because this city accepts me and I accepted it back. We are in a mutual relationship which significantly discarded my being an outsider. Mrs. Sheila Dixit must have talking about some other organism that lives in the city but doesn’t pay it back what it deserves. The love and respect we owe as being a Delhihite. I am proud to be a Delhihite too.

I have been to South India twice. Both the time, they welcomed me open-heartedly with all the love and care despite of the linguistic barrier parting us. The honesty and hard-work of the people possess there is simply fascinating. I am totally mesmerized by the simplicity and culture-preserving obligation those people have. Yet, they are pioneering in modernization and education. I’d simply like to be like them. So, honestly speaking, I am a South Indian by fascination. They never fail to enthrall you by the blend of honesty, simplicity and development they maintains.

Similarly, I am a Gujrati, Punjabi, Assami or everyother belonging possible in our nation. But regardless of all these belonging labels, I would like to call myself an Indian first. It is what I actually am. It is what I am indeed proud to be. Consider me as a citizen of a nation regardless of my belonging city. I am an Indian. I am citizen of THE INDIA.

But there exist a mass troop of peoples who judge a person by the city or state he belongs to. It should never matter. You can never judge me by the city/state I belongs from, until or unless my belonging state or city officially becomes the enemy of the nation, which clearly isn’t. What matters the most is how my existence could influence the nation. This influence may be negligibly small but it is a part of a change. The change which showing up slowly but surely, the change for better nationhood. Something is always better than nothing at all.

So, stop judging me or any other person on the basis of his/her origin state or religion or caste and start looking at him as a national fellow. It is the citizens who ultimately matters to the nation and citizens can never made up of the people from different states. They made up from one nation. We have that ONE nation, called INDIA. We owe our entire existence to this nation because we are INDIANS.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Should I believe in GOD?

Today, I talked to my mom over the phone. I was gaped, as I always do, by her faith in god. Personally speaking, I don’t believe in god and his/her tales. But I want to believe them because my parents believe in them because they are the only god which I have known so far. It’s they whose presence I have experienced in my life. They are the only person who I believe have super power and influenced my life like no other person or god had done. When I was a kid, I used to have this feeling that my father is a super-hero. And now I believe it.

 My father never told me that I must believe in god, but never fails to say I SHOULD believe in god. He said that very statement to me once all over again, like thousands of time he had said previously. I remember that time when I was in my village during my vacation, he summoned me one morning. He was perhaps going to worship the god which he suggests me to believe. But there was confusion. There are more than 8400000 gods out there; I was not sure whom I should address my prayer, if I’d started believing in them.

That day, he told me as we walked past the pavement, towards the temple, “Godliness is a force which always serve the positive purpose for you if you blend your believe in his mighty presence with your hard-work. This belief can never serve for you if you just pray to god but do nothing. This belief is a catalyst which can never show any reaction without the presence of the essential element of hard-work and patience it deserves. It only gives you the courage to face the challenge and intricacy of the snags you’d ever find in your way. The god can only show you the way which is best possible at the moment, but cannot make you win the battle without your involvement. You have got to believe in his presence but it can never surmount the ultimate power of your presence. Do believe in god and god-men but don’t let other’s fool you in the very name of god. The god, which created us never ask for shedding the blood of the people of other religion, and if anyone ask you for this, then it is absolutely against the will of the god. You can never run away with those people but you must learn to segregate between the delusion and the evident. The real power is within you, which can be turn into a superpower with the balanced but not blindfolded intermingling with the faith in god. If any religious leader teaches you to hate others just because they belong to some “other” people, it’s that leader who is corrupt, not the religion. And that’s the time you should hate that leader and not the “others”. The religion ultimately must be purest form of itself and its biasing can never be tolerated. Also, I want you to not believe in that entire herd of persons who claim to shape your after-life if they are doing nothing for earning their livelihood but teach you the moral values. They are as worthless as the expressing your pain to a sadist. So believe in god and his pupils but never lose your common sense. It’s totally your choice to believe in god or not, but I strongly suggest that you should.”

