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Far away somewhere in intergalatic path, the soul of our Ancestor meets with an Alien in  any Unknown milky way. Though Aliens were very developed but not enopughh to get the detailed information about any creature by just seeing it. Alien had a hard time in recognising our ancestor. Mr. Ancestor, though had interpreted his fucked-up mental situation and introduced himself as the Ancestor of the human being from a planet called Earth.

Alien:-  oh yeah..... I knew them but you looked pretty different from those stupid morons.

Ancestor:- Hey, have you lost your mind. You are calling my succesors stupid and moron right infront of me.

Alien:- Oh, I'm sorry. But I am telling you, they are quite different from the way you are. We know almost every thing about them. They are full of Ego and stupidity.

Ancestor (puzzled by his statement) :- what you mean to say? How the hell they can be different from me?

Alien:- Don't ya know. Not only in the way they looks but in character, nature and also the way they are living.

Ancestor:- Nope! I have no idea, I am wandering here in Galxy since last 200 years and have no idea how my succesors are? I want to go again on earth and praying to almighty for the samr. Can you tell me how they are  different from me? (He proposed his urge to know about his fucked-up succesors, as the Alien told him)

Alien:- I can, but I afraid you would have a hard time in digesting the truth. I suggest you quit the idea of knowing them.

Ancestor (Excited like hell):- I want to know about them. Plissssss....

Alien:- Ok, I'll tell you if u insist.

Ancestor:- Yeah, I'll be obliged to you. I am unable to get them know ever since I died 200 years ago. I really need to know.

Alien:- Ok listen. As being an advancely developed creature of this Universe, we researched about every possible existence of life on any planet of this universe. Every planet where life is possible are normal except your earth. Creatures on your earth are most skewed, especially the human beings. They are fairly selfish and coward creature we had ever known. I am telling y.......

Mr. Ancestor interrupted him. He could not believe him and was angry enough to slap him. But he checked himself knowing the consequence of it.

 Ancestor (Almost pissed off):- How dare you callinmg them selfish and coward. We had learned to invent things for satisfying the human needs much before my existence. It should have continue the development path which works well for the well for the entire earth. I guess they had became the most superpower by now. I bet you are lying.

Alien (Understanding his mental Dellimma):- Ofcourse they are developed enough to fulfill all their own needs and make their life super easy as compared to that of your time. They had domesticated innocent animals, sometime for their needs; sometime for mere fun. They are busy in fighting for stupid issues.

Ancestor:- Oh you mean they are still fighting against hunger, poverty and natural calamaties evn after all these years?

Alien:- No no no my dear. They are too busy to fight for these silly things. They had lot more reasons to fight for.

Ancestor (confused enough to ask):- If these are not the reason, then what exactly they are fighting for.

Alien:- Oh they have lots more options available today. Actually, they had becaome a fighting-bot by now. They always find an excuse to war for. Most of the time they create an excuse and then war over it. They have more and more reasons to fight for. Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmere etc. are some of the never-ending list of excuses to fight for.

Ancestor:- You mean they fight for counties, states and even small pieces of lands?

Alien:- Not only that. They had infinite no. of reasons to fight for. Even some time they fight for proving their dominancy. And above all, if they have no reasons to fight, they fight over caste and religeon.

Ancestor:- What? I mean fighting for pieces of lands is understandable, but what he heck is this fight for religeon? How is it possible for someone to fight for religeon.

Alien:- This is unique fighting mechanism under which a community or group of people kill peoples of their comunity only to prove the superiority of their religeon. This is their copyright invetion. I told you they are most skewed creature we had ever known.

Ancestor:- Gosh! Dont they have any other job to do other than waring over these silly issues?

Alien:- Ofgcourse they have. They invest all the time remains after war into killing their unborn daughters, killing wives for dowry, corruption, terrorism , increasing population etc. etc. etc. I told you, they are superbusy as never.

Ancestor:- Why on earth they are doing this? Don't they have any leader or governance to curb these bullshits?

Aliens. Oh my dear, time have been changed now. Now these goverment and leaders are the unofficial sponser of all these good deeds. They rule these peoples, loot them and direct them to go for war with. These leaders are the roots of corruption and terrorism. Actually their moral vales are inversly proportional to their development. The more they are developing, they more they are prone to loose their ethics and morals.

Ancestor:- What the hell? I can't believe my sons can go this low. I was praying to god to send me to earth again but now I must thank him for not sending me there. And Thank you for telling all these.

Alien:- Its my pleas.............

Mr. Alien was intervened by a high piched ringtone on his intergallactic mobile phone. He looked at it and then pressed the red button of his phone hard enough to  switch it off. He took a huge breath of relief after it.

Ancestor:- Why you switched off your phone? And can I know who was that on other side of the phone?

Alien:- Oh yeah. It was your succesors, the same humans from earth. They were trying to know if anyone exist in universe other than them. We always reject their signal in order to avoid them from knowing us. We don't want to give them another aspect for war. Whatever be the reason, they would find an excuse to war with us. Though we can easily win over them but we bilieve Prevention is better than cure afterall. Also, we have lots of Productive things to do.

Mr. Alien left for his planet but the soul of our Mr. Ancestor is still wonderingabout his earth. If we wanna live like this then OKAY, but if not then think......... is this what we have got our life for. Its solely our choice to define our way of living.

Happy fighting.

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