Monday, January 21, 2013

Filmfare: Award function or Fool junction?

I am not any expert or a critic to judge a show like Filmfare awards. But it really hurts when such a reputed award ceremonies behaves like prize distribution ceremony at nukkad or society’s Navratra festival competitions, where most of the awards are given to the relatives of the RWA committee regardless of the performance. Filmfare is to India is what Oscar to the World. This is supposed to be India’s most reputed award function. Before this year, ceremony, I used to value this ceremony as the only award function which does the justice to the awardees. But this year, they had messed up all. It all started with the nominations where most of the finest movies couldn’t even get their place in nomination itself. How come an award function can be considered, on any scale, justified when movies like “PAAN SINGH TOMAR” and “OMG Oh My God” aren’t even nominated?
Moreover, movies like English Vinglish don’t even get any award in the main category. What’s wrong with that movie? Don’t tell me if Sridevi’s characterization in movie was not justified by her. Best choreography award was given to songs like “Aunty ji”. What the heck? If this is the BEST choreography in INDIA then let me take the shame to tell you that we stand nowhere in world of choreography. Nowhere. Nevertheless, movies like Barfi are appreciable but there is no way where Ranbir Kapoor does better acting in Barfi than Sir Irfaan Khan has done in Paan Singh Tomar. We are talking about the award for best ACTOR. Right? Similarly, Vidya Balan can never compete with Sridevi in acting in their most recent movies, which was compared to decide the award.

Also, there were two categories for awards neither of them coincides at any category. What the point of two BEST? Technically, Best is the superlative degree of good which means single top most entity on a similar scale of measurement. At least my English teacher had taught me this definition only. There is nothing different definition for the term best I have ever read yet, either. May be FILMFARE peoples had read some special Grammar! No, no really, two best different movies in same category are like two topper in a university for the same branch one with 95 percentile while other for 51 percentile. Best can never be two, until or unless they are equal in every aspect on a single scale.

There were two categories for awards say Popular Choice and Critics. So, what they basically mean that Critics and public are typically different group of people who are exclusive from each other? Why does critics had chosen some movie which was not available for public to vote them? Or vice versa. By that definition, either of the two sets of people is wrong. Or stupid, speaking broadly.  Now since critics are supposed to be the expert of the movies who speak their mind with justice and neutrally true criticism does that means the other set of people are dumb? That most of the public is stupid. By that theory, aren’t we justifying Justice Markanday katju’s stats of “90% Indians are stupid” true? So it’s been proved that Filmfare people had officially declared the Indian public as dumb and stupid.

Giving awards on the basis of different scales in same categories is like giving award to everyone. Then why call it award? Call it gift rather. I still remember an article I had read lately which says during a ZeeCineAwards, back in time when Amir Khan was supposed to be given best actor award for Rangeela. He was asked to do some stage performance which however couldn’t set right in the place and consequently, the award was handed over to someone else. So he rightly excused himself from all the award functions I future and hence as a result, we never spotted him on any award function ever after then. He himself admitted this fact in an interview with the filmfare editor, later. 


These awards are like you-will-never-gonna-win-if –you-don’t-agree-with-us. It’s like “Ravindra Jadeja took more wickets but Man of the match was given to Ashok Dinda because it was judged by strike rate and Dinda have better strike rate than Jadeja. In next match, Jadeja has better strike rate and Dinda is declared Man of the match because this time it was judged on the basis of number of wickets.” Similarly, almost every year, Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan are given the award but not to very deserving Amir Khan because he does’t attend the functions.

There were people who claps on declaration of this award are like the people who clap on the political speech of most of our leaders. They are actually the people about whom Justice Katju had remarked. So literally speaking, these awards never matters anyways and definitely far, far away from the ground of reality. But still, if you believe that these awards are actually given on the basis of performance, then welcome to the league of 90% Indians. Thanks for proving your stupidity.


  1. Most of these awards are rigged and paid. There is so much money involved in all this. For me its a waste of money...they dance to their own songs and crack stupid jokes.

  2. Yeah most of these awards are commercial and not fare. That is why this is nothing like the oscars

  3. Great article. You spoke my heart out. Another observation I'd like to point out...aren't the claps and cheers all tapes? Those sounds aren't live, are they?

  4. Great article. You spoke my heart out. Another observation I'd like to point out...aren't the claps and cheers all tapes? Those sounds aren't live, are they?

  5. Truly said about the reality behind the awards.................
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