 And saying this, he went on and percolated through the doors of the temple of our village while I stood there trying to understand the meaning of this entire essay type lecture he had darted upon me. I never understood his point and taken it as so many religious speech. But with all these religious hate and vague comments of all the religious leaders I started to believe he was right. I started getting this feeling that religion is not the culprit, corrupt religious people are. But at the same time, I want this whole religious system SHOULD be stopped if they don’t serve the purpose they were intended in the first place. Meanwhile, all these incidents are making me believe in the words my father had uttered to me. He is my superhero. I have never told him, and probably couldn’t make him feel anytime soon, but he and my mom are the one who I consider can be my god, if I have to believe in. Again, after talking to him today, the whole excerpt of his speech was rejuvenated in my mind and hovering around and compelled me to share it. This is just a result of a compulsion I have had this morning. Nothing else, I guess.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Filmfare: Award function or Fool junction?

I am not any expert or a critic to judge a show like Filmfare awards. But it really hurts when such a reputed award ceremonies behaves like prize distribution ceremony at nukkad or society’s Navratra festival competitions, where most of the awards are given to the relatives of the RWA committee regardless of the performance. Filmfare is to India is what Oscar to the World. This is supposed to be India’s most reputed award function. Before this year, ceremony, I used to value this ceremony as the only award function which does the justice to the awardees. But this year, they had messed up all. It all started with the nominations where most of the finest movies couldn’t even get their place in nomination itself. How come an award function can be considered, on any scale, justified when movies like “PAAN SINGH TOMAR” and “OMG Oh My God” aren’t even nominated?
Moreover, movies like English Vinglish don’t even get any award in the main category. What’s wrong with that movie? Don’t tell me if Sridevi’s characterization in movie was not justified by her. Best choreography award was given to songs like “Aunty ji”. What the heck? If this is the BEST choreography in INDIA then let me take the shame to tell you that we stand nowhere in world of choreography. Nowhere. Nevertheless, movies like Barfi are appreciable but there is no way where Ranbir Kapoor does better acting in Barfi than Sir Irfaan Khan has done in Paan Singh Tomar. We are talking about the award for best ACTOR. Right? Similarly, Vidya Balan can never compete with Sridevi in acting in their most recent movies, which was compared to decide the award.

Also, there were two categories for awards neither of them coincides at any category. What the point of two BEST? Technically, Best is the superlative degree of good which means single top most entity on a similar scale of measurement. At least my English teacher had taught me this definition only. There is nothing different definition for the term best I have ever read yet, either. May be FILMFARE peoples had read some special Grammar! No, no really, two best different movies in same category are like two topper in a university for the same branch one with 95 percentile while other for 51 percentile. Best can never be two, until or unless they are equal in every aspect on a single scale.

There were two categories for awards say Popular Choice and Critics. So, what they basically mean that Critics and public are typically different group of people who are exclusive from each other? Why does critics had chosen some movie which was not available for public to vote them? Or vice versa. By that definition, either of the two sets of people is wrong. Or stupid, speaking broadly.  Now since critics are supposed to be the expert of the movies who speak their mind with justice and neutrally true criticism does that means the other set of people are dumb? That most of the public is stupid. By that theory, aren’t we justifying Justice Markanday katju’s stats of “90% Indians are stupid” true? So it’s been proved that Filmfare people had officially declared the Indian public as dumb and stupid.

Giving awards on the basis of different scales in same categories is like giving award to everyone. Then why call it award? Call it gift rather. I still remember an article I had read lately which says during a ZeeCineAwards, back in time when Amir Khan was supposed to be given best actor award for Rangeela. He was asked to do some stage performance which however couldn’t set right in the place and consequently, the award was handed over to someone else. So he rightly excused himself from all the award functions I future and hence as a result, we never spotted him on any award function ever after then. He himself admitted this fact in an interview with the filmfare editor, later. 


