Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why Railway Fare-hike is a wise decision?

Modi Govt. has introduced their first installment of ‘Kadwe-faisle’ for the nation as their train carrying ‘Achchhe Din’ has been delayed by indefinite period of time. Govt. has decided to generate revenue for ailing Indian Railways by introducing a massive fare-hike by 14.2% in all AC and Non-AC reserved and unreserved classes. Protests have been erupted across the nation, as expected. On the other hand, loyalists have started to justify the fare-hike by giving logics which are too irrelevant to be valid in countries like India.
Pseudo-nationalists have already declared this hike as ‘most-needed’ and ‘need of the hour’ even without understanding the basic intention of the govt. for the hike. Reasons like “Hey, we are happily paying Rs. 200 for Auto-Rickshaw but crying for paying Rs. 20 for 50 kilometers in train. Kewl.” And “You have to pay more if you want to enjoy better service. Huh.” can be easily spotted on every nook of social networking websites. Every wannabe-sarcastic Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to prove this hike a welcome move of govt. with such an expertise as if they are the professors of “Benefits of inflation” in Oxford University. Irony is, most of them don’t even know the name of our Railway Minister and most have had passed their Economics paper in third attempt. But then they are loyalists, expecting them to think logically is a sheer mockery of logic. These loyalists are same people who left no stone unturned to criticize previous governments for the same reason: fare-hike.
I think, this fare-hike is least needed step and must be final step of govt. to cure ailing railways. It could have been taken when every other methods fails to deliver. For an instance, if we apply our common sense and basic mathematics, we all are fully aware that trains are running over capacity which simply implies the generation of extra revenue than intended to achieve. Why you need to implement fare-hike, then? Hire more ticket-checkers instead and penalize Without Ticket dwellers to ensure more revenue so that already inflation-hit common man does not need to be burdened with such financial tortures. Having said that, it is quiet logical that hiring more manpower for this purpose need more expenditure initially  but it will bring more collection of fine and penalties and will also ensure better ticket-selling in near future. This will not only justify the recruitment of more people in railway, it will also bring surplus revenue to the railway eventually. By doing so, employment opportunities have been already created per se.
Besides, even if it is extremely needed to impose a fare-hike, couldn’t they wait for 3 more weeks so that it can be done in well planned manner in budget session? If we are to pay some extra amount for the same distance that we travel, we deserve to know where that money is going to be invested, and that could be fulfilled by the budget only, when there will be an extensive debate over it, covering all the pros and cons associated with this. It will also justify the bullshit logic of ‘Accept the hike for better service’ that Bhakts are hurling in their every statement. Any collection of money without proper justification of its purpose and implementation is Extortion. Besides, the same ‘Father-of-development’ , our present Prime Minister had earlier criticized the previous government for implementing fare-hike before budget session in March 2012.
Also, this so called pro-development government is claiming that the decision of incrementing the price was taken by UPA govt. and what they are doing is only implementing. Aah, what a bunch of losers. So they cannot tolerate the governors appointed by UPA, they have no faith in committees and their Chiefs appointed by previous government, they have always criticized their every move, won election by trying to prove that every decision by previous govt. was wrong and here they are showing no hesitation in implementing their decision just because it would help them politically. Shamelessly blaming UPA government is the icing on the cake.
But things are not as simple as it appears to be. What I personally believe that this Rail fare- hike is a politically wise move taken by the govt. which may not do any good for the nation but will surely help BJP as a party. There is a very high probability that present government wanted to avoid any kind of hike or Kadwe Faisle in Budget Session or two-three months beyond that because the Bhartiya Janta Party has to fight assembly elections in states like Delhi and Maharashtra in coming few months and any kind of price-rise or fare-hike will cost them in upcoming elections. We must not forget that we live in a nation where the impacts of controversies and allegations die within a matter of few weeks. This too will settle down soon and people will get ‘used to’ to the revised fare. After then, they can easily fool the people with slogans like ‘Achchhe din’ and ‘good governance’. It is pure politics, my friend. NaMo Brigade is no fool. Instead they are people with Ph.D. in fooling around.
Concluding this topic, I have to say that there will be people who will display their loyalty by defending the fare-hike by giving dumbest reasons possible. I am fed up listening “Give this chap some time. Don’t judge him so soon.” Ironically, people coming up with such statements are the same extraordinary minds who were started to judge Delhi’s Kejriwal government from day one. Hail hypocrisy.
Note: Bang your head on nearest wall if feel annoyed, angry, hateful. It may also bring otherwise improbable ACHCHHE DIN.

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  1. Nice one..yesterday only I had a heated argument with my husband regarding this..I just wanted the justification if they are doing the same thing where was the previous government wrong..if from the first month they realise that they have to rise prises of cylinders, fuel, railway tickets then I must say we are back to the pavilion..then why so much hype..what is the government for..are the common men not entitled for some luxury without feeling the pinch in the pocket..leave apart luxury even the basic necessities like fuel and gas are becoming so costly..disgusting..then my husband says give the chap at least six months time..well, I give him whatever time he wants but what is the logic in the price hike..what extra facilities are they going to provide..if they ask the ticket checkers check the tickets with honesty a considerable profit they will see..but we the common people with have to travel into those dirty compartments, dirty toilets, unhygienic kitchen..should the govts concern should only be in gaining profit..don't we deserve anything in return..the summary of the story is that who ever reaches the chair rhymes the same poem..


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