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Forbidden love story
A short story accentuating “fake love tradition”

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What !!! ” I asked with obvious irritation. “How many more months do we need for ‘this’ ?”

Shit! I had asked a irrevocable forbidden question in sheer desperation.

So you are in relationship for ‘this’ only ?” She almost screeched. You all boys are same.

She was not chuckling anymore. I was feeling like being culprit for nuanciating the whole male community. A pool of tears brimmed from her eyes. I wondered how god had created these creatures who masters in art of crying. Tears are their greatest weapon, which could force you to regret for even those stuffs you are not responsible for at all. This hydraulic force is the strongest among all the forces ever known to man-kind. It made me give up too. I had too. Do I left with other valid option. Certainly this hydraulic force this girl had weapon on me.

I am sorry baby. I didn’t mean that ” I apologized.

Damn! I had to regret for the things I wasn’t responsible for. My apology itself proved her dominancy. What follows next is her drama at which girls masters due to their chromosomal structure. They are god-gifted at this art and ironically they know how to use it. And most importantly, when to use it.

No, you don’t love me.” She complained. “All you want is my body. Isn’t it?”

It was true. All I wanted was her body. But it felt very insulting when she said it openly.

“It’s not like that. What I meant was, was… something else.” I stuttered as I struggled for word. I had no word in my mental vocabulary for “this”.

Something else” she mocked. “Something else what?” She demanded with uninterrupted flow of hydraulic fluid from her eyes.

Now this was something callous. First this girl had exasperated me by proscribing to access her other “exciting” places and now she was asking dumb questions fretfully. Doesn’t she know it was subliminal? I had to apologize again and again. Her hydraulic force overtook the effect of my hormonal forces and subsided my enthusiastic need of “this”. I drove her to the nearest bus stand where I picked her from earlier. Though she had explained the reason for her “rude” behavior, latter in the night, over phone. She too had apologized for the same. The next date was happened very soon. In two weeks, figuratively from previous dramatic date. She looked gorgeous as usual. I again picked her from “that” bus stand. We talked about almost everything but we deliberately avoided the dramatic date we had previously. I myself too, wanted to play it in safe mode.  On returning, she asked me to let her drive the car. I readily handed her the key though I doubted her driving skill. I feared inside because of very thought of letting her driving the car. The car which actually belongs to some random friend of mine, senior actually, working in same plant, living in same colony. What if we would met some freaking god forbid accident? What if they find us together crashed in “his” car? Thousands of never-gonna-happen kind of questions begins haunting me.

Unaware of my mental dilemma, she pulled away the car initially at slower pace and then accelerated as soon as we came to the highway.  I was scared as if this was going to be my last day on this planet. This beautiful planet, full of beautiful places, scenic beauty, girls which I yet to explore them all completely. Luckily, though the right turn, perpendicular to highway, came and she took a sharp turn. I expected her to reduce the speed as we reached that road. But she had something else in her mind. Though this road was too deserted to happen any possible collision with any vehicle but its poor condition had made it very uneven for driving let alone driving at higher speed. But she anyhow managed to maintain the same highway-friendly speed. The road was full of patches pits and potholes. Every time the car passes over a patch or any pothole, it jostles like a spring bob, similar to pendulum. I had started cursing the moment when I gave her the keys. I should have denied her the very moment she asked for the key.  She, on the other hand, was enjoying this F-1 practice session risking my life and my friend’s car. I closed my eyes in flinch. I was wondering about her frenzy behavior today. She was not the girl she usually used to be. She was something different. Something should have running in her mind. Something different. Something unusual. Something that I couldn’t imagine. Or maybe it was just another random thought of mine. The car must’ve moving at 160 kph. I guessed as my mental calculator had stopped working at this speed.

I was praying for my life, still closing y eyes, when suddenly my body rocked forward and then backward violently within the allowable limit of seat-belt. It took me few to-and-fro motions to finally come to a halt. I had almost shat my pant in sheer flinch. The break was imparted in such a way that the car slid over a distance of about 100 meters before finally losing its momentum and come to rest ensuring our survival. These few breath-taking moments, though, had taught me almost every law of physics. As being an engg. Student (in polytechnic college) I had gained the theoretical knowledge about Newton’s law of motion but this ride had given me a practical experience about all of them, together. Now I understood why they always says practical knowledge is more important than theoretical.

This sudden halt of car, however, had brought back my senses. I thought we had reached that bus stand. I opened my eyes to wish her good-evening and taking back the car’s temporary ownership in my hands.

But hell yeah….

What the heck is this? We were at same deserted place we had kissed earlier, in our previous date. The date which had drama, tears, crying, yelling, apology and kiss. A perfect kiss. First kiss of my life. Is she going to kiss me again? Is she wants to consolidate for her rude behavior on previous date? Is she let me access her “other exciting places”? Loads of similar questions afloat in my mind, spamming my thought process.

To be continued in subsequent series..........


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  1. I am desperately waiting to read next part....

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    1. the next part will be updated tomorrow (15-7-12) evening.

  2. :-) waiting for the rest of the story..

    1. next part to be updated tomorrow.
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