These awards are like you-will-never-gonna-win-if –you-don’t-agree-with-us. It’s like “Ravindra Jadeja took more wickets but Man of the match was given to Ashok Dinda because it was judged by strike rate and Dinda have better strike rate than Jadeja. In next match, Jadeja has better strike rate and Dinda is declared Man of the match because this time it was judged on the basis of number of wickets.” Similarly, almost every year, Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan are given the award but not to very deserving Amir Khan because he does’t attend the functions.

There were people who claps on declaration of this award are like the people who clap on the political speech of most of our leaders. They are actually the people about whom Justice Katju had remarked. So literally speaking, these awards never matters anyways and definitely far, far away from the ground of reality. But still, if you believe that these awards are actually given on the basis of performance, then welcome to the league of 90% Indians. Thanks for proving your stupidity.

Friday, January 18, 2013

If Lance Armstrong was Indian... (part-2)

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Although, the judicial trial would have been never complete and the case would be trialed for generations. His grandson would have been fade up of trials and end up with his grand-dad conviction of 5 year jail with Rs. 20,000 fine in the end. The case would have been closed after receiving the fine because the culprit would had been died his natural death due heart-attack or high blood pressure or high cholesterol in his blood, 85 years ago.

Coming back to the trials, news has organized separate media trial for each and every news channel which are to be aired on every channel at the prime time when the mango man are bound to digest this news with their daal-roti on their dining table. Justice Sri Arnab Goswami has been invited him for the debate on the news hour along with few pseudo-intellectuals and apparently busy political leaders. Then he would have been darting zillions of question in his Viagra-sponsered enthusiastic voice on Lance Armstrong which he has to answer. For every unanswered or inappropriately answered question, Sir Arnab would have forced him to respond saying “Sir with all due respect, I want to say that you are changing the topic. I want you to please respond, sir. THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW.

Sri Asaram Bapu must have blamed the cycle manufacturer for this doping because according to him doping cannot be done without the provocation of the cycle manufactures. Both of them must have been collectively culprit and tough law against doping is not advisable because it may leads to framing few innocents. He might also suggested that lance could not have been doped himself if he had taken diksha from him. Lance on the other hand blame opposition Party for framing this charge upon him and will also couldn’t deny the probability of indulgence of videshi haath in the incident. Sushma Swaraj must have asked for snatching 70 titles from him for doping in 7 titles he had won so far.

He, after confessing his doping must have denied later saying that he has been quoted out of context. His community peoples must have organized protests, Bharat bandh and communal roits in the country. Digvijay Singh must have indicated an RSS hand behind his doping scandal and Mohan Bhagwat would have said “these kind of doping incidents are done in India only; Bharat is still a dope-free nation”. His manager would have issued a press release saying that “all these allegations are baseless and politically motivated. We are targeted because we belong to minority community.”
Also, he would have receives tons of invitation from Big Boss 7, Jhalak Dikhla Ja, Nach Baliye, KBC, Saregamapa and several other TV shows. He must be contestant of next Big Boss and would become a twitter celeb after that. He might be approached by Cycle Agarbatti and signed a contract for becoming their brand ambassador. He could also become the brand ambassador for Hero Cycle or Atlas cycles. He would have also approached by the TV shows to become the Judge of the reality shows. Aamir Khan would have approached him for his next bollywood venture or possibly would have ask him to confess him on his show SATYAMEV JAYATE where everyone else would have been crying except, of course him, the Lance.

Moreover, he would have been spent all his time blaming Cricket for the underrated success of cycling. After his consecutive efforts, cycling would have been declared as the national game but still no one will give a damn and cricket will still remains their favorite sport. He would have been allotted a government flat and a job where he’ll become pot-bellied because of all the bribery he will receive. Otherwise, after retirement, he would have become the doodhwala and deliver milk door-to-door to earn his livelihood. Still, he would have doped the milk by adulterating it with water to make few extra bucks.
Or worst is, he would have been died being unknown all his life, earning roti, kapda aur makan for his family.

