Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why they shouldn't judge me...

To begin with, let me introduce myself.

I was born in Bihar, so technically I am a BIHARI. But that doesn’t mean I am a rapist or the ultimate Culprit of all the wrong happening around the nation. I simply not responsible for them as some freak anti-socials like Raj Thakrey have asserted. Nobody could have a culprit just because he is a BIHARI. This is the place where my parents live, where I get my birth. I want to say it again. I am BIHARI.

I did my schooling in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I spent more than 1/3rd of my life till now, there. I spent my childhood in the streets of Bhopal. All my friends, whom I known since decades, belongs to this very city. This is a beautiful city, known for its wonderful of Lakes making it eternally beautiful. Bhopal, where my childhood memories are still prevails, in my dreams. This is the city where my raw thoughts have been molded into a structure which I possess now. I love this city and proud to say, I am BHOPALI. My friends know me by this nickname, BHOPALI, which I loved to be called. But being a Bhopali doesn’t means that I belong to some gas-tragedy massacre accident. Certainly not. Bhopal is not known only for Gas-tragedy. It should never be. Bhopalis are not the gas-affected people only. There also exist thousands of young lads who are competing with the world, showing a better path to the world. I am proud to be a BHOPALI.

My college education is being done in Delhi. I have been in this city for past 7 years, almost 1/3rd of my life, again. My molded thoughts are being processed further here in. I have explored this city; learn the linguistic enunciation, made few irreplaceable friends in this city. I have learned several things from this very city. To me, it’s not just a city, it’s a dream. Although, I prefer Bhopal over Delhi for the obvious reasons, but it doesn’t means that I like this city any less. So let me take this honour to be called a Delhihite. But that doesn’t means I am insensitive or eccentric by any mean. Few of the people might have, but certainly I am not, and several other people like me. Making allegation of this kind is utterly baseless and logically unacceptable. And I am not an OUTSIDER, because this city accepts me and I accepted it back. We are in a mutual relationship which significantly discarded my being an outsider. Mrs. Sheila Dixit must have talking about some other organism that lives in the city but doesn’t pay it back what it deserves. The love and respect we owe as being a Delhihite. I am proud to be a Delhihite too.

I have been to South India twice. Both the time, they welcomed me open-heartedly with all the love and care despite of the linguistic barrier parting us. The honesty and hard-work of the people possess there is simply fascinating. I am totally mesmerized by the simplicity and culture-preserving obligation those people have. Yet, they are pioneering in modernization and education. I’d simply like to be like them. So, honestly speaking, I am a South Indian by fascination. They never fail to enthrall you by the blend of honesty, simplicity and development they maintains.

Similarly, I am a Gujrati, Punjabi, Assami or everyother belonging possible in our nation. But regardless of all these belonging labels, I would like to call myself an Indian first. It is what I actually am. It is what I am indeed proud to be. Consider me as a citizen of a nation regardless of my belonging city. I am an Indian. I am citizen of THE INDIA.

But there exist a mass troop of peoples who judge a person by the city or state he belongs to. It should never matter. You can never judge me by the city/state I belongs from, until or unless my belonging state or city officially becomes the enemy of the nation, which clearly isn’t. What matters the most is how my existence could influence the nation. This influence may be negligibly small but it is a part of a change. The change which showing up slowly but surely, the change for better nationhood. Something is always better than nothing at all.

So, stop judging me or any other person on the basis of his/her origin state or religion or caste and start looking at him as a national fellow. It is the citizens who ultimately matters to the nation and citizens can never made up of the people from different states. They made up from one nation. We have that ONE nation, called INDIA. We owe our entire existence to this nation because we are INDIANS.


  1. You've written this article only because you and some other suffered this hatred by anti-social and lingo-discriminators politicians. I judge you by your endurance, you're acceptance into society.
    Thank you for sharing with me.

  2. I'm also a bihari. and I like this article, as an Indian.

  3. Interesting read. What you say about South India is 100% true.


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