Sunday, August 23, 2015

Deja vu

"Do you still love me?" He asked, unsure about his existence in her life. He had been away since they last met, on Valentine's day eve, when he promised her to see her next morning. Promised to take her out. She was always waiting for him to ask her out. And her heart leaped out with joy when she'd go out with him on Valentine's day. It would be their first date, officially. But he never showed up next morning. Or any other following morning for that matter.

She remember how embarrassing it has been for her for so many weeks. How could she forget the betrayal she felt? How could any girl would felt, if being in her place? She clearly remember that evening when he bid her good evening, and promised to pick her up at 10 in the morning. 'Sharp at 10' he said. She was overjoyed. She was more than happy that evening, anticipating her date due next morning. She was too excited to cloak her feeling and blurted out everything to her roommate, even without pressing her to elaborate. Her roommate, in turn had spread the news like a fire in the jungle among all the friends they knew. Suddenly she has become Ms. I-think-I-am-in-love and she liked the attention she'd be getting. She had spent the night selecting the best dress she would wear on her date. She dig her wardrobe to choose the best she could. She was looking into mirror every five minutes and blushed at herself thinking the compliment he would give her next morning. She had never looked at herself the way she's looking now. Everything was looking good, as if customized to compliment her. She'd felt special like never before.

She dressed in pink, like he always said about his favorite colour. She was ready to be picked up from her college hostel. But he never came. No phone call, no message, nothing. She even tried his number but never connected. Then after these rigorous five months, she finally managed to get over him. At least she believed she does. But he suddenly returns to ask whether she love him anymore. All her effort gone into vain within a matter of few seconds. She'd never forgive him, she had been deciding already, every evening.

"You just please go away. I don't want to see your face, you bloody cheat." She yelled her lungs out.

No response.

She looked around but nothing was visible. The room was as dark as it could be. A wave of fear ran through her spines. She was scared. Scared as hell.

"I don't like such stupid jokes, Mohit. Don't mess with me. Why don't you freaking go away from my life. I don't want to see you. Not anymore. Why don't you understand that?" She screamed out loud.

Still no voice. Then in following few seconds the room filled with bright white light illuminating the room. She strained her pupils to figure out the person behind that shadow against tubelight.

"Will you stop screaming at this hour of night. People need to sleep. I need to sleep, for heavens sake." Naina, her roommate screamed at her.

"But Mohit is teasing me. He wants me to forgive him." She said meekly.

"For god sake, Richie. You need to seek a psychiatrist. I am gonna take you to Dr. Vineeta's whether you want it or not. I don't want you to punish me for a guy died five months ago. You are coming and it's decided. Now sleep and let me sleep. Will you?".

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