With all due respect,
Almost Engineer

If Lance Armstrong was Indian.....

Those who don’t know who Lance Armstrong is should surely need some of drug or something. But before that, I request them to please stay away from this blogpost.

Before beginning the blurb (or blurt, if you say so), I must admit that no matter what had been happened so far, I have this irrevocable respect for this champion cyclist. It never matters for me if he had taken any banned drug to enhance his testosterone level. He had won 7 Tour de France title consecutively. Although he had been doped himself for the same, which he has accepted himself in Oprah Winfrey’s show aired on Thursday and Friday night.

Now twitter community, as being known for ripping the bark of the hairs had did the same to this event as they do for others. One of the trending topics on twitter for last 48 hours is “What if Lance Armstrong was Indian” which has driven me to post about it on my blog, here.

If, however, Lance Armstrong was Indian, he couldn’t have won as much popularity as he has now, in the first place. The simple reason behind this is it is India my dear. No matter how efficient and talented in any sport you are in this country, if it wasn’t cricket, it almost doesn’t exist at all. Moreover, his parents had never encouraged him for the useless sports like cycling. He was forced to commute to his IIT coaching center on his cycle everyday to mug all those books which average Indian teenagers have to have to study regardless of his choice. In his country, success might be weighed on several scales; we Indian are bound to measure the success of a person by his IIT-JEE score followed by GATE or CAT score. He would have become an Engineer and working for any MNC or pursuing some MS degree from an American College, after MBBS and will come back to India after few years to start practice. Alma-matters dude. His neighbours would have tease him sarcastically saying “abhi tak sykal hi chala rahe ho, bike kyun nahi kharid lete?” (Still peddling the bicycle? Why don’t you buy a motor-cycle?).  He would have completed his MBA and become an ENTERPRENEUR and update it on his Facebook “About me” to impress girls.

It really needs balls to confess about what you do at the point where he is now. But if he was in India, the situation would have been other way round. Here, he would have been exposed by Sri sri 108 baba Arvind Kejriwal at some press-conference and we Indian might have judging the culprit on TV, Internet and newspapers. After then, he might have been joined Samajwadi Party as they have cycle as their Party emblem. Nevertheless, he would have never received any ministry because SP supremo his highness Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav have so many relatives to choose from. Hurt by this normal behavior of his Party, he would have joined BJP or Congress or any other political Party to teach them a lesson but end up with the same lesson again.

He had confessed for doping after two decades and probably will be trialed and convicted very soon. But if he was in India, ACP Pradyuman has been already commented “kuchh to gadbad hai? Abhijeet pata lagao ki cycle kis dukan se kharidi gayi thi. Poora desh chhan maaro, ek bhi cycle wala chhootna nahi chahiye, sabse poochhtachh karo.” (There is something wrong. Abhijeet, investigate that where does he bought the cycle. Interrogate every cycle shop in the country. No one must be spared, ask EVERYONE). Americans might took about 20 years to make him confess about what he did, but here in India, our national door-breaker, CID officer Daya would have done it by his magical, mighty slap only. How cute and time saving process we have.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

An open letter to Her highness Hina Rabbani Khar

Dear Hina Rabbani Khar,

First of all, I would like to say that you are too beautiful to ignore. So, I thought it will be better to let you know what I feel about you rather than sulking with the feeling of burning desires in my heart. I have been your fan (or a.c. or cooler or whatsoever cooling mediums exist) since the day I had heard about you for the very first time. It was kind of crush at first sight, and then it nurtured as the media sponsored obsession. But we will talk about it some other time later on.

