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The Superman in every common man - (2 of 3)

This .incident is to be published in three parts. To read the second part click here

continued from part-1


Everyone turned their heads to check what had just happened, even though they all had pretty much idea of what could that screech and slap meant. The moment we turned our head, I was unable to see any of them as everyone in the train seemed to “enjoy the show”.

I too couldn’t conceal my curiosity and climbed on upper birth to make sure what I had anticipated in my mind about the situation. The birth itself was already full. What I had seen was the worst version of it. The guy, who had been awarded with the tightest slap, few seconds ago, was still stroking his right cheek, trying to digest the truth that he had been slapped by a girl. He grabbed her hand and gave a mighty slap on her face. It was not only clearly audible but also visible as we all were looking at them. The blow was too mighty to control her senses. She must have fallen on the floor if he hadn’t grabbed her hand. Her head must have been spinning with that blow. We were all stunned by what had just happened. What happened next is the lethal abusive slangs I had ever heard.

The train was still obstinate to move. People were still staring at them, perplexed. Though everyone had had a clear idea about what had just happened. Those three guys were consistently exhibiting their slang vocabulary collection. The girl was looking at the mute mob similar to a goat looks before being slitting. Helpless and endangered. That guy had still holding had still grasped her hand tightly which she was trying to get rid off. No one intervened in all high-pitch melodrama happening in the train. Not even a single person. I cursed them in my mind. But then, I too was not opposing those wrongdoings. I was too skinny to oppose them. My single word at that situation and I would’ve been crushed by those three massive bullies. In fact, I was too unconfident to protest. I decided to let it go. What’s the point of getting into trouble when I already knew that I can’t beat them in fist fight.

In just matter of few minutes, their brashness had shoot up to its maximum. They were actually started harassing that “poor” girl. The girl was crying for help but I was as helpless as she was. I just hope somebody from the crowd appears to help her. I was also hoping for some superman, batman, Shaktimaan or any of the superhero, I used to watch in television shows, would show up to protect her like they do in TV. I even thought, for a while, that lord Krishna will help her like he helped Draupadi. But nothing had happened the way I thought. All I could do was hoping for some non-existence super-hero from those futile TV shows. Meanwhile the behaviors of those guys were turning oppressive. Nothing seems to be helpful. No one showed up to help that pity girl. When things become irresistible, I lost my control.

“What the f**k do you think you are doing?” I shouted out loud. Suddenly those 200 pair of eyes followed me. Most of them must have rubbed their hand out of excitement. They had sensed the upcoming potential entertainment show in which a skinny, scrawny boy being beated up  black and blue by those massive body builder bullies. It was going to be fun. At the other end, the three of them left that girl and approached me.

Oops!!! What had I done? I immediately smelled my being in very near future. I thought my next stop would be any nearest hospital instead of Delhi railway station. I almost shat in my pants. My limbs began to swell out of fear, literally. I cursed myself for intervening them. “why the hell I did opened my stupid mouth?” I thought.

The human tongue has no bone, but it has the potential to break one’s bone.” This proverb sublimated in my mind. I was about to become the most recent example of this proverb. My legs began to staggers in fear. My pulse rate started to increase as they approached me. It was like the Faraday’s law of induction. When a current element is moved along a magnetic bar, there is a variation in current, or vice versa. Mr. Malik, our Physics teacher in 12th class, had once told this during our Physics lecture. Now I could actually correlate that statement with my real life. My body, which was likely to be repaired in any of the nearest hospital, was shivering.

“Is she’s your sister? Asshole.” One of them roared as they pushed me.


This incident is to be published in three parts. This is it's second part.

PS: This is a work of fiction.

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