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Forbidden love story
A short story accentuating “fake love tradition”
continued from part 4................
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I responded her back in quick reflexes under my sheer ametory. Needless to say, we had done everything possible within that world inside HYUNDAI i20. She had let me explore her each and every part of her body, entirely by her own choice, without any drama this time. We make out for the first time. It was our first sex. Or at least, it was my first experience. I was novice at this till now.

When we were done with ‘this’, we looked outside only to find ourselves in an awkward position without any trash of fabric on our body. We looked into each other’s eyes and burst into laughter, remembering our condition and where about. A silent awkward look followed by a fresh burst of laughter, again and again. Finally, the laughter changed into a shied smile and the turned into a serious look. Soon we both disassembled our gaze and looked outside the tinted glass window of our glass. The world outside “ours” was seemingly dark. Dark enough to give us an illusion whether there was a tree or a person standing outside our car.

“SHIT!” we both screeched in unison. We checked for time. It was 8:30 already. We wore our clothes as soon as we could. Then I switched on the light and adjusted ourselves as well as the car’s interior which had got messed up during making out. I then rolled down the window. A fresh pool of cold air had shaken us. It was chilling cold outside. Winter in this city is a bitch. I thought. I checked for my cell phone and luckily, there were no missed calls. Who else, other than this beauty by my side, could call me? I call my parents all by myself, thrice a week, just to let them know about my survival on this planet. She too grabbed her phone.

“Fuck!”  She screeched. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck”.
The intensity and frequency was increasing with every “fuck”. I am sure if she had continued it at the same acceleration for few more seconds; her voice would have been definitely reached her parents’ ear.

“What happened?”  I asked boisterously to know the reason behind her perpetual use of ‘f’ word mantra with this energy and intensity.

“I had missed 19 back to back missed calls from my parents.” She said panickingly. “It was on silent mode.”

Sure it was. And thank god for this, otherwise it would have been intervened our “magic moment” far earlier. She had put her phone in silent mode deliberately, I guessed.

“They must be worrying.” I tried to look concerned, although fake.

“of course they are. Why else they would have tried my number this frequently.” She replied.

She was more than panicked. She was wondering whether to call them back or not? What if they ask her about? What would she answer for not receiving 19 “concerned” calls? What this…. What that….? Several questions begin to boggle up her mind. She was mentally numb, I’d like to say. I looked at her face. It had turned pink due to terror of this tremor. I felt like kissing her again but I suppressed my urge considering the scenario. It was the time for make her feel better, in one way or other. Honestly speaking, I too had no idea about how to do it? Also this moment would be the pillar stone of our future “magic moments”. I almost snatched her phone from her hand and hopped into MENU option. Home (19). Her phone displays 19 missed calls, the key reason of this trauma. I checked for setting option, reduced the brightness and ringing volume to minimum possible value. It was hardly audible or visible. Before then, I deleted all the messages and all call details.

She was perplexedly looking at me as she bites her finger nails. I then went into SETTINGS menu of her phone and set up a security lock for keypad before handed over her phone.

“Here you go!” I said overconfidently as if I had cracked the password combination of some multinational bank server.

“What do I supposed to do with this?” She asked with obvious genuine facial expression cocktailed with perplexity and preposterous look. “And how will THIS helps?”

“Hmmm……”  I shrilled my nostril as I was expecting this very particular question from her. “Look! I had deleted all the details expect numbers of phonebook as no one is going to check it anyway. You can tell your parents that something wrong happened to phone. The ringtone is not audible and phone keypad is also locked somehow. So you could neither take their calls nor call them back. PROBLEM SOLVED.” I winked with a boisterious smile.

“You are genius, Sachin. This is one of the several reasons I like you so much.”  She said enthusiastically as she kissed my cheek.

I flattered a smile with curling y upper left lip in response. We then switched our position and driving wheels was now in my control. I ignited the engine & pulled away the car. She was still panicked but less than the way she was few minutes earlier.

I credited myself for this. It took us 10 minutes to reach our residence where I dropped her few hundred yards before the colony and took a deliberate U-turn and drove back towards town. The sole purpose of this U turn was to avoid serving any chance to busybodies and keep them oblivious about what was cooking between us. Thanks followed by two smilies. A message flashed on my phone, latter in that night.

Needless to say, it wasn’t our only make-out. Next two months, in fact was full of kissing, cuddling and make-outs. We make out almost every week; sometimes in car, sometimes in hotel-room, and once, luckily at her place, when no one was there at her home.

Meanwhile I had enrolled myself in AMIE to reduce our academic differences. The winter comes to an end. The sun now no more seems adorable. Her post graduation was also about to complete in few months. The frequency of our making out had been reduced considerably followed by frequency reduction of our phone calls and finally the SMSes. Even her e-mails took a week to refresh my mail box. Although, I taken all these for the sake of her exam.

After her exams, she told me that she has to visit her hometown, Patna, where her parents hails from 25 years ago. She promised to give me her local contact number as soon as she reached there. She never did. She had also promised to be in touch via e-mails, but she never send any either.


To be continued in subsequent series..........


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