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LOVE ON SALE: a short story on prepaid friendship service. (part-2)

LOVE ON SALE: a short story on repaid friendship service.

Genre: Humour/Tragedy Fiction

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Continued from Part-1.

My eyes transfixed at parking lot's exit. In next two minutes, she showed up from like nowhere. I stood frozen seeing her, stalled enough to move an inch. Frozen like an ice-block, even in this heat. She was looking much beautiful than the way she looked in her display picture in website. Over generously, she walked past the green grass lawn followed by airport-metro-link entry gate.

In her thin white cotton shirt and blue denim interference-fit narrow bottom jeans, she was undoubtedly an apparent killer material. Her aviator-sized goggles, covering her eyes was complementing her cosmetic-painted face. Her opened hair blowing to indicate the direction of air was giving me the hint of her appearance similar to KIM KARDASHIAN. It’s only the face which differs, everything else was same. Apparently . The way she was looking and used her make-up, had gave me a clear picture "why they charged 2500 bucks as 'processing fee for the friendship' of this inevitable beauty".

As she was coming nearer, my body began sweating as if ice was melting. This might be the effect of her hotness, I thought. I felt uncomfortable as she approached me. She hugged me ignoring my hand I extended formally for shaking her hand. With mixed feeling of irrevocably obsolete expression of friendship and exhilarated by her bodily contact, I embraced her back in exhort. We exchanged our introduction and then I drove her to Rajouri garden where we talked for hours over coffee, then we had lunch. In the evening, at the time of leaving, at Dwarka Sec-21 metro station, she gave a good-bye kiss, on my left cheek.

Next day, Sunday, too was left-cheek-kiss-day. She gave me another dearly kiss as she left in the evening. Two kisses, back to back in two days. "My life is finally on the roll", I thought. What followed next was loads of phone calls and SMSes. Though we could meet for only two hours or so, during workdays, our SMSes never seemed to stop. Two more days and simple calls turned into more intimate talking and texting was replaced by sexting. Phone sex seemingly was 2nd best option other than real date. My heart begun to flew in the waves of happiness. "I am in love", I thought. Needless to mention, I got a lip-kiss, a real one, on the Thursday’s evening date. The first kiss of my life,  a simple passionate kiss. Nothing felt better than this until now. I was loving this girl, KIM KARDASHIAN 2.0, like anything. She was the first (and only) girlfriend of my life, after all. Plus, she was inevitably curvaceous and perfect at art of kissing.

Friday morning, I asked to take her out for discotheque to which she readily agreed. She was, though not replying all my SMSes, unlike other days. In the evening, around 4 pm, half an hour before my shift completion, my "being-silent" phone vibrated. Quite excited, being sure for her message, I clicked open the Inbox enthusiastically. But it wasn't from her anyway. It was from some unknown number, VIP enough to  made me guess that whether it was some commercial SMS persuading me to buy some 3 BHK flat, somewhere in Ghaziabad or Noida or Gurgaon, at only 27 lakhs or similar type of craps. I clicked open the message anyway. The message was though something regarding me. It reads

"Dear Mr. Manish,
Your trial period of 7 days of friendship for I.D. no. NFC147141 is about to finish today. For enjoying uninterrupted Friendship service, kindly renew your subscription from a wide range of available subscription denominations. Please contact our Customer care for further details. Have a nice day. Regards, Nikita Friendship Club".

Fuck! How can someone have a "nice" day after reading "this"? I was devastated, perplexed about what was happening around.

I dialed her no. but it was unexpectedly switched off. My mind was freaked, literally. "What the fuck do they mean by renewing the subscription? Are they providing any prepaid service of friendship?" I asked myself preposterously. I asked her number again and again, but to no avail.

"These 30 minutes are going to be most miserable 30 minutes of my life" I thought.

As soon as I punched my card at exit, I dialed that "customer care" no. Again that same lady with her sweet voice had welcomed the call. Her voice, though, no more felt sweet to me anymore. I asked her stridently to transfer the call to Manager, to which she calmly replied me to wait for a minute until she'd process the call. Her voice was as cool as if she was used to this kind of harsh conversations. That typical Haryanvi guy again answered my call with same husky tone. When I unstoppably used harsh and abusive words, he too lost his fake decency and brought himself to his very original level. The level for which his voice was actually designed for, I thought.

"bhencho, toh 2500 rupaye me aur ke lega bh**di ke?"  He roared.

I immediately disconnected the call knowing it would not be going to help anyway.

I tried her number again, this time it ringed but she hadn't picked the call. After few more unsuccessful attempts, I received an SMS, this time from her no., asking me to renew the subscription as per the company's policy to continue the friendship. I tried to contact her again but neither had she responded my call nor send any SMS further.

"What a slut?" I thought.

Nevertheless, I called her customer care again to ask for subscription denomination, though I had no intention to renew the service anyway. This time, that "lady with sweet voice" had transferred my call to another "concerned" department. Another lady answered the phone in a sweet, melodious and concerned voice, unlike that rude Haryanvi guy. She explained me about each and every subscription available including that lifetime subscription, that’s too with great patience. I wondered if they really mean it.

 "Sure they do", I answered my own question. She also tried to persuade me to renew the subscription by offering a complimentary friend for a week on early renewal.

I, however, hadn't renewed my subscription and now regretting my decision of using this prepaid service. But today, lakhs of people,                                                                                     especially youths, are victimized by these friendship clubs. This semi-prostitution services need to be barred in order to protect our present generation and potential future generation, which is desperate enough to use this service. The law must be not only made to curb them, but also the "concerned" authorities need to ensure the proper application of those laws. Its only then this tempting evil of our society can be eradicated.


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  1. Oh! my good God..what a trap..nothing more to comment on this..though i laughed a lot at the point u were asked to renew the uninterrupted friendship service..but at the end it took a different angle..just hope that the young generation does not fall under such traps..an eye opening post..

    1. Thank you for reading and being generous enough to respond.

      Actually its sort of my genre to intermix humour with tragedy with a sag toward bitter face of the society.


  2. well....what to say young man.....should I console you on not getting continued your love saga with that KIM KARDASHIAN or should I congratulate you on taking a good step of not renewing that so called "Friendship Contact"......

    I must say "all is well that ends well".....yes i liked the way you got to understand the reality of such lucrative deals....

    God bless,

    1. Well, though its just a fiction but this evil prevails among youngsters of our nation dragging them away from development lane. I would be highly privileged if even a single living human creature could revoke their desperatism and keep away from friendship trap.

      Thanks for commenting in.

      God bless,
      Almost Engineer


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