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Forbidden love story
A short story accentuating “fake love tradition”
***************************************** Continued from part-1...................

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She was looking inevitably gorgeous today. She had wore a skinny salwar kurta which was too tight to cloak her protrudes. Yes! It was that revealing. Even the kurta was deep enough to reveal her cleavage along with top-view of her bosom partially. I wondered if she had does it on purpose. Her over-use of makeup had made me understood the reason for the existence of enumerous fairness industries. She was more than fashion geek by this small town standard. Commercially speaking, we both are equally & mutually responsible for increase in international economy. She, undoubtedly for her fashion and cosmetics I for my ever increasing phone bills.

I stood up to welcome her and extended my hand firmly to shake her hand. But hell yeah…. She had some other plans. She ignored my hand and embraced me. Now this was something bewildering. I was perplexed by her sudden change in behavior. Is this the same girl who was not even ready for a date just few hours ago? But I killed my mind for bickering on these never-so-important topics. What was important that she had hugged me. I embraced her back  in quick response. The very feeling of cuddling this beautiful girl  for the very first time ever was enough to revoke my body system. My heart begun to pump at higher frequency increasing the pulse rate as well as my body temperature. My body system begins to secrete some special kind of hormones and results in a sudden bulge in my pants. I unwillingly loosen my grip and separated myself from her inevitable embracement of her voluptuous body. We then, talked hours over coffee, followed by lunch and loads of ice-creams. This date was not a date anymore. It had became a “spend some more to talk more”. In this end, after spending 1200 bucks what I could actually get in return was two cups of coffee, tasty food, loads of ice-cream and few hours of her physical presence. That’s it, I thought.

No no, wait. Didn’t I mentioned that first-time-ever hug earlier.

She stood up to leave when I offered her a ride on my bike to the bus stand in a village near our plant residence. She embraced me from behind as she placed her profile on the backseat of my Hero Honda splendor plus. We rode off to the bus stand. It took me 10 minutes to reach there. We waved good bye to each other and left.


It took another two months for my 2nd date. I deliberately took my friend’s car and picked her up from the same bus stand. I always wondered about her split personality. But this day was different. We had really started dating in real life. Though it was the slowest love story I had ever known off. Five months of relationship and only two dates. This was something skewed. She took another half an hour to reach that bus stand but I hadn’t muffed again for the obvious reasons. Again we did same kind of stuffs that we had done in our previous date. The difference was of 300 Rs. That I had spended relatively more.

At evening, we left for home. I pulled up the car slowly for the deliberate reason to spend some more time with her. I killed off the engine as soon as we reached a deserted place. She gave me a “what the f**k you stopped the car” look. I pulled out my seat belt and approached her. Nonetheless, she had sensed my intentions and pulled her back in same direction to maintain the relative distance between us that I had reduced during approaching. But the car windows and her seat belt limited her motion and facilitated me to reach for her face. I took hold of her face and pulled it toward mine while approached simultaneously. The relative distance between our faces had expedited the distance reduction. Our lips were only few millimeters apart. A fresh lot of air warm second hand carbon-di-oxide strikes on my face as she breathed out heavily. Her eyes were closed and our lips met in commotion. Oh my holy god! We were kissing. I wondered if I wasn’t dreaming.

Her positive response though had cleared my dilemma. Yes, it was a kiss. A real, beautiful kiss. Finally after five months waiting and few thousand bucks investment had paid me off. I was really getting the kiss of this beautiful girl whom I always dreamed of. Always fantasized about.

The way she was kissing had hints me about her embedded experience in kissing. Though I was a novice at this inevitable art of kissing but her previous experience had compensated for it. I mentally  admired her perfect art of kissing. Although the very feeling of her being someone else’s girlfriend earlier was envious but at the same time it felt good as she was with me right now. Though it hurts that she had lied about her previous experiences, or migh be it was just my illusion.

The lasts for few more minutes. It was a perfect kiss. A perfect passionate kiss. Meanwhile I slid my hands for her other “exciting” places. Suddenly my hands were stopped by her as she caught my hand pushed me away. I rocked back to driver’s seat perplexed about her sudden change in behavior. I was literally devastated.

what the hell”  I asked preposterously.

Easy babu, easy.” She chuckled. We are not doing these stuffs this early.

We are already in relationship since five months.” I retortrd like a kid. “ Five fucking months and you are saying it ‘this early’ ?”

She smiled playfully. Only smiled. Nothing else, not even a single word in responding my childish retort.


To be continued in subsequent series..........


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  1. Nice story dude....

    I doubted if it's your story. I mean the way had narrated her beauty it seemed either belongs to you or surreal.

    keep it up

    1. thanks dear,

      And its neither my story nor surreal. It purely belongs to a very best friend of mine. Though as I mentioned in the story it is manipulated considerably to make it worth read.

  2. Beautifully expressed...



    1. Thanks Noopur,

      And I had already bookmarked your blog link since 6 weeks.


  3. Great post!! very informative.
    Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.
    Top Engineering college in jaipur

    1. Thank you for commenting.

      And lovely is ok, but how come this post is informative.


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