Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Should I believe in GOD?

Today, I talked to my mom over the phone. I was gaped, as I always do, by her faith in god. Personally speaking, I don’t believe in god and his/her tales. But I want to believe them because my parents believe in them because they are the only god which I have known so far. It’s they whose presence I have experienced in my life. They are the only person who I believe have super power and influenced my life like no other person or god had done. When I was a kid, I used to have this feeling that my father is a super-hero. And now I believe it.

 My father never told me that I must believe in god, but never fails to say I SHOULD believe in god. He said that very statement to me once all over again, like thousands of time he had said previously. I remember that time when I was in my village during my vacation, he summoned me one morning. He was perhaps going to worship the god which he suggests me to believe. But there was confusion. There are more than 8400000 gods out there; I was not sure whom I should address my prayer, if I’d started believing in them.

That day, he told me as we walked past the pavement, towards the temple, “Godliness is a force which always serve the positive purpose for you if you blend your believe in his mighty presence with your hard-work. This belief can never serve for you if you just pray to god but do nothing. This belief is a catalyst which can never show any reaction without the presence of the essential element of hard-work and patience it deserves. It only gives you the courage to face the challenge and intricacy of the snags you’d ever find in your way. The god can only show you the way which is best possible at the moment, but cannot make you win the battle without your involvement. You have got to believe in his presence but it can never surmount the ultimate power of your presence. Do believe in god and god-men but don’t let other’s fool you in the very name of god. The god, which created us never ask for shedding the blood of the people of other religion, and if anyone ask you for this, then it is absolutely against the will of the god. You can never run away with those people but you must learn to segregate between the delusion and the evident. The real power is within you, which can be turn into a superpower with the balanced but not blindfolded intermingling with the faith in god. If any religious leader teaches you to hate others just because they belong to some “other” people, it’s that leader who is corrupt, not the religion. And that’s the time you should hate that leader and not the “others”. The religion ultimately must be purest form of itself and its biasing can never be tolerated. Also, I want you to not believe in that entire herd of persons who claim to shape your after-life if they are doing nothing for earning their livelihood but teach you the moral values. They are as worthless as the expressing your pain to a sadist. So believe in god and his pupils but never lose your common sense. It’s totally your choice to believe in god or not, but I strongly suggest that you should.”

 And saying this, he went on and percolated through the doors of the temple of our village while I stood there trying to understand the meaning of this entire essay type lecture he had darted upon me. I never understood his point and taken it as so many religious speech. But with all these religious hate and vague comments of all the religious leaders I started to believe he was right. I started getting this feeling that religion is not the culprit, corrupt religious people are. But at the same time, I want this whole religious system SHOULD be stopped if they don’t serve the purpose they were intended in the first place. Meanwhile, all these incidents are making me believe in the words my father had uttered to me. He is my superhero. I have never told him, and probably couldn’t make him feel anytime soon, but he and my mom are the one who I consider can be my god, if I have to believe in. Again, after talking to him today, the whole excerpt of his speech was rejuvenated in my mind and hovering around and compelled me to share it. This is just a result of a compulsion I have had this morning. Nothing else, I guess.

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