After listening all your statements and interviews in media these days, it’s very painful to say that you appears to be similar to KRK* in SRK’s disguise.  You are alleging our Prime Minister (Maunmohan Singh) to be indulged into corruption. He might be, but still it’s our totally internal matter and we will indigenously solve it at our own in election 2014. You just please keep your beak away from it. Please. Had we told you anything when your Prime Minister was ordered to put behind the bars? Or when the investigation officer of that case was murdered?

You have this exotic taste for Roberto cavalla sunglasses, Herman Birkin bags, trendy designer dresses for which you invariably takes thousands time of thinking before buying them. Then how come you hadn’t even invested a second or two in weighing your words before uttering those golden words about our country? Few people, after listening your interviews, are saying that you are not FM (Foreign Minister), instead you are an entertaining FM Radio. But I don’t give a damn to those people because only I could understand your affair with Mr. Billawal.

Talking of affairs, you are the head of Ministry of External Affairs but considering your exemplary records in affairs within your nation you are far better at internal affairs rather. You said your army hadn’t committed any ceasefire violation. Still there are more than hundreds of violation has been reported during your tenure.  You find our Army General’s comment as hostile but I truly respect your view about Indians. Your soldiers can behead our soldiers and we can’t even express our anger. Not even verbally. I guess beheading our soldiers is not as hostile as what our Army General had addressed to the nation, right? Also your PROFESSIONAL-JIHADI ARMY is too innocent to be blamed.

You are asking for Kashmir but your country can’t even afford food for your citizens. How can you compare your nation with ours’?  Our ministers had digested as much amount in scams as your country’s annual national budget.  You said Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism. Well, we can’t say anything over it. It’s your home-grown ISI-nurtured terror, your problem. You deal with it.  You are actually the political edition of Veena Malik, who stays in news without doing anything productive.

You come to India and I am pretty much sure that son of our honourable President will tag you with the phrases like dented and painted. You will be molested in public if you will not get DIKSHA from our national (in)saint ASARAM BAPU. You might face protests for wearing fashionable dresses and holding mobile. You might also be asked to leave our nation by Shivsena, or fatwa may be issued against you by our KHAP panchayats (contract-holding agency for protecting our national culture ). You might be make to understand the difference beween INDIA and BHARAT. Our opponent leader will ask for 10 heads of your army-men if you don't return the remaining of our soldier's body. But we have Human Right Activists in our country who drool over all the stupid acts all the time but shut the **** up when an innocent killed/raped/harassed. They actually are bound to protest against the incidents where they'll get enough media coverage and national exposure.

Nevertheless, we are planning to make Digvijay Singh our External Affair Minister to counter your stupidity… err Intelligence. It's not that other ministers available for it, we have Manish Tiwari and Rashid Alvi as well to counter your comments for that matter. But we, as being an apparently politically democratic country, believe in giving preference to our elder stupid… oops I mean intellectuals. Talking of the reservation, we have the 33% female reservation in our country too and hence we have several female politicians too in these categories but we don’t want to let them talk to you. They are way out of your league.

By the way, I guess we both have limited time. We both have to rant about all the stuff without doing anything productive.

Yours Sincerely,
Almost Engineer,
Engineer by chance stupid by choice.
Most importantly, an Indian.

Monday, January 7, 2013

लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है

वो आये थे पांच साल पहले इधर, एक बार फिर से इसी ओर चले आ रहे है।
उनके चेले-चमचे हर गली में हर दीवार पर उनकी फोटो चिपका रहे है।
हर चौराहे हर नुक्कड़ पर चाहुओर गूंज रहे है उनके ही जयजयकार के नारे,
अब तो हर बजते लाउडस्पीकर पर उनकी तारीफों के ही बादल छा रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे है।।

पुराने वादे बड़ी बेशर्मी से दांते निपोड़ कर दोहराए जा रहे है।
उसमे कुछ नए वादों का पुलिंदा भी गाहे बगाहे जोड़ते जा रहे है।
सबको रोज़गार का जरिया मुहैया कराने का सब्ज-बाग भी दिखा रहे है।
सफ़ेद झूठ के मनमोहक चादर में अपनी नाकामी को नायाबी से छुपा रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे है।।

