Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A letter to friends who keep tagging me in their Happy Moments.

Dear friends who keep tagging me in random posts mocking dissent in Aam Aadmi Party​,

I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time out for sparing a moment for me. It means a lot. And I would also like to share the zeal and enthusiasm over the sadistic pleasure you are enjoying because deep down the heart I am a looser too. Also, I feel great for you guys as you keep tagging me in the posts which are less funny and more an attempt to convince oneself that democracy is the collection of necessary agreement of ideas..

Besides, if it will give you some more pleasure, let me confess that I am also pained at seeing such development in a party I share my emotions with. It irked me that some people within the party itself are trying to bring it down, perhaps unintentionally/unknowingly to a level closer to those whom we were trying to expose. One thing I understand that you are not happy that AAP is withering, you are happy because you believe that AAP is no longer better than the other parties. And there is nothing wrong in such believe, believe me. It's normal. Absolutely.

But I would also like to tell you that this doesn't bother me. I am prepared for this. Not this in particular, but something like this, because it is quiet obvious that when a collective set of body is aspiring to move at a faster pace, it is quiet obvious that some part of it withered during the process. It is also obvious that the force driving them in a direction is a collection of several kind of forces including some negative forces, and according to Principle of Superposition, it is the collective force which move the body and not a particular individual. It's simple Physics, not a Rocket Science equation. It would be quiet idiotic on my part to assume that AAP is an ideal establishment (or anti-establishment, if you'd like to call it). My argument was always based upon the perception that it is relatively better than other choices available. Also the nature has bestowed me with a little piece of mind which allows me to tell wrong a wrong, even if it is served after wrapping it in the adorable cover of Honesty or Nationalism. So, I am sad but not shocked, and hence I am sorry for disappointing you at this front.

And now that we are discussing what is happening in AAP is democratic or not, let's not talk on relative basis simply because I don't want to challenge the reason of your happiness. Good day my dear friend. Have a happy and 'democratic' day ahead.
Your's Aapiya friend who refuse to ignore evolution.

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