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Law of (im)balancing

Samiksha, an intern at Lady Hardinge Hospital, Delhi, had completed her MBBS from some random Medical college in remote area of Gujrat. Despite of her protest, her parents get her married to a DCE graduate, MNC employed, highly paid software geek, Shushil. He was born & brought up to Delhi. Its not that she doesn't liked him, but she wanted to know him as a person first, before accepting him as her husband. But being an conventionally conservative parents, they dindn't listened her and their marriage took place eventually.

Shushil, despite of his average physic, was a modest owner of a beautiful moral heart. That, she felt after their marriage which eroded her her fiasco upto a considerable extent slowly but steadily. Her sister-in-law, Neeti, Shushil's younger sister, too liked Samiksha, unlike daily TV sopes' sis-n-laws, who are too busy in making shitty plans against each others. But the problem was her parents-in-laws, Shushil's parents. They are typical Ekta kapoor's TV serial character's portrayal, bitching on almost every single act of her Daughter-in-Law, making her life miserable.

Time went by,but scenario remained the same. She (Samiksha) concieved in few months and this news of course brought euphoria to the couples' life. Neeti too eulogized them for giving this elational news. She insisted her to bring a baby-girl in the house, as if its as simple to decide the sex of the unborn child as concieving it. Silly girl, she thought. Shushil though, wanted a male-child. But things become mootable when her Mother-in-law coerced her for male-child; a heir for her clan.

As being a medical professional, she knew its chromosomes and not the human who decides the gender of unborn baby. She elegently tried to explain her the entire medical terminologies relevant to this child-gender theory, but her mother-in-law, being a traditonal daily sope character, stubborn on her stance, obstinate on her own thoeries, devoid of the grey matter of Samiksha and defies her finesse explaination. She also coercedly persuaded her for ultrasound test which subsequently confirms a baby-girl in her womb.

This leads her to cope with the emotional pressure for terminating the innocent unborn potential daughter of her. This emotional torture further followed by physical voilence deliberately. Shushil too, knew his parents decision was not correct but never had enough courage to stand against them. He deliberately started eshewing this topic and this of course leads her mother to torture her more. Samiksha had to cope all these all by herself with an innocent unborn soul, who had been planned to barred from seeing this world, inside her. Poor soul.

When things becomes unbearable, she blabbed her parents about the entire scenario. But they too, knocked back to support her and ironically adviced her to get over this child. Get over the part of her, which she always wished to have in her life. How infirm she was at her place? She was left with no support, no euphoria and no self-content.

One cruel day, her mother-in-law took her fiately to some private clinic and forcibly get her aborted. This MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) made her deprave not only mentally and physically, but also socially.

Although, she could had protested them legally but she scrapped off the idea for the sake of her families' reputation. Families, which never cared for her happiness, her wish, and ironically, were the main cause of her grief, her yearning.

She gave up her prominent medical career. For whom else she should work for otherwise? The very thought of killing her own daughter had made her devastated, miserable amnd snuffy which leads her to end up her life. And she did.

Few days of grief and things becomes past.

In few years, Shushil got married again. Neeti too, was married to a relatively rich and apparantly wealthy family. Life again running back on track. Shushil, this time devoted his 'X' chromosome to produce a male child to the family, his mother's inevitable obsession.

One fine morning, when the kids were playing with their grand-mom, phone rings. She answered the call and fadded away to listen that Neeti, her angel daughter, was no more exist in this world. The whole family was yearning. They said, she was died during operation but latter, investigation revealed the real "cause". It was the case of MTP failure. Neeti's in-laws' family was nabbed and putted behind the bars but her parents were full of grief as well as of regret.

May be it was the nature's theory of balancing. But even if it was, ironically, the target was four innocent lives; Samiksha, Neeti and their respective unborn childs.

If this is nature's decision, i would say its nature's worst decision ever, Nature's imbalance theory. But what I personally believe is, its not nature, its us, you, me, we, who are the culprit of all the deliberate cold-blooded murders. Those who kills unborns or nascents are culprit
(Direct Killers) for killing them, and we, are culprit (indirect killers) for ignoring this evil.

Ironically we are the only nation on this planet who worship female gods and kill female childs.

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Also we are more enthusiastically keen about saving our tigers than our future mothers.

There is some large loop-hole exist in our system that is unable to curb this social evil despite of existence of several laws and rules. They need to revive them and insure there implication.

We too, lets pledge neither to support nor ignore any kind of daughter killing attempt.






  1. Mast hai abhi.

    this is really awesome.

    a deliberate cause raised

  2. Thank you for your response....

    but please be generous enough to mention your name atleast.


  3. Such a sad story! Is it real or fiction?

    1. Thankfully its a fiction. But really happening in India

  4. Very, very sad! It is happening to so many women in India.

    1. And ironically we never give a damn about it.

      here most of the daughters are unofficially born to kill.

      infanticide and foeticide is increasing with every census.


  5. What a story. I was wondering if it happens in todays world or just a fictional work

    1. story is fictional but ironically the scenario is true

  6. Wow, good work bro, nice way to convey the message.

    congratulations and hats off.

    keep it up


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