Saturday, September 12, 2015

A banker's dear diary moment.

A customer got frustrated when I took more than usual time in cheque posting, as the image was not loading. After few gestures, he cried out: Are you going to give me cash or what?
Me: Sir, our system is little slow at this moment. Please bear with us.
C: No no no. This is not a good customer service. Customer is king, do you know that?
Me: Certainly Sir. I am aware of it. But I am told that ours is a democratic nation.
He went to Manager to complaint against me. Manager called me in.
Me: Ma'm, in my defense, I was doing my job as fast as I could, but I can't expedite the image loading and cannot post the cheque without verification, come what may.
C: But I am VIP customer of your branch. Can't you see that in your same fucking slow system.
Me: Oh, I am really sorry Sir. I have a weird habit of deliberately ignoring the trivial things. My bad.
C: See, madam. This is how a customer should be treated? He must understand that customer is god.
Me: Well, ma'm. I am sorry. And I only have to say that I am an atheist. A nonbeliever. May I please go back to my counter, or more customers will turn up to complain about me for not attending them?

In the evening, me and Branch Manager, both were laughing over conversation.

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