Sunday, September 22, 2013

Honour Killing- misplaced sense of Indian Tradition

Indian culture as we see it today is perhaps the most misunderstood definition of culture of all time. What happens in Haryana is just a reflection of the same. A young couple was killed and their body was butchered into multiple pieces as punishment for the love they had with each other. It’s horrifying even in the wildest dream but it is the naked truth of the society. What is more painful is the killer family has nothing to regret. Instead, they are proud for what they have done. How on earth a parent can butcher their kids in such an atrocious manner? This is beyond the logics and humanity per se.

Nonetheless, 6 members of the family have been arrested and they take no shame in associating their pride to validate this murder. In their own words, they have done this to save the Indian Culture and tradition and sent a message to the society that love is a non-acceptable offence which may leads to the state like this. Bizarrely thousands of people of CIVILIZED SOCIETY have already vindicated what has been done by the perpetrators and are demanding for their immediate acquittal.

Few of them have already proclaimed the murderers’ as the savior of the Indian culture and traditions in their interview and debates held on national TV channels. Well, talking about Indian culture let me make one thing clear that I am not a hard-core believer of the Indian Culture and tradition. Yet I have issues with the definition put forward by the society which we live in. My beliefs are based on the mythological theories and associated books.

It is quite interesting to note that PURDAH SYSTEM in India was not prevalent during the times of Mahabharata and Ramayana. It was brought and put on us forcibly by the Mughals which we accepted reluctantly over time during late medieval period. Nobody knows when this resentful imposition have becomes our tradition. We are now having a perception that ladies are made to confine within the boundaries of their home only. The women not veiling themselves are often criticized for their character and declared spoilt. In fact the introduction of Purdah system has satisfied the ego of males and their dominant believes they later turned this evil law into a tradition to ensure their dominancy. Now that globalization and economic liberalization have brought the modern thoughts of equality among society, the dominant class is unable to digest the phenomenon of rapid shattering of their dominancy.

As an extension of the aforementioned reason, a large portion of majority in our society believes that woman have no right to chose their bride. Paradoxically if we peak into the basis of the tradition ~ the Vedas, we shall know that male in then society never have had any privilege to select their bride and it’s the female who were permitted to choose their groom. Svyamvars are the backing mechanism for this theory. There is no such Svayamvar was held for males. However there are few incidents in our mythologies which enunciate the contradictory status of women rights but if we go in depth of the arguments they would also seems like the extension of female liberalism. It is quite noteworthy that Indian culture in reality is the most liberal culture in the world. Following a tradition was never a compulsion and was introduced as an option according to the will and convenience of the follower and this is perhaps the most vital reason why people opted these tradion with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Besides, our constitution has also banished such heinous act and tough punishments are recommended in IPC for killing any innocent. In this way, our baseless believes and hollow traditional impositions. Nevertheless, being a nation of prominent judicial system, we do believe in our system and hope that the culprits shall be convicted justly and promptly. Justice prevails, hopefully.

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