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Forbidden love story
A short story accentuating “fake love tradition”
continued from part 3.................

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She loosened her seat-belt while I was still gasping and breathing heavily as if trying to catch the breath for my life. Before I could understand the scenario, she leaned forward, took hold of my stupid face and kissed me on my left cheek.

“Whoa! This girl is kissing me, all by herself, without my initiation. It was exciting, especially when she had dramatically forbidden me to let access her other exciting places on our last date. I had guessed her possible “plan”. May be she was compensating for her last date drama? May be she would let me access he ‘other exciting places’? May be would make-out? May be this, may be thought….? Blah, blah, blah.  Several self-framed questions aroused in my mind whose answers, nonetheless, I wanted to be yes. For all questions. I had understood the meaning and associated power of ‘think positive’.

Meanwhile, she brought her face closer to mine again and moved it in ultraslow motion. Or maybe I was just reading it too slowly. Her eyes were closed. The magnitude of the pneumatic force of carbon-di-oxide was increasing every nanosecond on my face. The relative distance between our faces was reducing. All I could did during this period was loosened my seat-belt and offered her more accessibility. But at the same time, I didn’t want her to make nuisance unlike last date. I wanted to play it safe. I too, took hold of her beautiful face, and approached her to facilitate the kiss. Though this time, I was over-cautious for obvious reasons. We snuggled, our breathed air met each other making a fume after intermixing.

When cold water wave meets hot water stream in seas in Europe, there constructs a warm water current which facilitate a favorable condition for fishes to conceive & reproduce.  This sentence flashed in my mind as Ms. Mahalaxmi, our geography teacher back in class 10th, told us during a lecture to which we never cared for then. I could never understand why the hell we need to learn these phenomenons explaining where fishes love to do sex and reproduce?  Most of the time we used to curse the morons of our state board who had created this book. Sometime we had also cursed Ms. Mahalaxmi for punishing us as we didn’t learned the Cold wave – Hot wave theory. What’s the point of learning all these craps which never has any practical role in our life? I thought.

But today was different. Not only had I understood the theory of this hot-cold fuming practically but also enjoyed it’s ample fruition. The position, in which I was now, was probably one of the best positions I had ever had. Thanks to hot-cold theory, I guessed. I had no offence for anyone by now. Neither for Ms. Mahalaxmi nor for morons of state Education board members. I wondered if this warm current produced by intermixing of hot and cold wave would let me do other things like fishes do, there deep inside the ocean.

I was brought back to reality as she broke my thought process by reducing the apparent distance between our lips to minimum possible distance. Figuratively, it was zero millimeters. As they taught us in METROLOGY about types of fits, our lips were first in clearance fit followed by transition fit and finally into interference fit where there was no positive clearance between our lips. We were kissing. Again. This time approached by her, all by herself. She was bossing the show.

Our exchange of saliva had again taken me to the hot wave -cold wave theory. But her vigorous kissing attempt had brought me back again into real world. A world fenced inside that few square feet area of interiors of HYUNDAI i20. A world which was far better than the warm water current zone of European water bodies or any other parallel world ever exist there. And even if some world exist better than this, I’d never want to go there unless I live in this world, I thought. Meanwhile, I thanked Japanese for making this wonderful car. They should officially rename it as “kissing car”. I had received two perfect (by my standard) kisses in this car after all.

I concentrated more on bacteria exchange process of our salvias’. I cautiously stopped myself in exploring her other exciting places. Our tongues though never failed to twist and twirl inside our mouth accessing each and every possible corner each other’s mouth. Although, it was inevitable keep myself away from her exciting places but at the same time I didn’t wanted to break that kiss either. I was still in dilemma, whether to go ahead or not. Go ahead of this electro n exchange through saliva’s, for other exciting places, to be precise.

I was enjoying the kiss when she suddenly took my hand away from her face and placed somewhere softer than her face. It took me only few odd seconds to realize that this softer place was one of her other exciting places. I had to open my eyes as to confirm my where about. I slowly opened my eyes as if expediting it might ruin the embedded feeling. Whoa!!! I was perplexed by this ocular scenario. I couldn’t believe that whether it was happening for real or I was still in my dreams.

Perhaps I felt my hand over her breast. A perfect pair of breasts hiding beneath her yellow suit. Technically my hands were hardly 2 mm away from her one of the other exciting places, cloaked behind two or maximum 3 layers of thin fabrics. This world was really better. Best in fact, among all the contemporary worlds including world deep inside the water as Ms. Mahalaxmi taught us like 5 years ago.

To be continued in subsequent series..........

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  1. Hey,
    Sorry for being away. I liked the stories.. when will you update the next part. I am actually developing a liking for this.


    1. Hey Samiksha,

      Good to hear you again. Thanks for appreciating.
      The next part is to be updated tonight only.


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