Saturday, July 7, 2012

Application for being my girlfriend

The unknown Girl,
Dreamland city,
Fantasy nagar.

Subject: Application for being my girlfriend.

Dear girlfriend-to-be,
    With immense love and considerable proportionate lust, myself Abhishek bhopali, wanted to say that I had seen you in DTC bus in route no.717 (plying Shahbad Mohhammadpur to Badarpur), in a fine monday morning few days back (20/02/2012). When I boarded the overcrowded bus at Bharthal bus stand(near BPCL Bijwasan, Underpass), you were already seated at window seat of row no. 3 in "women's only" column. You had wore black salwar-suit with black duppatta and a blue cardigan. After buying my fare-ticket(fair, for the first time), I went to your seat just only to see your cute face. You looked so beautiful in those 500 gm exclusive make-up, those mascarra cladded eyelash covering your big black eyes are enhancing your beauty.

    Initially, my mind was full of lust when I saw you. I begun fantasizing about you right then. But when you offered your seat to that pregnent lady who was ignored by almost every seat-holders(who considered themselve as the future of india), My lust for you had immidiately transformed into love and respect. Those were the most precious moment of this year when you stand by me after offering your seat to that lady. I was no more lusting about you. All I could felt about you after that bus ride is the love and respect. I wanted to introduced myself to you but hesitation stops me doing this. Very soon you deboarded from bus at Vasant Kunj D-2. My heart went away with you by then. I had tried to meet you several times after that bus ride but I was helpless as i couldn't meet you in that bus ever afterthen.

    If you are reading this, I want to tell you that I had wore dark blue checked shirt & denim blue coloured jeans that day. You were standing besides me for those 45 unforgettable minutes. Though I had set a criteria for a girl for being my girlfriend, which you are almost compatible with. Considering my love and respect alongwith a little lust for you, I had decided to make you my girlfriend. I know I am Unknown to you and might be possible that you hadn't even bother to look at me that day but still I want you to meet me atleast once. If you consider me worth meeting atleast once, please do contact me.

    I exist on facebook, twitter, blogspot and various other modes of social networking. As you know, almost every person have a mobile phone today, I also have one. In case you want to contact me via email, I do have a email-id too. My contact details are:-
FACEBOOK:  http://www.facebook.com/sattirezone
TWITTER:   http://www.twitter.com/abhishekbhopali
BLOG:      http://oyebhopali.blogspot.com
EMAIL_id:  abhi.gbpec@gmail.com
PHONE NO.: 9716*&!@#$

    Thank you for reading this,

Your wanna-be-boyfriend,
Abhishek Bhopali,
Pyar colony, Ishq village,
Mohabbat pura,
Prem Nagar.

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  1. Awesome man.. hope you'll get you girl soon.

    by the way nice read.

    keep it up


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