Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Love at First Sight: DDLJ style

The train blows the whistle. People started to get into the train as if the horn was the signal they were waiting for the same. They stuffed inside the compartment as the train rolled slowly on its parallel iron rail-track, tending to leave the platform. It accelerates as it moves further with time. All of a sudden, when it was about to leave the station platform, I saw her running as fast as she could towards the train, as if her life depends on it. I was still at the gate of the coach, waiting for her to reach and hold her hand so that I can pull her inside. I knew she’ll make it. She can’t leave this train at any cost, I believed. I was damn sure. After all, I grew up watching bollywood movies where a heroine had never (Ok.  In most of the cases) missed her train. And she seem like a heroine to me; Calm, cute, beautiful, scared, lovable yet enduring. They are just meant to overtake this relative distance. It’s in their DNA.

I should have pulled the chain to stop the moving train so that she could get inside easily. But what the heck.!!  I knew if SRK could do it, why can’t me. She also seemed very much inspired by Kajol from the movie DDLJ, running apparently faster that Usain Bolt-in slow motion- to catch the train. She could have caught the train by using the other gate of the same bogie if she wanted, but she didn’t. Some stories are best imagined in Yashraj-scripted style only. We were destined to meet. I liked her stupidity.

Nonetheless, despite of the accelerated speed of train, she traced the distance and finally reached and holds my hand. Indian female athletes should learn athletics from her. Had she ran in London Olympics, she must have won the gold medal for India; a sudden thought strikes my mind.  I pulled her Inside and we fell on the train floor with she was lying upon me, her bag over her, with her eyes were closed. It hurts. It should hurts. When a 50 kg of mass moving at a greater speed collides with any person and the momentum imparts by elastic collision, it is destined to hurt. It’s simple physics. Also, ironically there was no music played in background when our eyes met. Neither did we felt any special emotions, as they show in movies- except the cringe of pain due to impact of my body with the train floor and her body mass. I was sandwiched between her and the train floor: literally and physically.

We settled down at our respective seats which unfortunately wasn’t facing each-other. We hardly got any opportunity to see each-other to converse during the journey. I deboarded the train at my destination, with crumbling heart and burning desires but couldn’t see her. I left for my home with a pain that I couldn’t bid her goodbye, and several other things I had dreamt off. But deep down in my heart, I was pretty sure that we will meet someday. Just like I was sure about meeting again every other girl I had ever seen.

But I didn’t find her; neither did I try to look for it. It took me desires of few beautiful faces a bottle of Vodka and 2 weeks to put her thoughts into the hardly-accessed section of my memory. It’s been 2 weeks that I had spent in my hometown. Same female faces, same boring schedule and same home-made food aren’t very exciting anymore. I desperately need a change. Hopeful for the next “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”.

PS:  This piece was written when I last visited my city: Bhopal.

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