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ADIEU AMBROSIA - Inclination of Enthusiasm...... part-2

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ADIEU AMBROSIA - Inclination of Enthusiasm...... part-1

Next day, I extracted few more from last day experience and reached the venue (our collge, where else) at 1pm and program was yet to begin. It was farewell day and thats why I went there. Yeah, I love my seniors. They deserve more than what they got, but.......... They knew, they were from GBPEC, what else could the expect.

The engine was fuelled up by "ki tenu samjhawan ki" sung by Mr.(ya Ms) Gunjan, obiviously at his best. Again. Kishore da's song sung by promising retro rocker Sanjay. A fantabulous robotic moves by Amit, Mani & .......... (I forgot the name: sorry buddy). A filler poem by Charu (Pradeep) had hints us that Kumar Vishwas 2.0 is few practice away. Final round of fresher event (not a round actually) had decided few categorial awards including Mr. & Ms. fresher award (congrats to all of them, do comment their names, if you know).

Battle of bands: This is what which ignited the charged fuel within us. Literally. there were some awesome bands had partticipated viz. Trinetra, Samay yantra, rudra, lafze-e-dilli and few others. They tried their best and make us groove. During all these events, our loving seniors were trying to conquere YAMAHA (Whatever, may be its the reason for collision of dates, but they missed it. Rather, I must say, we missed their presence). Neverthless, the bands were really good and the winner of Rs. 15000 cash Prize, were Samay yantra: the time machine, my 2nd favouriate of these bands. I liked lafz-e-dilli the most. Heart breaking Minority of our college (yes, i am talking about estrogen driven population, girls of our college) were also cheering the bands with equal enthusiasm & energy.

(What we call a girl who cheers?........).

And there comes the guest for today; our seniors, who had host freshers' event for our batch. "Good-bye" was sung by Tuheer & Saurabh. Unluckily some performances had been killed off including lyrics-rap by Yogesh from MAE 3rd year (Honey singh 2.0). The basketball court was turned into dinner-hall (or dinner-corner, rather) which constitutes sweet-deficient food items (yeah, the limited count had brought us again into reallity). The food was Punjabi, but taste wasn't.

But we ate anyway. Lots of clicks & flashes followed the league. I am telling you, these digital cameras has created lots of fake photogenic materials (I was one of them too......... oops). Seniors had dragged us to the dance floor and we ruffled there. We proves our expertise in shaking our body and showed up our dancing skill. Since everyone had their own unique genre of Hip-notising, nobody cares to appreciate others' skill. We were too busy to pay attention to others. We thrashed the floor freestyle, on the beats of dj (believe me, we could do it on generators sound too, just in case) until they called off the show. Not to forget our seniors too were awarded with sachet like Mr. Dabangg (Nikhil Bhatodiya) and Mr. GBPEC (Mohit Dalal). Hitesh sir, rocked the stage both with his song & his aggressive speech. (well, it wasn't a speech actually its the sheer truth).

Senior girls were looking overgorgeous generously today. All from ECE.

Heck!!! Again mechie-female-scarce. I must say, If GBPEC is female deficient, mechanical is its extinct version. Well, we wished them for their coming future and left....... tearlessly. We love you all. We, will miss you. Thanks for being our technical guardians: seniors.

In the end, the support & hardwork of co-ordinators, Head Co-ordinators and volunteers was backbone of this event. This could be understood that this event could had been done without them but not the way it had been concluded despite of bad weather and inevitable college's issues. Head co-ordinators Sachin, Abhishek and Amritanshu alongwith dedicated co-ordinators and volunteers had did a good job behind the stage. Their hardwork alongwith all participants and anchors needs a whoo...... Cheers to them.

I must say,

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