Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My idea of a blind date

As being a single, love and relationship things always excites me. I am virgin by chance, not by choice and hence i am an usual desperate. At every instance, All I could think was of a girlfriend. Whenever I see a beautiful girl (or even average-looking girls, most of the time), my onbe-way mind filled up with extreme lust and an unavoidable desire of getting myself a girlfriend arises. As being an engineering student, my greed for girlfriend is quite obivious and upto a extent its very understandable too. All my mind could think was of sex everytime. I fantasize about every-possible girl and this is the second most working method of appreciating my lust. First method is watching porn itself.

    In hope to get a girlfriend, I had created profiles on Orkut and then facebook. In quick succession, I had registered myself on twitter too. I tried my best to get a girlfriend but my every effort went worthless. I had even sent friend request to some random girls with beautiful profile-pictures. Someone told me that most of the female profiles on these Social-networking websites are fake and run by some filthy males in order to enjoy the desperatism of most of the other males, but I denied their theory everytime. My facebook account had been blocked several times for sending friend requests randomly to unknown girls, but still I hadn't changed myself. I didn't see any point in changing myself under the effect of some stupid blockages by facebook. Is keep on trying my lick every moment.

    There is an old saying "where there is a will, there is a way". Same thing happened to me  also. One fine evening, I had recieved a friend request on facebook. It was from a girl  with her name Pooja. I checked her profile which contains a beautiful picture of a model. She belongs to Delhi itself. She hadn't posted any of her real photograph on facebook. As being a desperate single, I immidiately accepted her friend request. We had chatted for about 1 hour that evening until she logged out. After then, we begin chatting almost everyday. She told me that she is a student of physics honours in ARSD college, Dhaula Kuan. I told her me when she asked once.

    After about one month of regular chatting, I asked for her contact number which she gave me disreluctantly. From that very day, we had started texting each other followed by talking over phone. It took some time but in coarse of 3 months, we had started sending adult messages and in very few next days, we begins sexting each other. We were started fantasizing even without seeing each other. Six months went along of our this relationship but everytime I asked her for a date she denied by telling some strange reasons like she has to visit relatives, Papa at home, going to market, going to coachin, etc. etc. etc.

    But one fine day, I refused to listen her any reason and vows herto meet me at any cost. She had no way but to accept. She promised for a date on monday. we were agreed to meet at McDonalds at Nehru Place. I was super excited for my very first date with a girl in my life. I was waiting impatiently for  upcoming monday. As I hadn't even seen her, my excitement level went upto maximum. On monday, She bunked her college, so as I. I went at McDonalds Nehru Place at 10:30 am, 30 minutes before our scheduled date. I was so impatient that those 30 minutes seems like 3 hours to me.

    At 11, I recieved her call saying that she is at ticket counetr of Satyam Cineplex, wearing pink top & blue jeans, carrying a college bag. I rushed out of McD's and went to ticket counter only to see a super fat giorl in pink top & blue jeans and a college bag. She was undoubtly Teen-age-version of DOLLY BINDRA. To verify that she is the same girl I am in relationmship with, from last 6 months, I phoned her. Her phone ring followed by her hello had confirmed my theory. I disconnected the call. OMG! She had lied me. All my excitement goes into vein. I was cursing myself for fantasizing about a girl who is almost double in weight than me. She called me back and asked me if I had reached there, to which I replied that "we can't meet today as I had some urgent work in college rightnow." She asked me for next date but I told lets see. Few weeks of avoiding make her convince that I am no longer interested in her, and we broke up, apparantly without dating even at once.

    Life returns on track in few days, and one day, I recieved another friend requet from a girl on facebook..........................

MORAL: never date a girl from facebook without even knowing about her, otherwise.........

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