Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eligibility criteria for being my girlfriend

Let me make you on one thing very clear that I am not single. I am in a Long-Distance-Relationship. My girlfriend lives in future.

Also, for now, I have an imaginary girlfriend because I can't afford a real one.

Everyone have a dream relationship partner of his/her own with whom he/she can fantasize about most private moments of their life. I too have a dream girlfriend of my own. Actually, its a standard compatibility scale which I want want my girlfriend to match with. In broad sense, its a eligibility criteria, a girl have to fulfill for being my girlfriend/Life partner.

1. She must be of Feminine Gender:- At any cost, I wont allow myself to date a non-feminine gender.

2. She must belongs to human breed:- I would never want to date an interbreed (or interspecies) living creature like they did in movie TWILIGHT.

3. She must be unmarried:- I would never expect a legally "second hand" commodity for being my life partner.

4. She should be Indian: Though at extreme circumstances, non-Indian would be allowed, but Indian girls are always preferable.

5. She should know cooking:- I don't want to marry a girl who don't know how to cook food. Though this is not compulsory necessity.

6. She should be beautiful enough to make me like her.

7. She must be educated:- I don't want a girl who couldn't even understand what I said, if I say some well-mugged-romantic lines.

8. She should not be stupid:- I want a girl who could understand my feeling, my jokes, my sarcasm and my articles.

9. She should be caring:- She should care for me when I need her, especially when I need her support.

10. She must respect my parents:- At any circumstances, I can't allow myself to be with a girl who don't respect my parents.

This is top10 list of eligibilty criteria for a girl to be with me. Though some points may be relaxable but some are strictly compulsory and i won't provide any relaxation on those cumpulsory points, at any cost.

P.S.:- I don't believe in reservation system, so, no reservation is provided at any cost.


Almost Engineer.


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