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ADIEU AMBROSIA - Inclination of Enthusiasm...... part-1

Technically it’s over. There are no more performances left but the energetic bot in us are still in "Rock-on" mode. Yes, I am talking about Annual fest-cum-Farewell ceremony for 2008-2012 batch of our college G.B.Pant Engg. College.

Before beggining lets clear out what this title means technically.
Adieu; a french word; means goodbyes....... with sweet memories ofcourse.
Ambrosia means a stuff that taste or smell best (yes, i know u are mocking playfully reading this if belongs to gbpec somehow. But hell yeah, its true). It could be refers as (roman) god's food.
My sincere thanks to Ms. Nilpa for "ADIEU" poster design (yeah, that was funky.) while credit for "Ambrosia" should be pocketed to Yogesh.

As proposed date was announced more than 8 weeks before the D-day. Finally, it was pinned as 26th and 27th April (previously, it was 19th-20th April). Program schedule sheets were prepared, admit passes (each ensures valid entry for 2) had been printed & distributed, and later, its inevitability had been killed off. What the........ . Anyways........ .
We were asked to come to college at 10 am; sharp. (please don't laugh, I love my college....... err I have to pass the exam actually). These 3 years in college had taught me the meaning of sharp w.r.t. GBPEC. Yes, as I told you, our college has have a tolerance of 2 hours. Minimum. Even after 12 pm (noon, literally), they were still positioning the sound equipments.

Our principal (personally, we have no principle of our own; mind the spelling & its subsequent meaning) had lit up the worship lamp and Ambrosia begins officially. An audibly awesome "Sarswati Vandana" was performed by Ms. Gunjan........err....Mr. Gunjan and our junior batch mates. What followed next is the Welcome ceremony of hosts. (Yes, there were no guest whom we could call Chief-guest, at all. All were college belongings). Our Principal Sir had addressed our female-deficient college. Apparently I couldn't tell about the speech as I had put on my headphones at highest possible volume, intentionally indeed. Various singing & dancing performances were done. Some of them were really appreciable. A play called “Audition" was almost awesome as poor sound management had ruined the fun (I know because I had watched almost every practice held for the same as they were my classmates). Well, it’s all are the parts of the game. Roses with thorns....... we all know. Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the act; especially the character of "thief" played by Jatin Mittal and "Ravana" by Pradeep a.k.a. Charu, both from mechanical 3rd year. Yes I am a machie too.

Fresher's event (first round) had been appreciably better (than in three year, I know this college). I must say, these freshies had really got some talent, or rather we can say; they got a better platform than that of their senior batches. A pool of confident and smart boys & proportionally small count of catchy girls (yeah, it’s engineering college; what else you expect from a college with 40:1 gender ratio). Lunch break was announced officially but we had it already hour before. (Yes, we were that hungry. Also we are machie, I told you no). Prize distribution ceremony had taken about an hour. Yeah, to me the feeling was envious. But still, the talent must be appreciated. Isn’t it? Anulekha (university ranker), Sandeep and Arpan had conquered academically from our class. (Yeah, envious but felt good at the same time).  Lots of sports awards were also bagged. After few performances nature had shown its anger for Ambrosia (may be the stuff that smell better did not taste good, i guess). The rain had interrupted the event but not our zest. (We killed our time in enjoying upstairs & scarce-birdwatching; also some microsoft birds were graced the venue). Naak-Mukka performance had rocked the event on resume. Some other performances had concluded well. Fresher's event, round two, had filtered some creamy freshies. And it rained again, this time with more energy, hydraulic ofcourse. (Yes, nature was really pissed off by now). The event seemed to be f___ed, (failed, I meant). Again same funda of killing time was adapted plus clicking & watching our photographs & the stage performances of our friends.

Again, after resuming event (yeah, even nature had gave up at our gist) some performances were conducted. Though, some of them had been pushed on the list for next day. Fashion show, the event we waited most impatiently had been breathtaking especially the girls( heeeheeeheeee, just kidding. ). The extraordinary were the skit acted by Abhishek Chhilwar, Sachin Kumar, Rahul Katna (All again are machies) and Shambhavi Chaudhary (ECE 2nd year). It was an awesome act whose title was not defined expecting us to do the same. If I would be suggested to entitle that catchy performance, I'd like to call it "OXYMORON tragedy at Bust stand."

Moreover, RJ Rahoul Martin from Big 92.7 FM had showed up to catalyse the event and fired up the show. This activated energy of ours supposed to be invested in JAM-session but DJ Mohit had broke our heart. Not that music selection was bad, but it failed to prove compatible the enthusiasm. But what I feel is, a dj can never do his best under boundations. We are in GBPEC, remember!!! Despite of all the student demand, the show was called off before 8pm. welcome to GURGAON............. (literally).

End of day 1.

To be continued in part- 2.......http://oyebhopali.blogspot.in/2012/04/adieu-ambrosia-inclination-of_28.html


  1. usually i don't leave my bloglinks here and there, but i believe a comparison ain't gonna make a difference

    my review (on request ) of ambrosia o'er here : http://deardiaryandblahblah.blogspot.com/2012/04/ambrosia-2k12-my-college-annual-fest.html

  2. LOL ! controversies sell they say, and they're right!

    Thanks !!


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