Friday, December 28, 2012

This is not the end my friend. This is beginning.

Delhi Gang rape victim has “passed away peacefully”. BBC uses this statement as if she was the patient of some painful incurable disease. But wait, the fact of the matter is, she was suffering from a painful incurable disease. A disease called negligence, a disease called inhumanity, a disease called mis-governance, and a disease called patriarchal thought.

Dear media, can you please tell me how someone can pass away peacefully after the condition she was thrown into. Can’t you even understand the cent of the pain she might have gone through?

Well, this is not a death of the girl; it indeed is the MURDER of the victim. Actually, it is assassination of democracy and humanity. I realize how cunningly government and administration had worked out to prove this murder into a death. I hope they had applied half of this effort to save the humanity. The result might be somewhat less sad. But they were way too busy in this demolishing public outrage that they hadn’t even heard the victims scream.

I’ve this feeling, “what if the girl had been died earlier”, in India itself and the whole drama is a cloaking mechanism to veil behind this death in hospital scene. It’s strongly doubtful how the whole protest was killed by framing the death of a cop into a murder. How the girl was secretly taken away from India, without doctors’ recommendations and worst, how the news was released at the wee hour so that people couldn’t outburst instantaneously. It could be a move to divert public conscious into other things.

Enough saying; now this is the time to act real. This is not the end. This could never be. It’s no longer been a fight of justice; it indeed must be a war for humanity. How can we trust it is a democratic nation where a government that cannot even save the humanity, let alone protecting the democracy in the first place. I hope her soul will rest in a better place where there is no monster in human disguise. She deserve that place because this earth is not safe anymore.

 But this is not the end my friend, this must be a beginning. A renaissance to save the humanity, to democracy and most needed an equal society for the females who bears the pain to bring us into this world. If this protest cannot bring a change, then trust me there will be no tomorrow which can. We have to stand again for our girls, for justice, and this time much firmer than ever. And fight until the system will reform. Change in political faces cannot bring the change; we have to change the system itself.  We have to change the thought of this patriarchal society. I am not proud of my country. I am not proud to be an Indian at all.

It’s high time when few people’s shit-filled head are making the shame for entire human society.  We have to ensure the punishment for the culprits which could convey a message to these inhumane creatures that they couldn’t even think of staring at our girls on purpose, let alone touching them. Keeping them in jail serve no purpose, except costing us taxes to feed them. It’ll only make us pay for the food those monsters eat, which, I am sure, we would never accept. To attain this, we will go against constitution (yes! Trust me, it worth) if needed.  Public hanging or beheading could be an option. Or better, the rapists could be thrown alive into her pyre. Our ancestors might’ve done this for respect (?) but we will do it as justice. And I am sure no human right activist would stand against these punishments. Human Rights are for human, no? But they are not human, they are not f**king human. They are the rapists, and rapists have no religion, no cast, and no creed. They are just rapist.

Let’s not die this agitation; this is the time to fight with a double courage and determination. This govt HAS to listen. We’ll make them listen, otherwise.

But please, no violence this time. No Bharat Bandh as it’ll put our nation into a grave economic loss while we are already ailing economically. Together, we can.

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