गरीबो का गेंहू और रेलवे की पटरी तो बहुत ही छोटी चीज़ है साहेब,
हमारे होनहार नेताजी तो जानवरों का चारा भी बिना डकार लिए खा रहे है।
सरकारी ज़मीन इनकी अपनी जागीर है, ये तो विकलांगो की बैसाखी भी चबा रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे है।।

शहर में बलात्कार होने पर टीवी पर LIVE आकर आंसू बहा रहे है।
प्रदर्शन कर रहे लोगो पर water-cannon और और लाठिय बरसा रहे है।
संसद में गली-गलौज से काम न बने तो एक-दूजे पर टेबल-कुर्सी भी चले रहे है।
फिर भी हर बात पर संसद की गरिमा और मर्यादा को सर्वोपरि बता रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे है।।

कानून व्यवस्था और नागरिक सुरक्षा तो खैर है ही किताबी बातें,
बिना सुनवाई के बिहारियों को हर फसाद की जड़ बता रहे है।
कभी लडकियों की स्कर्ट पर तो कभी मोबाइल फ़ोन पर बैन लगा रहे है।
नए ज़माने के smartphone पर विधानसभा में “धार्मिक” फिल्मे चला रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे है।।

Frustration में विपक्ष के नेता भी उल-जुलूल कुछ भी बके जा रहे है।
विपक्ष के नेता में होने के नाते सत्ता पक्ष को गलियाने का परम-कर्तव्य निभा रहे है।
नारी को सीता का रूप बताने वाले, लक्ष्मण-रेखा का महत्व भी बता रहे है।
“भारत” और “इंडिया” में मूलभूत अंतर परिभाषा सहित समझा रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे है।।

नए-नवेले मंत्रीजी सबकी पोल खोलते, अनशन-प्रदर्शन करते हुए नज़र आ रहे है।
कभी विपक्ष अध्यक्ष तो कभी कानून मन्त्री की सच्चाई जनता को बता रहे है।
राष्ट्रीय दामाद सरकारी जमीन पर उधार के पैसे से फर्जी कंपनिया बना रहे है।
पूछने पर देश को “Banana Republic” और जनता को “मैंगो-मैन” बता रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे।।

गृह-मन्त्री प्रदर्शनकारियों को भीड़ और आतंकवादियों को “श्री हाफिज जी” बता रहे है।
देश के युवा नेता समय-समय पर दलितों के घर की दाल-रोटी पचा रहे है।
आज्ञाकारी प्रधानमंत्री जी विदेशी “मैडम” की आज्ञा से सर्कार चला रहे है।
“पैसे पेड़ पर नहीं उगते है” मुहावरे का पाठ देश की जनता को पढ़ा रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे ।।

मंदिर-मस्जिद के नाम पर हिन्दू-मुस्लमान को गुजरात में आपस में लड़ा रहे है।
बम्बई में राजनीती चमकाने के लिए बिहारियों को नफरत का शिकार बना रहे है।
पांच सालों में इन्हें कभी किसी का दुःख-दर्द बांटने की फुर्सत नहीं मिली,
आज वोट के लिए कही गांधी-छाप नोट तो कही दारु बाँटते नज़र आ रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे।।

इस बार नेता जी आयेंगे तो हम मांगेंगे इनसे पिछले पांच सालो का हिसाब।
कहा लगाया पैसा हमारा, क्या क्या काम , हर पैसे का ब्यौरा दीजिये जनाब।
काम अच्छा हुआ तो सुभानअल्लाह, वर्ना इस बार नेताजी संसद नहीं जा रहे है।
हमने भी कसम खाई है, चाहे कुछ भी हो, अच्छे नेता को वोट देने जरुर जा रहे है।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे।।
लगता है फिर से चुनाव आने वाला है, नेताजी फिर से हमारी गली में आ रहे।।

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