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DAUGHTER KILLING: We proud of us

Proudly we are PIONEER  and still............ we maintain our pride.

before reading this article, you need to know that, we are probably the only nation in the world who worship female version of GODS and kills female version of childs.
Yes, I do have data which justifies the title of the blog.

We are proud citizen of country which suppose to be the mother of cultures and civilization. We have our president, a lady, our govt. is run by Mrs. Sonia gandhi, again a lady. We support 33% female reservation, but at the same time, we kill our unborn daughters and if anyhow she unfortunately managed to come on this earth, we kill them by various un-human activities.(Baby falak in AIIMS is the recent example).

Ironically, deviation in sex-ratio in 2011 census is worst ever after independence. I dont know where are we going. We are touching new heights in technology and development but falling in deeper depth of UNETHICS & INHUMANITY.

Sex-selective ABORTION is technically a method of terminating pregnancy based on predicted gender of unborn baby (forced MEDICAL TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY). Morally it is the biggest sin a human can commit. Female foeticide and female infanticide (also known as sex-selective NEONITICIDE) is most common in SOUTH ASIAN countries. A study in 2005 estimates that over 90mn females were went "missing" from ecpected population in south asia (precisely Afghanistan, Pakistan, bangladesh, INDIA, South Korea etc.). In India 8mn female foeticide have been killed between 2001 to 2011. (as per 2011 census).

Some so-called Intellectuals explains it is a result of poor economical condition. For their kind information, let me tell explain them that countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Caribean are much more poorer than us on economical scale but they are much richer in their moral ethics and hence they don't kill their daughters like us.

Statically, India is lacking the sex-ratio balance year after year. A data presented below in the raio of no. of boys per 100 girls of age group 0-6 years in INDIA.

CENSUS             no. of Males     no. of Females

    1981                     104.8          100
    1991  105.6          100
    2001 107.8    100
    2011 109.4          100

In states like Punjab & Haryana, situation are even worst. As per 2001 census,

Punjab     126.31/100
Haryana   122.06/100

By an estimate, 25mn males will surplus in India as compared to that of females by the year 2020. (Pathetically neither congress thinks about it in their VISION-2020 nor B.J.P. or any other party gives a damn about this non-vote-encashed issue).
In 2001 census, we have 927 females for every 1000 males.
In 2011 census, its 918 females for every 1000 males.
In Maharshtra, its 883/1000 while in Satara its 881/1000.


killing daughters is a "historical culture" in our country. A son is considered as an "asset" as he can earn and support family while daughter is a "liability"  which have nothing to do with the family after her marriage.(Remember the phrase "Beti to paraya dhan hai").

Sex-selective Abortion was rare before 20th century (but sex-selective neoniticide, killing child soon after birth, was alraedy compensating for this technolgy-absence). But when Ultra-sound technique had made it easier to detect the gender of the Unborn child by projecting image of the body part of pregnent lady including the child carrying within her womb: with the help of sound waves. Ironically, these predictions are not 100% accurtate everytime, but still it kills innocent unborns since centuries.


A/c to LANCET report, 2010, In India, within the age group of 0-5 years, 4-5 times more girls dies of diarrhea(popularly spelled as diarrhoea) & Pneumonia than that of the boys.
A/c to this report and a book based "Disappearing daughters" based on research by Githa Aravamudan (Penguin Books, 2007), peoples had crossed height of brutuality to avoid legal punishments.
 Techniocally, the methods adopted to kill the infants (female ofcourse) without falling under legal prosecution laws are called Scintifically Induced Pneumonia (SIP) and Scientifically Induced Diarrhea (SID).

SIP is considered as modern-most method known to man-kind. In this method, new-born-baby is wrapped in a wet towel or dipped in cold water for some time & then brought back to normal condition. The baby remains still alive and rushed to hospital where she dies in few hours, apparently due to Pneumonia.

In the same way infant-girl-child is exposed to SID, in which few drops of alcohal are fed to the baby to induce diarrhea & consequently death of baby takes place.
Bith these cases are legally unharmed to the killer.

Some historical methods are: drowning baby in a bucket of milk or water, feeding her salt or most inhuman is burrying her in earthen-pot.


In 1990s, 180 states of the world signed a "Program of Action of Instruemental conference on Population & Development" agrees to "Elimination of all forms of discrimination against girl child".

In India itself, there is very strict rule agaist female foeticide but we have no proper implementation of these rules. From year 2001 to 2011 percentage of literacy  increased from 68.83% to 74.04%, surprisingly, female literacy improved from 53.6% to 65.46% but ironically, we have worst statical data collected "ever" after 65 years of independence.


The most common cause behind this social evil is DOWRY, which itself is a very big social issue in our country. other causes are easily available methods of sex-determination (even some baby-gender-detectors are easily available on purchasing via internet) and failure of implementation of laws.
Dont forget, SEX-SELECTIVE-ABORTION is very common in South Korea while in North korea, due to limited access of pre-natal-sex-determination-technology, this trend doesn't exist.

I apeal to the people(especially the youths) and Govt. of india to please look into it and save our girl child. We must not forget, daghters are the mothers of future. How can someone imagine a world without a girl. Consider what would happen if our respective mothers were killed before their birth. Every child has right to born, to see this beautiful earth, they must get a chance to be nurtured by her mother and mother earth as well.
I request GoI to improve the laws against female foeticide and make sure its proper implementation. And more necessarily, stop Dowry system (again law is not enough to curb): which itself automatically reduce female foeticide by a huge percentage.


P.S.:all statical data is collected from wikipaedia, and book "Disappearing Daughters"
P.S.: it took some 3 hours to collect data and compose this article, and within this period 2 or 3 girl child might have been killed on average.

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  1. Our incedible India is a bundle of contradictions and one of those as you mentioned is, "We worship our goddesses with great believe in them, whereas we doom our daughters.....how unfortunate.....:(

    Moreover these statistics given here by you shows how grim actually the situation is...i think apart from Govt, its the society who can come up with sincerity and do something concrete to readicate this social evil....and youth like you can have a major role to play into it.....

    A thought provoking post...:)


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